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  1. Need this too James! Please and thanks! steve@guizzomedia.com
  2. Please James, I would love this for New Yaers Eve. Thanks steve@guizzomedia.com
  3. I would really appreciate a copy of "Turn Down For What" by Lil Jon! (why do I always hear Hank Hills voice saying that song name?) steve@guizzomedia.com please and thanks!
  4. I promise I've been trying to find an answer to this simple question for an hour, and Im still lost.. Just want to add a Big Red Button to trigger an interactive group. I have a CTB16PCG2 version 4. I have read about 18 pin headers etc etc..but I do not have an 18 pin slot that matches anything in the diagrams. Do I just wire a button to an output? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks very much! I've upgraded quite a bit since this was taken and I will unveil my newest display Dec.15 (again a tribute to my Mom). The newest addition is "projector mapping"..which is a whole house video..but "mapped" to the shape of the house...I only have two sequences for it..but to be honest I'm moving more towards this than lights on the house. LOR will take over the landscaping...
  6. The video was added to to my LOR project just like you would add a music file.Nothing to it!
  7. Merry Christmas fellow light-a-holics! Just wanted to post a video of my display on this my first year! The date was Dec 15th, and it would have been my Moms 65th Birthday. Sadly, she passed away 6 years from breast cancer. She was a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, so my display this year was heavily influenced by that. (In the video, notice the coffin sleigh, skeleton reindeer, Zero "Rudolph", and Jack Skellington on the roof. This video is quite long (about 8 Mins),and has a short tribute to my Mom, a 6 minute home movie from the 60's with her as a teenager at Christmas, to the tune of "Spirit Of Christmas" by Ray Charles. No animation for the first 6-7 minutes. Then I lightened (and lit) things up with a long version of the Griswold Light Up. If you have time, please have a look, and Happy Holidays to you all!
  8. To help advertise my house, I'd like to add some high power spotlights shooting up into the sky,typically seen occasionally at movie theatres. Anyone know of a brand name or what to look for? Ive done a few web searches, but haven't found ANYTHING! Merry Christmas!
  9. Interesting. The PS does indeed have a V1 and V2, and I was using both,which I thought was the issue, and I still believe it was somehow. When hooked up this way the number 8 mosfet heats up very quickly. When hooked up with two sets of pigtails from V1, it does not. Although the damage was done to this channel .
  10. I have been asked about the enlosure i used. It is made by FAAC, and is for automatic gate systems, it comes when you order the gate kit. I use them for work, and they fit a large D/C PS and the board nicely.
  11. The problem was that I was using both tab outs on the DC power supply , one set to one bank, the other to the other bank. Apparently this is bad, as it cooked channel 8. I ran from the one set of tab outs to each side, and all is fine.Except channel 8 is still cooked. Oh well.
  12. http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s250/madhatter1138/2012-07-28125717.jpg
  13. Ok I will clarify, I'm not using heatsinks..its the Q8 mosfet that is heating up.. I beleive perhaps since I am spanning two banks of channels with one RGB light that perhaps the load is increased? Meaning the spot ligght uses channel 7 andf 8 of one bank, and channel 9 on the next banks, with each bank receiving 12v form the power supply.. I have disconnected the light from the channels, and the CARD IS NOW RESPONSIVE AND FUNCTIONING!!!! But I believe that I have fried cvhannels 7, 8 and 9.
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