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  1. NWSanta wrote: The idea was to have individual firework colors. It doesn't show up in video well. In fact, I'm impressed you noticed. The effect was achieved with curtain strobes. There are 6 colors: white, red, green, blue, orange, and yellow. Each firework had 4 colors, about 8 strobes of each, so around 32 curtain strobes for each firework. When a firework exploded, it had a pre-determined color (in my head), and only that color (or combination of colors) of curtain strobes lit up. It is only in the grand finale when all the colors come on at once. To get the colors, I painted the strobes with glass paint. The poles are 14 channels, plus two for the security lighting on top of the pole to round out the board.
  2. crackchecker wrote: I'm always looking for suggestions! So if you have any for how to improve the slow parts, I'm all ears. Once of the main things is the addition of regular video in the "laser window" during some of the slower parts. I think showing the relevent Fantastmic! or Fantasia clip will help move the story along dramatically. I hear you for the static dragon. I had a difficult time filling those 2 minutes with something that would keep the audience's attention. In fact, that is why there are so many pan cuts in the video at that location. It's just boring. I can modify the gargoyle to shoot fog out his mouth, but that's about the only thing I can come up with. Is there any way to "animate" a blowup?
  3. ravenscroft wrote: Horses, horses. Hmmmm, you have me baffled there. I had horses in my display??? Really? What is the time number? I'm trying to figure out what you're calling the Chernabog scene if it doesn't refer to the gargoyle the witch calls up. I was mistaken about the horses, I guess I was just thinking of the projections during Chernabogs scene. Chernabog is the Gargoyle from Fantasia If you see the video of Fantasmic you will see video on the Fan Screens and most of the visuals are from Fantasia when Chernabog summons the evil spirits. Very nice! I think you're referring to part where there are gobo ghosts are flying across the house. Stay tuned for next year. The laser window will have some of the said video footage you are referring to.
  4. Davidt wrote: G'day Michael that was sensational! Was the laser rear projected from inside the house, or was it outside? I had lasers running in my garage for a few years and even in a confined area with the fog machine at the rear of the garage it was only moderately effective as the wind from outside kept moving the fog in / out too much. I'd like to get my DMX pan/tilt spots outside, but as it can exceed 100F here at Christmas I don't know how they would survive. Cheers, davidt The laser is rear projected for safety reasons. It's a class 3b laser capable of causing permanent eye damage, so putting it outside is out of the question. In order to project outside, it would take complicated paperwork which has to be approved by the government and FAA. Being so close to midway and o'hare, I don't have a chance at getting a variance to operate it outside. My location violates the current proximity standards for distance to major airports. Even if I could, I would only consider it if the laser and screen were mounted high enough that noone could stand or jump up into the beam. (Basically, in accordance with the variance rules and US laws.) In my case, the laser was both projected and terminated inside the house. You're looking at the screen through the window. (Actually, it was a shower curtain.) I'm curious what you were trying to accomplish in your garage. Was it a beam show as opposed to graphics show? The laser was rated weak enough you were pointing it at the audience? Fog outside is always a problem. I was lucky enough to get a few good fog shots for the video. There was actually one key fog effect that I did not get on video due to the wind direction the night of filming. The basic trick with fog is to shoot most of it at the house and do lots of small blasts instead of a big one. Then, the wind will work to your advantage some. As for your DMX, put exhaust fans on the enclosures. Even with temps 30-60 degrees, my big dmx enclosures have exhausts running. Could you do it in 100 degree weather without tripping the thermal switch? That I couldn't say...
  5. ravenscroft wrote: I love Disney too. Can you tell? Yes, it is the 1992 Disneyland version. I hate to say it, but the Disneyland versions put the Disneyworld versions to shame. Overall, there is more creativity and better use of space and effects in the Disneyland versions. And the Peter Pan scene is by far the best... If only I could float a giant boat down my yard....I'd figure out some way to have a sword fight scene!!!! Horses, horses. Hmmmm, you have me baffled there. I had horses in my display??? Really? What is the time number? I'm trying to figure out what you're calling the Chernabog scene if it doesn't refer to the gargoyle the witch calls up. I have seen at least some versions of Hallow wishes on other displays. It's a great piece. Is there a place to buy the audio still, or is it long discontinued like every other Disney piece people want? Next year, there will be both video and laser on the big screen. So there will be better video particularly in the slower parts. Plus, I really want to have some sorcerer Mickey. So, a lot more of the story will be told with video. I'm also going to look at doing some better spacial use of the yard. I want to get some raised props so i can do some better hiding of tupperware. I also want to figure out an electric chiller (not going to do ice every night), and a better fog distribution system to mitigate some of the wind issues. Also, I need to finalize the enclosures for the DMX. Did you notice the two big DMX lights on blocks out front that were not protected? Oh, and don't forget about firing up real water. It could be done with the right valves and relays... Maybe some pneumatics? Those are my thoughts so far. Who knows what I'll get into. I only had time to implement about 80% of the vision. I can think of two things I wanted to do last year that didn't get done (the video animations of Mickey being one)... Sure, you can reuse some ideas. I mean, to be fair, Disney came up with the concept. I just used my imagination to figure out how to recreate some Disney magic in my yard. I think I got pretty close short of the moat scenes I had to cut out.
  6. Grawolph wrote: Yes, I do this. For Halloween, I control a gargoyle fan and light independently. He blows up light off with strobe lighting. After his main appearance, the inside light shimmers with his growls. In the musical sequence, eventually he gets "destroyed," and he falls over with the light blinking during his "death." You can see him at the 13 minute mark. http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/forum83/21846.html I actually cheated and didn't truly separate the wires. Instead, I just removed all the bulbs from the fan circuit and added a strand of C7s to him.
  7. zman wrote: It's Pangolin. I bought it from Brad. He's selling more boards if you are interested.
  8. Here's a good youtube link of the actual stage show for those who haven't seen it. The show starts at 1:20.
  9. Here is the final result! Enjoy! http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/view_topic.php?id=21846&forum_id=83
  10. Here's my 2009 Halloween display of Fantasmic! It's an eighteen minute cutting from the 1992 version of Fantasmic!. For those of you who are familiar with the famous stage show, you will recognize the story recreated in my yard from the shooting water jets to the appearance of the "dragon." Here is the teaser write up that was on my website for the show: Note: The large animation in the 5'x5' window is laser, and video does not capture it correctly. All the flickering and the appearance of the image "drawing" itself is due to the slow frame rate of a video camera. The laser images are sharp and in color, never black and white as the video camera sometimes suggests. http://vimeo.com/9100479
  11. Great news! I can't wait for the ichan count to go up!
  12. Linda wrote: Yes, you can. The rules don't prohibit it as long as you provide an electronic video file. For example, a link to you tube wouldn't work, but a link to http://yourSite.com/yourVideo.wmv would. At least, that was my intepretation of the rules.
  13. Mountainwxman wrote: Can you hear the tones play? You double checked DTMF is still enabled? Your satellite button is pressed down? Check your ZR log. If ZR is detecting the tones, it will make an entry in the log. If there is no entry, then ZR is not "hearing" the tones, which means you have a setting problem.
  14. joshua wrote: Either set it up to play the weather every hour 12 times (on hour, 5 after, 10 after, 15 after, 20 after, 25 after, etc.), or you can also place it directly in the queue. I personally would just make 11 copies of the one hourly one you have, and just keep incrementing the time by 5 minutes. Set the maximum wait time to be 5 minutes on each one, and you'll have a weather announcement every 5 minutes.
  15. LOL, I gave a good link. You can't fault me when the Zara Radio site itself messed up their own page. If you look at the bad link on the zara radio page, it's very easy to reverse engineer the correct link. http://www.zararadio.com/downloads/ Cheers.
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