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  1. The Pest

    You know you're addicted when...

    Nah you know your hooked when you visualize lighting every bldg. You come across.
  2. The Pest

    LOR1602W Controllers for sale - 3 total

    Sold $585 Dang
  3. The Pest

    When do you just stop...

    Ohh that looks like fun. :):)
  4. The Pest

    Extension cord storage ideas

    KittyLitter bins are also good for electrical and plumbing supplies. They can work for tools as well. But yes totes and kittylitter pails work well for storage.
  5. The Pest

    LOR guys on holiday break?

    300 universes how many active channels are you running? That sounds like a complete nightmare for programming.
  6. The Pest

    Sleigh Ride by The Ronettes

    I think the dip in the snow added to to video.
  7. The Pest

    CCF 50w Cosmic Color Flood

    I have been diy electrical work from simple fixture replacement to full house rewire, i always stand away from panels when they are energized. I have witnessed a dc2000 contactor for an attraction fail and shoot Sparks 40 ft across the room and scorch the brick wall. Not afraid of electricity but I do respect it.
  8. The Pest

    2017 Light Maestros - Carol of the Bells

    Great job, can't wait to see the rest.
  9. The Pest

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas to all and to all an illuminated evening.
  10. Mega have you thought about upgrading the coffee cans to rgb?
  11. The Pest

    Super strands vs Pixels

    I would say do you want to eventually do more interesting effects on roof(pixels), or just full color change ability(super strings). It is truly up to you which you would prefer. I would say put a pro-con list together for both and go from there. If in a few years you might want to do rainbow effects pixels might be better. But I can also see where you might just want color change (ss) could be good. Also think about the sequencing differences when choosing which way you go.
  12. The Pest

    Sleigh Ride - The Ronettes

    Nice job on your sequencing.
  13. The Pest

    Light won’t work in play mode or sequence editor

    What license lev you have?
  14. The Pest

    Santa Claus Lane Videos

    Nice job again this year guy's. Wish I was on west coast to see live. But stuck on east coast.
  15. Powerhouse Generators are Inverter style and should work well. But like Mike said they are rather expensive.
  16. The Pest

    House property with a hill in front

    Can't wait to see what you come up with.
  17. The Pest

    Newbie using the TSO Showtime Central starter pkg.

    If it was programmed by or for LOR it most likely uses there 4 X 4 set up. http://www1.lightorama.com/4-x-4-decorating/
  18. The Pest

    pixcom16 e pixel rgb & superstar sequence

    From what I read it sounds as though he is doing a Matrix set. That will do animation, but for live action video would need i much tighter pixel count then i think what is expecting.
  19. The Pest

    Projector trigger with LOR?

    you might be able to find a projector that has some sort of serial control from what i am reading you want done. I have seen them in use they are controlled by software to select certain adjustments, like focus, size adjust, input select, etc. not sure but i have seen some projectors with 10/100 network ports as well. that might be option, but as stated before convert the videos to files and program them as normal media file with projector set up as second monitor from show control machine. this one might do the trick have to research more on the rs232 control https://www.amazon.com/EPSON-VS400-Multimedia-Projector-V11H326020/dp/B003VNKLSO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1496003993&sr=8-1&keywords=rs232+controllable+projector
  20. The Pest

    Porch Light problem

    Yea already in the plans, what ever company i contract to build my house will probably hate me with all the extra's being run during framing stage. But i will probably do most of the specialty stuff after hours to save my self $. I am aware if the high/low voltage separation, i have in the past asked if anyone knew of a 20 pin male/female quick connect for high voltage but still have been unable to locate anything over 8 poles. i was thinking of running the supply electrics for mega tree to panel mounted LOR in electrical room and just have 1 or 2 connections at base. for just lights was planning on a 32 leg super strand r,g,b,w,p,o, but have since changed gears for a 32 leg round pixel tree, and i'm thinking of possible ways to do each pixel a full 360 deg x,y,&z axis maybe will come up with answer on that issue at some point. If i win the lottery i'm thing of doing a whole house control system with LOR. meaning every outlet, light fixture would be a LOR Channel. I know i will have to run relay boards for outlets, might figure out a way to do each light fixture a rgb device?
  21. The Pest

    Porch Light problem

    I have been thinking that when I have my house built that I would have certain outlet's and light's go to a LOR A/C controller. So they could be controlled year round. I am also thinking of pre-running all low voltage and data lines for certain aspects of how my house will be built. With the change from running A/C controllers for my plan's i will now be using RGB so changes a number of my design features as well.
  22. The Pest

    Power Supply Question

    I would say by looking at them and the other products the company carries these would be good for our application, as they are designed to power a bus bar pick up system for things like Radio gear, Server rack's, and even Remote Control car/plane enthusiasts for powering the 12 volt chargers for quicker charging times on their battery pack's. so they are designed for constant amp output which would mean i would put a 5 amp fuse on the board input leads myself, and maybe even fuses of varying amp's for each run of rgb's.
  23. The Pest

    RGB strips left out all year?

    My landlord has tried it around window A/C unit's but they pretty much all still leaked. Just not as bad. He also tried spraying the edge of my shed, it's metal sitting on a floor with plywood. It still leaks pretty bad.