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  1. plasmadrive

    Sacramento meeting?

    OK guys and gals.. doesn't seem to be enough interest for a meeting in Sacramento.. So I am going to shelf the idea on my side. If someone else wants to put one together that's great, but I'm not going to pursue it.
  2. plasmadrive

    Sacramento meeting?

    Looking at May 19th.. but no interest from the LOR board it seems..
  3. plasmadrive

    Sacramento meeting?

    I'm thinkin it's about time for another meet-n-greet here in Sacramento.. Anybody interested?
  4. plasmadrive

    Possible swap meet Sacramento, CA area

    Looks like we didn't get enough local people to make this a worth while venture. However, the plan now is to have a regular meet and greet but have people bring stuff to sell if they so desire. More soon.
  5. plasmadrive

    Possible swap meet Sacramento, CA area

    Don't see any reason we can't combine the two..
  6. plasmadrive

    going dark is so different...

    Wow, I didn't know were dark this last season.. I was dark in 2016 but was so happy to get it back on track with mostly new stuff in 2017. I was a bit like you where about mid Dec I was likin the time off, but in Jan my brain was exploding with ideas for things I wanted to do... and I did miss all the kids.. Hope you come back and do it more..
  7. plasmadrive

    Possible swap meet Sacramento, CA area

    Hi Jim, I'll count you as a body for the overall.. I am first trying to see if there is enough interest with those that would actually make it before I commit to host. I am looking at some time in May most likely.. I'm going to give it another week or so and if I don't get what I think is enough viable participation, I will pass on it.. It will be a lot of work to put together so I want to make sure it is worth it for everyone.
  8. plasmadrive

    Possible swap meet Sacramento, CA area

    Hi Ed, I added you to the group. The poll is down the page a bit.. I can't pin two things to the top unfortunately.. There isn't much on that FB page..At this point that page is only to see if there is enough interest to make it worth doing. So far I am short about 40 people that are willing to commit to some extent.. Those moving heads will be there unless someone buys them first.. That big ball is no longer mine. I sold it to Jerry Jewel.
  9. plasmadrive

    going dark is so different...

    I have been doing a larger display for 6 of the last 7 years. I have been doing lights since the early 70s, but nothing like I have been doing of late. My setup starts in Sept and finishes usually about Thanksgiving. This year since I built the Snowman Orchestra, I didn't get it done until 10min before the first showing on DEC 2nd.. ha ha.. I have all of it down now except for the strings in the very tops of the 55'-60' Christmas Trees. I will take those down when the weather is nicer.. This year I took down even the permanent stuff that was under the eves on the house.. So I do understand about the time that it takes.. I am only 61 and have a lot of years I could still do this (I hope) but that darn traffic.. ha ha.. My advice, that you didn't ask for, is when it is not fun or a labor of love from start to finish,, stop.. even if it's only for a year.. I did that... Not because it wasn't fun, but because I was hoping people would forget a bit and the traffic would slow.. Worked out fine for a week.. then someone told on me and opened the flood gates and here they came.. in droves the came.. over an hour wait just to watch a 7min show.... I was proud but concerned.. BTW, I too started this round of animated displays in 2011 with LOR. (LOR didn't exist when I did my first animated displays)... I used LOR for 5 years and unfortunately the software didn't keep pace and I had to abandon LOR software. I still used a bunch of AC controllers though.. Those are pretty good. Have fun with what you do and do it for the right reasons.. Craig
  10. This would be a one time only event. I am testing the waters to see if there is enough interest to go thru the procedure to set it all up. If you are around this area and attendance is likely, please find my group on FaceBook and request to be in. "Christmas and Halloween swap meet (maybe)" Please answer the poll and read what I wrote about it.. Thanks. Craig Be aware that: I have declined some people because I am trying to get a real number as to possible attendance. If you are not into decorating for those holidays or not in reasonable proximity (300 miles except for some with a travel track record), I need to decline you. Otherwise it could throw the whole thing off.. This is not an event for those that are too far away to assume reasonable attendance.. sorry.. If you don't show some decorating interest on your site or FB page, I will assume you are not really that interested and I will decline you. I will open it up to everyone once I know if this is really happening. Right now bear with me until I get it nailed down.
  11. plasmadrive

    going dark is so different...

    Thanks! I doubt however that I will gain too much free time.. So many people to help.. so little time to help them.. LOL
  12. plasmadrive

    Christmas swap meet.

    I am thinking about holding a Christmas light swap meet of sorts in the summer time here in Elk Grove, CA. Anybody interested? If there is enough interest, I will do it.
  13. plasmadrive

    CTB16PC for sale

    Controllers are all sold
  14. plasmadrive

    CTB16PC for sale

    got it.. Out today on UPS Thanks
  15. plasmadrive

    CTB16PC for sale

    I sent you another PM Richard