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  1. Wow! This post is almost 5 years old now. I had to try 5 different passwords just to get back in the forums. Hahaha. A lot has changed with the addition of S5. I have 100% migrated away from LOR software so I have no idea how much of this original post is relevant. Lord I hope 5 years worth of improvement has made all those work arounds pointless but I have no idea. Was great for 2014 though! As already mentioned I would highly recommend starting a new thread and getting some updated info. Good luck!
  2. They are for optional DMX settings. There are four jumpers near the 2x RJ45. The two behind add a terminator (not needed). The two beside add P-DMX power to the RJ45. All seldom used. Therefore they wont be needed. VIA the ACL forums.
  3. I created that effect in the sequence editor. Its actually a really simple chase that is technically only 6 pixels long by 2 seconds in width. Then I just copy/pasted like crazy. The reason it has those smooth fade in/out effects is each chase is a ramp up and a ramp down very quickly. Here is what it looks like in the sequencing grid. If you look between 39 and 41 seconds that is the actual effect. The rest is just copy paste. Brian is right though you can automate the effect or replicate it with the marque effect but it will not have that smooth ramp up/ramp down as I do not believe you can add ramps to the marque effect. However I'm not real familiar with superstar. I switched everything to xlights 4 this year and to replicate it there I could manually draw the 2 second effect and copy paste or create the marque like below and lose the ramps. There is pretty much multiple ways to create it and the end result pretty much looks the same on playback. Its really just what you are more comfortable with. Hope that helps.
  4. Same here Jeff. Seems there is a small glitch in how the data saves now. Took my 2 mins to save a sequence. Knocked it down to 1:30 with compressed sequence and verify sequence turned off but its not using any cpu or ram during saving, just seems like it stalls now on saving.
  5. Same here Jeff. Seems there is a small glitch in how the data saves now. Took my 2 mins to save a sequence. Knocked it down to 1:30 with compressed sequence and verify sequence turned off but its not using any cpu or ram during saving, just seems like it stalls now on saving.
  6. I agree Doug! Made me take another look. Huge improvement on sequence opening and response time. Very impressed.
  7. So far it is nothing short of epic. Once I had all my pixels drawn out and was playing I wanted to see if I could bog it down any. I copied my 2400 channel mega tree 4 times and my matrix 2 times and hit play to see if it would lag and my video card fan didn't even kick on. It's handling like a champ. My desktop has an R9 290X in it so I will test it as soon as my new power supply arrives from newegg. So far so good though. If my ROGs setup can handle it without breaking a sweat I have no doubt the R9 will rip right through it. Great work on the Viz! I did notice one more thing on the channel wizard creating pixels. If you have a long string that spans across more than one universe it will throw an error. For example if your string starts on universe 3 and runs on into universe 4. You have to go in and have it end each string on 170 pixels and create a new string for the rest and start it on universe 4 for this example. Not a big deal but did have me stumped for a second trying to figure out why I couldn't run the channel wizard on a string 225 pixels long and have it play. (My ridge line)
  8. Sorry for the delay in getting to this. I got almost everything drawn out tonight and had a go at it. With the enhanced rendering engine turned on everything plays perfectly and is smooth. However I did run into one little glitch when I click play and the Viz goes full screen it keeps wanting to split across all 3 of my monitors and I have to pull it back over to the one I want to view it on. I then turned the enhanced rendering off and it would not play my DMX channels at all. I tried a few different times but no luck. I ended up turning it back on to see everything. Here is my ROG laptop diagnostics. I will post up my other desktops info when I can. https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=5830318b7c09599d!5426&authkey=!ADWmVJxlkmjULCE&ithint=file%2ctxt
  9. Hahahahaha! Yes yes OR you could just dump in an old R9 290X, GTX 770, GTX 780, or GTX 980 but hey if you just have $5K laying around send it to me and I will send you 2 consumer grade cards that will render anything you want/need in 4K. I'll even throw in and SLI bridge for your $5K.
  10. I have to disagree that S4 is a total fail. Yes it is a snapshot of nutcracker but we knew that months ago. It is also the beginning of a transformation on the way we do sequencing in LOR. Yes the grid is great for standard channels but nutcracker proved with their success that it is not the ideal way to sequence pixels. Sax I hope you and Dev Mike are able to work out whats going on with your visualizer because once you get it up and running I can almost promise you are going to love it. Shot in the dark but have you tried plugging up your LOR usb 485 dongle to the pc you are running the viz on or go into the network settings and removed the LOR network from there and then reopen the sequence, check on control viz, then open the viz hit play and see what happens? I had to tinker with it for a few to get it to play but once I did that it worked perfectly. Dev Mike I will have a go at turning the rendering engine on and off this weekend once I get the entire show drawn out and let you know what I find. Jeff I cant remember if you put an SSD in that rig when you built it last year or not but an SSD will speed things up tremendously. Intel also just dropped a new SSD that is a true game changer in data transfer speeds with sequential write speeds of 2,200 MB/s and read speeds of 900 MB/s! Yes that is 2.2 GB a second write speeds on a single drive, not raid 0 like I'm running to get those speeds. But you will need an M.2 slot or a PCI 3.0 slot to run it. Sorry I got off topic but yes if you didn't put an SSD in you need to do that first. We will also get together on how you can lower that grid channel count. Your roof matrix can come out of the channel config entirely and go into the pixel editor as your never going to manually sequence that thing. Hopefully soon you will be able to take that pixel tree that was created in superstar and export it into the pixel editor or combine it with your pixel editor created intensity file and remove those channels from the grid as well. If we add in your house posts to the pixel editor and all 5 or 6 of those other GEC trees as well your actual grid based channels are going to shrink to an LMS file that opens in seconds rather than mins. Oh and yes you can do whole house in the pixel editor by creating your props and then grouping them into one large prop that you can run affects on or you can use superstar and do morphs across the whole house. I personally love the way this is headed but like Doug said we got to keep in mind this is a beta after all. If it gets to the point where all 3 programs SS, SE, and the Pixel editor work together and I can create one sequence using all 3 programs I'm sold and I can promise I wasn't sold until I spent some time playing with the new features. My end game here would be to take all of my pixels out of the grid in SE and only sequence my AC channels in the grid. This brings up another interesting topic though of sharing sequences. One of the big upsides to LOR has always been being able to share your sequences with other users. In SS this will still be simple as you could just export them out of SS but maybe something to think about for pixel editor sequences. Regardless, keep bringing on the beta updates guys!
  11. First of all let me just say thank you to Dan for reacting to customer needs. I would also like to thank Matt Brown for his work on the pixel editor. So Initial thoughts.......... The good: Viz is now a beast! There is still a limit on how many fixtures you can have but now a string of pixels is a fixture rather than each bulb being a fixture. Very Nice! Old way maxed out on fixtures very quickly. See screenshots below of the old viz using a fixture for each bulb in the arch vs the new viz using 1 fixture for the entire arch. Yes you will have to redraw your viz file however it is extremely fast with the new wizards. Love it! Pixel editor is extremely responsive and updates seamlessly with very minimal PC demand. Intensity files are very small and load quickly as well as save quickly. The needs improvement IMHO: Really wish the pixel editor could read our old rgb LMS files and pull the actual sequence into the pixel editor. This has been functionality within nutcracker for a long time and has been my main reason for using nutcracker. I like most like to see everything working together in one window so I can edit, apply affects, etc on parts of the display so they will match. I'm loving the new intensity file size but would love it even more if I could take those old huge LMS files and convert them into intensity files. Recreating them from scratch is just simply not an option for myself. It would be great if both the viz and the pixel editor could use the same created props. Recreating them for each part of the software seems a bit counter intuitive. Needing to have the control panel running for the viz to work now will likely trip a lot of folks up. Most users do not sequence on the same PC that runs their show. Easy fix by either installing the usb drivers and or removing the LOR network from the network config. However I also had to command prompt and route the data to my nic so it doesn't overload my wireless network but this I'm assuming could be solved by unchecking control lights as well. Not a huge deal but one that will likely result in a lot of questions from users as S3 did not require the control panel running for viz playback. All in the latest beta has a lot of really awesome features and for those who are new to pixels starting from a clean slate its absolutely awesome. For those with really large pixel sequences already created manually in the sequence editor it would be perfect if we could convert that old data into the new .LPE file format to reduce channel overhead on our old sequences. Again maybe it already does this somehow and I'm just seeing it but I did pull in a sequence completely created in nutcracker and it imported that perfectly and spit out a very small file size at the end. I'm in agreement here that I don't need to see all those RGB channels in the grid our manually edit them. I like the thought process of putting them in an event file that is tiny and is created in the pixel editor. Now I just need a way to get current LMS rgb sequenced channels out of the grid and into the pixel editor and I will be a happy camper. Heres to hoping we will be able to do that in the future. I'm even ok with some type of stand alone converter that requires me to name and align all my current rgb groups with props created in the pixel editor so it knows where I want that old sequence saved to in the pixel editor. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Thanks Dan. Is there anyway to convert what we all already have sequenced in pixels to intensity files?
  13. Wow this post is now over a year old and is still the best way to squeeze out all the performance out of the sequencer. I really thought we would have seen an update by now.
  14. Hmmm. Are you using one of the new DP2's or the older style like what's in my videos? If it's the older style it should work in multicast.
  15. Have you gone into the LOR network config and double checked that universe 1 is set to multicast? It should look exactly like the screenshot below.......
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