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  1. Popcorn 3 of my 12 ribbons are bad and need replacement
  2. I'll check that tonight last night show ran without any problems except for rain tripping my GFCI's.
  3. This is the second night of the season, yesterday ran with no problems tonight 30 minutes into the program and it plays the shutdown segment and restarts to the beginning of the show and no problems after that. Last 7 years did not have this problem only recently upgrading to the latest version of LOR. I was going to post the log of tonight's show but I guess when it restarts the show from the start it erases it's previous log.
  4. Bought my lights from http://www.magicintheskylighting.com/ second year no problem all LED lights
  5. Have you tried switching power supply with another controller that is working? If it works then you got a bad power supply. :cool:
  6. Works fine with my setup. Main computer 24/7 for the duration of the light show and my transmitter on a timer to come on five minutes before the show and to turn off five minutes after the show. :cool:
  7. Try putting your FM broadcaster on a timer. :cool: http://www.amazon.com/59366-Appliance-3-Prong-Outlet-Repeats/dp/B001D8VIKE
  8. Just upgraded to LOR 3.0 and then purchased 24 CCR's full version Super star software. Where do I download or where do I use the Super star software??
  9. You can use superflate cat5e cable and run between you'd window seal.
  10. I use a Ramsey FM 100B for three years and had no problem. It will brodcast about a block. http://www.ramseyelectronics.com/cgi-bin/commerce.exe?preadd=action&key=FM100B
  11. And we wait and wait and wait. I don't know how much more I can take. :shock:
  12. Maybe they meant Summer 2012 :cool:
  13. I use a Rhino 6000 and no problems with the label coming off.
  14. http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/STMicroelectronics/BTA16-600BWRG/?qs=%2fa2FmOVcLL%252bg0jsDx0ejhQ%3d%3d Check for BTA16600BW it is for the ShowTime Pro LOR1602W Lighting Controller {Triac} $1.60 each or $1.44 10 plus, good to have some on hand.
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