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    EDM transmitter

    I ordered mine on Jan 12, 2012 and received it on Jan 25, 2012. So, about 13 days.
  2. This is my first year using LOR and my first video of my first sequence. I don't have any Mega or Mini trees or arches, just a bunch of lights on the house. I did this video holding the camera so it is a little shaky, sorry. It took me quite a long time to do this one song! It's not quite to my liking, I just can't seem to see the lights to music very well in my head. I hope I get better AND faster. Well, anyway, let me know what you think. I'm open to any suggestions to make it look better! Thanks to all the great people who contribute to this forum! http://vimeo.com/32695667
  3. CTB16PC Ordered on 11-2 Shipped 11-21 Received 11-23
  4. Controllers shipped today!
  5. Ha Ha Jason... Madness! I can see that! Not gonna be just pull out a box of lights the week of thanksgiving, put them up and done anymore! I can see this as a year round hobby, Damn! James, I am having a ton of fun! I hope your right about the sequencing, I think I just need the controller to inspire me!
  6. I have put up a few lights at Christmas time in the past, nothing fancy, just a few static lights hanging from the gutters and strung around the windows. After seeing the video of Cracker's Halloween display, I (like many others, I imagine) had to find out how he did this! Which has led me to here! By the way, Excellent job Cracker! I can see you set the bar very high here! I ordered the CTB16PC on Nov. 2 and am still waiting patiently for it to arrive. I have perused the forums for a few weeks now and have been gleaning a lot of good advice and getting a lot of great ideas for a display. I have been purchasing a lot of lights and cords and have been putting them up for the last two weekends. As I add more lights I am beginning to realize that 16 channels will NOT be enough! (although I'll make it work this year). After getting them all up. I showed my wife tonight, and she said it looked like a hodgepodge of lights, she may be right. I didn't have a plan, per se, just a thought in my head which kept changing. Oh well... 1st year and all... I have ONE song sequenced, and that one took me a long time. (longer that what I would have thought) I hope to have at least a couple more in the next couple weeks. Well, I just wanted to say Hi to all and Thanks for all of your contributions to this forum, it has helped me immensely! Cheers, Scott
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