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  1. ELLs for sale

    OK.. now that I have had them down for awhile.... they are in the way.. so I am packing them back up and storing them until next year, unless someone wants them today.. at 6pm they go back up on the storage rack..
  2. ELLs for sale

    Two pair left..
  3. ELLs for sale

    There is a thread about what and why where I wanted to basically give my LOR software away but couldn't.. That thread pretty much says what and why.. Not sure this thread is the place.. Sorry
  4. ELLs for sale

    ha ha.. I just got around to figuring out that I have a LOT-O-STUFF that I won't use anymore.. these of course being among them.. Sold off all my E682, e6804s, and a bunch more.. Sold a bunch of my laser gear as well.
  5. ELLs for sale

    Sure.. local pickup is fine..
  6. ELLs for sale

    Since I am no longer using the LOR software, I have had to find other ways of doing my wireless. These leaves me with many ELLs that have been working well for a few years. I am sure these are not the latest version.. I don't remember how many I have but I think it is about 6 of them. Make me a reasonable offer if you are interested.. I have no idea what shipping cost would be, please don't ask me as I don't have time to burn chasing what I can't control. My zip is 95624 and you are welcome to figure out shipping as best you can if that is a concern. If there is real interest, I will pull that bin down and take a look. Craig
  7. With the Golden One Center now doing concerts and events, the parking has gotten ridiculous (both $$ and spaces) and that RTP has become way too crowded at times. The new RTP is only a few minutes away, the parking is free, and we get our own meeting room. There is actually an event that night and the parking in the garage goes from $5 to $20 and the streets are full.
  8. Sacramento Lighting Hobbyist Meet & Greet September 16, 2017 - 6:00 til ?? * * * New Location * * * Round Table Pizza 3291 Truxel Rd Ste 24 Sacramento, CA 95833
  9. transfering software license

    First off I want to give it to someone, not sell it. I wanted to give my license to someone else that is just starting out... Figured it would be a good way to get them involved with LOR... Lesson learned. I will explain why I can't give them something I paid for and didn't use and send them a link for "an alternative". The last time I paid for the renewal, the software was.. well, quite frankly....... not very good.... for many reasons. I never used the S4 I paid for other than to figure out it wasn't very good after I renewed it. I thought it would get way better quickly. I see now that I should have never paid for that renewal with nothing more than a hope it would get better. Again, lesson learned. I have been a long time supporter of LOR as most of you know, and I thought by renewing my license, I was helping support the software's quick development.. I believe now that I was in error. In my opinion LOR software.... well, never mind.. I will just take my lumps, learn my lesson and move on to other platforms. I know some of you like the software as it is, so please don't pile on this thread, it won't matter......glad you like it......... I said my peace, I will stop being pissed off at some point, (it's not the money)..... But I won't forget.... Plasmadrive........over and out..
  10. The time seems to have come that I will no longer be needing my LOR software. I have the Pro Edition 4.3.18 and SS with a 40 CCR license. (pixel editor is in there somewhere). I upgraded last year when S4 came out, but I was dark last year and never actually used it passed the point of figuring out I wasn't going to use it anymore. How do I go about transferring ownership should I want to do that? Thanks, Craig
  11. will these work for singing faces?

  12. Since no one seems to have had a CAD drawing the singing faces, I decided to go ahead and make my own. Any of you that have used or have singing faces can you please take a look and let me know what you think about these? Every color is a channel. Well crap.. This is frustrating, I can't even put a small pic in here.. It's on FB in several of the forums if anyone is so inclined to take a look and comment. I can't even post a link cause it will just type out the content instead of the link..
  13. Snubbers

    Well, you could try a "snubber".. kinda like chicken soup.. couldn't hurt.. If you don't have a resistor laying around, just take a very small light bulb like a C7 and parallel it to the flood. If that fixes it, you have your answer..
  14. Snubbers

    If you are using floods that take a DC voltage input and not an AC voltage, then I would say "snubbers" as some call them, would not be your answer. If you are in fact using 120vac input floods, give them a shot. If you are using RGB floods that require a data signal, that's a different issue.
  15. Oldest Sequencer Here?

    Don't you mean "Whipper Snappers"? LOL... What were we talking about again????