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  1. Ok cheated but has to be an easier way. I opened se, opened the .lms and the sup.lms. Copied and pasted each ribbon from sup to the pixie16 in the lms. Works but that is long and tedious. I have exported the intensity file and my props are at the bottom of the SE. but I can not get them to play a the sequence. I have been using a channel in SE LABLED sequence (device type sequence). Exported from SS in legacy format and everything works. But now that I have a pixie16 vs the cr150d(silver boxes) I'm stuck
  2. I have 20 working songs with the highest license all is good. Can I add my Pixie 8 Pixel tree to the show using a sequence already configured for my 12 branch CCR tree? In theory would I need two copies of the same sequence with two different device settings in SS? or am I making this harder than necessary?? Part two, I ordered the new black CCR tree that runs off of a PIxcon controller how do I configure it to recognize my existing sequences. (ordered it two months ago, kinda sweating bricks right now)
  3. Thank you. I have them in a straight line. Under the lip on a fence. Roof wasn't an option. Do you happen to know the pin out for cat5. Which pairs that are used? I have another run with a bad pair.
  4. The city already ran one shielded cat 5 cable under a section of road. I just realised that I will have 9 ccr and one RGB FLOOD BOX(8 lights). The max recommended ccr on a network is six. So can I split my cat 5 and put two rj45 on each end? If the LOR network cable only requires 2 pair (2power 2signal) then technically it will work. If this is possible, what positions on the rj45 should be used?
  5. Does LOR use all four pairs of wires on a cat5? I have 2 100ft buried runs under a railroad. (Yes got permission for that) each cable has one broken or touching pair somewhere in the run.
  6. I'm an idiot. Just finished the help page. Wasn't running enhanced on my network. It now works in pe. Enough for today, I'm going home. Yes, my Christmas computer is at my office. Lol. I'm a Used car dealer, retired army. What field?? Communications. Lol. Thanks again guys.
  7. Ok so my pix controller is 20. What should the pe/ prop definition channel assignment look like? 8 strings 50 nodes 1 fold. Unit #on pe separate for each string 20-27 But my pixel controller is only set to 20. Is this my error?
  8. That might be one of my problems. I can not control lights from Pe.
  9. I can now see the pe props on the bottom of my SE. (Some progress). I have the pixel tree connected but I can not control the lights with either program. Version 4.3.18 pro. I can control pix tree with HU and with another SE sequence that has pixel device/channels can I control the tree from PE or only watch the preview?
  10. can not figure out PE. Created a sequence in pe. Imported extisting musical sequence from SE. props work. Save pe. Save intensity file. Then what? If I open se I don't see new files. If I migrate prop channels from se into pe then save again. Now what? How do I control the pixel tree? I can add a device into se, make it a pixie8 and sequence/control the tree from se. Bit I can not control the pixel tree from pe or get any pe info into se. Please help. I know SStar and have a sequences from that in my shows but pe is kicking my butt.
  11. Just drag and dropped the sequence on the page its crazy long is that what you want or is there another way to get you the config?
  12. Thank you Bob, guess I was stuck on the old way.... Second question Bob, my last CCRs in my sequence editor are all working at the same time. I have on CCR plugged in and one usb and one controller (same one I just tested) wanted to see how it played. My Unit ID is 1C, but it is accepting signals from the Units below it. from 1D, 1E, and 1F. If I delete these channels it works, I am close to maxing out my licesene level could this problem mean I have more CCRs, Pixel, dumb ribbons, RGB floods than I'm allowed? Is the 8 pack of RGB floods one or 8???
  13. This isn't my first year, yet I always seem to have issues. Current issue is spanning across two separate computers. fault: Ther serial port has a problem you may need to select another port- Overflow Trace: Set Intensity. 1. auto config works, selects comm port 4 2. refresh works picks up CCR unit 1D 3. update unit works. problems occur when I try to test the ribbon using the hardware utility. If I click on the on at 100% = Overflow Trace: SenIntensity then comm error Fade 0/100%= overflow trace: Fade then the comm error any attempt to test the ribbon results in an error. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- problem 2 (maybe connected) using same controller and comm port before the error and test my show through the sequence editor the lights work. Only on a test program, If i use it on my newly sequenced show the roof ccrs on Aux E numbers 1C, 1D, 1E, and 1F are all working at the same time. one ccr is plugged in Aux E comm 4 unit 1C responds to commands from my sequence from units IC/1D/1E/1F and I cant tell you why???
  14. Who leaves all controllers on all month? Ribbons too? Or do you unplug setup every night? What do you recommend?
  15. SFC or most likely CSM, Most people mount the controllers on a pole, I have gone a different route. Durring Halloween Walmart sells black plasic containers, afterwards they are cheap. I put my controllers in the containers with 2in holes cut out for the plugs. I run all wiring into the container then seal the holes with hot glue after all testing is complete. I know my pro controllers are water resistant but in 5 years I haven't had issues. I live in a wet portion of Louisiana so water and moisture are a constant battle. On a plus side I leave the controller in the container after the show and the lights it powers. So set up and tear down are easier.
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