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  1. Just added 12 of these to my display this year.....what an addition! I was definitely surprised at the brightness and brilliance of them.
  2. Here is our 2014 show in the Western Mall. Hope you enjoy it! 12 Days of Christmas by Straight No Chaser Let It Go by Indina Menzel O Come O Come Emmanuel by Enya A Mad Russian's Christmas by Trans Siberian Orchestra A Christmas Rock Medley by Richard Campbell Make sure you click on HD to view them in the best quality. Unforunately our camera angle this year hid about 3/4 of two of our castle CCR's.
  3. These definitely hit the mark for specs. Any idea when these will be available for order?
  4. Excellent, I cant wait to see the data sheets on them. Will they be available for immediate order?
  5. Ahh, I didn't notice they were out of stock on the CCF's. Maybe these new floods are their replacements? Wish I had an option soon...programming started a month ago....
  6. Any idea how they compare to the cosmic color floods? Did they give any ETA other than very soon? I am extremely interested in these for this year if they come out soon. I almost pulled the trigger on 4 sets of CCF's, but man the cost is hard to swallow.
  7. May I present to you, Christmas at the Western Mall (formally known as Crooks Christmas), 2013. Enjoy! Christmas in Sarajevo - TSO Music Box Dancer - DJ Schwede O Come O come Emmanuel - Enya Faeries - Mannheim Steamroller Nutrocker - TSO
  8. Songs with vocals are always interesting to sequence on this display, but I am looking for a few potential music additions for next year. I am going to have to put some consideration into this....I like the song!
  9. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Christmas-at-the-Western-Mall-Formerly-Crooks-Christmas/240667855955365 Like your favorite song if you want!
  10. I used to live in Belton! I worked at Worth Harley Davidson as a mechanic. (Now Gail's Harley Davidson, and they moved).
  11. Build animations with lights on to place wherever you want in your show. If you are just trying to place a 15 minute intermission with lights on or something like that, then just add a 15 minute animation sequence in your show before shutdown. That way after your last song plays, your lights stay on for an intermission before it replays your first song. Time it all out so shutdown happens after your final 15 minute intermission. My show runs for 4 hours a night, but the actual show is only 15 minutes long. It loops until shutdown. I run a 3 minute intermission with some of my lights on, with voiceovers just using a audio sequence for the duration of the intermission. I calculate out exactly what time I need my shutdown to happen (so it doesn't cut a song off) and viola...lighted intermissions and a proper shutdown. The key is, don't run your shutdown sequence until you actually want to shut it down.
  12. Few things I have learned to use the snot out of to get the effects I wanted. 1. The fill tool. Makes color changing chases in CCR's awesome. Use this when running multiple color chases through ccrs (using foreground/background) then fill the chases for some wild color changing chases. 2. when fading a cut strip of LED lights, they will tend to flicker on fade. The reason for this is because of the very low voltage required to operate a LED. Solution = make a string with a couple c-9 incandescent sockets and bulbs. Spray paint the bulbs black with engine paint (so it handles the heat). Plug this inline between your lights and your controller, and it will draw that extra current so your LED lights will fade correctly. 3. background/foreground tools...makes fading shimmers or color changes simple. This is especially true in CCR's. 4. When using multiple items with 4 colors each (individual strings) group those colors together in the sequence editor. I have 16 mini trees with 240 LED's of each color (960 total per tree). I group them in 16w, 16r, 16b, 16g and this makes sequencing them 30 times easier. Assign channels to controllers however you want after the fact. I will add more when I think of them....
  13. Yeah, Running 6 on a single network should be fine. I run 14 CCR's on 2 networks with no problems at all...7 CCR's per network.
  14. We started running into problems after adding 5 CCR's to an existing network with 14 1602 controllers. We now run with 3 networks. One for 15 1602 channel controllers, another for 7 CCR's, and the third network for 7 more CCR's. It runs perfect now with no delays.
  15. Same here, did 4 16 ft arches last year, then 4 16 foot circles this year. Put them on after the bend...works so much easier.
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