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  1. I was wondering if the house from Tennessee is on here with the Go Cubs Go song with faces or if anyone else has it by chance. I would love to have a copy of it. Thanks! tofer26@sbcglobal.net
  2. I would love to have a copy of the videos. Thanks in advance. tofer26@sbcglobal.net
  3. Could I get a copy of this as well? Thanks in advance. tofer26@sbcglobal.net
  4. Could I get a copy too?t tofer26@sbcglobl.net
  5. Could I get a copy of the Uma Turman as well? tofer26@sbcglobal.net
  6. Could I please have a copy as well? Thanks in advance. tofer26@sbcglobal.net
  7. Could I get a copy please? Tofer26@sbcglobal.net
  8. Could I get a copy as well? I have the pixel tree done but was looking for help with the regular channels. Thanks in advance! Tofer26@sbcglobal.net
  9. Thanks everyone! That was a great price on it.
  10. Does anyone have a place that they use to buy white or clear split loom? I want to add it to my pixel tree this year due to many issues I had last year with excess snow and moisture. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Hey Matt, Great to see that you are still doing this for everyone. Guess you could say I am getting a little bit of a late start on Halloween this year. Lol I am going to get my stuff up and going still for this year, and once I do, I will help you out with sequences again for all of the songs you do for everyone. Just shoot me an e-mail with what songs you still need a sequence for. Talk to you soon. tofer26@sbcglobal.net
  12. James, Could I get a copy as well? tofer26@sbcglobal.net
  13. I have some sequences I made with Nutcracker for a 12 string that you could probably just delete the first two and last two strings. I am also looking for a few new ones as well. I will be more than happy to share the ones that I made. Just let me know.
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