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  1. Trying to update firmware on CR150D and running into issues. I can find the controller in the hardware utility, only one pluged in, and start a firmware upgrade. just sits there in starting load/grabbing unit. lights on unit flash like its in boot loader, but nothing downloads. I have several ccr's i'm trying to update from ver 1.07 to 1.19. some will take it, but some don't. using hardware utility 4.3.34 Am I missing something??
  2. Dual normal made sense to me too, but... then i started overthinking it Thanks
  3. I have 16 cb100's for a pixel tree, and having a rough time configuring them. do I run them in normal or dual normal, and how many can I run on a network? I've googled myself to near death trying to find an answer.
  4. Try re-flashing the firmware.
  5. if configuring a ccr to run dmx, do you use normal or legacy? I know it uses 10 addresses, just don't know and can't find which mode?
  6. Anybody else having reliability problems with there servo dog controller. I can control the servos with the utility, but its hit or miss when played through the sequence. I'm using LOR, not DMX, and have them set to a default of 0%. I was wondering if this is an issue. I don't think it is, they seem to work, but only when they want to. Thanks
  7. Are you sure your video file is the sequence media file? Didn't change media from last year? Open a video sequence, go to the tools menu, and under video's, make sure "show video", and "show video full screen" are checked. If nothing, you may want to import your video media file into the sequence and try.
  8. Hmmm.. sense you used movie maker and saved it, I'm going to assume it rendered in a .wmv file. Next thing to check is the file properties, and make sure there not "read only". Right click the video file and select properties, this will tell us what type of video file was saved, and weather the read only box is checked. if it is, uncheck it and try loading as a media file in the lor sequence editor. Only thing I can think of right now, but I'll chew on it, and if I think of anything, I'll get back with ya Ya gotta love Mike Z. Met him several times. He helped me a couple years ago, when I was putting all my videos, inside a video of a working snow globe. He led me to adobe aftereffects, which led me video mapping, which led me to bigger, brighter, and multiple projectors, which emptied my wallet. He's an instigator. Love ya Mike
  9. Eddie, I'm using movie maker live, only because it came with my laptop. I had movie maker 6.0 and think it was better, more edit options, and plug ins. I've had that message come up in the sequence editor when pasting, and just had to re-start the sequence editor, and copy paste smaller bits of the sequence. I do have 8G of ram on my current machine, and of my 45 min custom videos take al little over 1 gig (1.2-1.4). If you can, try "movie maker live", let me know, happy to help Ken
  10. Don't think I'd use the chicken wire. CCR's are pretty fragile, and should be supported there entire length. They don't take flexing well, and if you had any wind working on an unsupported ribbon, don't think it would live long. I don't have my tree set up yet, but recall it was 2in between on the top and 12 on the bottom. There are lot's of posts on this, just do a search. I think 12 between on the bottom is pretty standard, but some people space the top to line up with the bottom legs on a top star.
  11. I just use windows movie maker and make a video of all the video's in the show I want to build. Then build a new sequence, using that file as the media file. Then you have to copy/paste your sequences in time with the combined video sequence. When you make your combined video, you can edit out any blank areas in the start/finish, or add fades in/out. Movie maker tools are pretty basic, as far as video editing, but they will help polish. What is really important, after all your editing, is to write down the start time of each video that you add to the combined video. Makes it much easier to know where to paste the sequence. Also, on a longer media/video file, with large channel counts, the farther you get into adding sequences, the longer it takes to save. Take smaller bites and copy/paste. I experience lots of shutdowns/restarts and error msg,s, when I get towards the end of the new 45min sequence, so SAVE often. It will sometimes take 4-5 min to save between pasting, so be prepared. The first sequence you copy/paste will go quick, the last will take hours, with all the errors and shut downs, but be persistent, and it will go. If you have a sequence that does not have a video/media file, and want to add it to your show, make one using a black screen. You'll still get volumetric light from the projector when that song plays, but the projector will display black. I hope that all makes sense
  12. I had that exact problem last year. I had a mix of video and audio sequences in the show. It would play the first video in the show, and then skip all other video sequences, but play the next audio sequence. I submitted a help ticket on this issue and got no where. I finally wound up making a single sequence of my 45min shows to solve the problem. I actually liked the outcome better. Didn't have the little box after each video file played and I could adjust the gap between files. The down side is you can't do any show editing, and building a 45min show sequence took 6 hrs (600 lor channels and 22 ccr's), and we run 4 seperate shows. This year, with multi projectors and video mapping, I was expecting the same problem and built the shows into a single sequence again. I researched other posts on this problem, and the problem has been around for a while.
  13. I'd love to tackle that, give us some of what your thinking. There is a few of us in the seattle area that may be interested or help.
  14. You want to research "projector stacking", for multiple projectors. we're planning on using 3 projectors for a projected output of 1050 lumens. Aftereffects is what we use for the map elements. Strong learning curve, but tons of you tube tutorals.
  15. Same machine Bob, and no audio. Watching the screen when they are suppose to start, I can see em trying, just a flicker of the video, then skips to next non video sequence, and will play only the non video sequences in the show.
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