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  1. Clyde, Easiest way is to click the logo next to their Facebook page name above and then their top post is the Competition. You just have to like the picture of #2 for me. Doing yours now as well!
  2. All, This is the second year for our LOR light show. We were nominated to win a light competition being put on by our local electric cooperative. We'd appreciate you going to the Facebook page here: We are Entery #2. There is a video in the Comments. The picture they made from a freeze frame of the video was pretty horrible quality so I need all the help I can get. Merry Christmas! You can click on their logo next to First Electric Cooperative to take you to the post. We have 32 Channels of LOR. I am hoping to double that next year and plan to build some arches/firesticks/and do some sequencing on our Mega Tree.
  3. Hey Everyone, This is my first year doing LOR and I have 32 channels. I purchased 2 songs from the sequence store and have the free sequence from LOR as well with hopes to buy more but funding fell short at last minute. I would be so greatful if anyone could share a few sequences with me to help out this year to have a successful show. I have stuck with LOR's recommended channel design if that helps describing my layout at all. If you happen to be in Arkansas, Feel free to come check out the 1st year show. sherwoodlights@gmail.com
  4. Still have the CTB16PC? I'm interested.
  5. Hey, not to thread jack, but it's nice to see someone active on here from Arkansas. I used to live in Bald Knob. From McCrory originally.
  6. I need to get a quick video of this tonight before I start tearing it down tomorrow. I ended up adding just a few more things. Next year, along with controllers, I plan to add more yard decorations.
  7. Me neighbors on either side of me have no lights at all. All three houses directly across the street have lights though. One just has some lighted reindeer, another has a bunch of multifunction mini lights all over his house(it drives me crazy cause there is no order to it), and another one has a pretty nice set up. It just has a lot less lights then me. I am looking to start with 16 to 32 channels. It all depends on how much money I can save for next year.
  8. My wife and I have only lived in our house for just over a year. Last Christmas, we didn't get to put out many lights because of being newly weds, but this year, I decided to start at it. I had not planned on going to LOR until about a month ago, so that will come next year..I am up to 5200 lights, most of which was purchased this year. I am looking to get some mini trees added to the front of the house, and possibly some other decorations in the yard. I think my parents may donate since they don't really decorate their house since I have moved out. I am by far the brightest house in our neighborhood. Attached files
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