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  1. i would mount board properly into box and get rid of bubble rap, also make sure wires do not get squashed by lid or use a bigger box or route cables properly. i have also had issues with controllers outside but not LOR ones DMX, and problems with channels blowing, my findings have been, rope light bulbs failing and drawing excessive current taking out triacs, water ingress into light fittings or connections again causing major current draw. squirrel eating cables but he didnt survive so that sorted. things i have done to stop issues, i installed fuses on all outputs to lights with fuse ratings set to the correct size for lights this has stopped problems with overloading or faults on lights damaging controller. small cctv camera heaters in some of the larger metal controller boxes and damp removal devices in smaller boxes this stops condensation within controllers and has proved to be great improvement. cold and damp does cause intermittent faults especially with the network side.
  2. i agree foam or bubble wrap would definately help and even if it only stops some of the breakages it has to be worth it, taking into account time, postage, cost of replacement. or maybe with the transformer issue using the mounting holes on the transformer 2 bolts two nuts bolt it to the board this is what the holes are there for!.
  3. i am in need of four Dc controllers CMB16D and also a IDMX but this one could waite. but do not seem to even be able to place an order for these items. surely if people could place orders and put them on hold LOR would know how many and what people are after. cheers for all the info guess i'll just have to wait
  4. ok ok wasnt trying to have a go, just venting some steam, No i didnt realize sandy affected LOR !not everybody in the UK does!. And i did plan ahead last year, bought loads of gear most has come ages ago but just so happens some bits been stuck in customs for no reason for weeks now, and yes three times now over 2 years i have tried to place an order and lor have been out of stock and with no date as to when they may have stock, not help full whens someone says they will buy you 4 controllers for your birthday which is a month away. and as still new to LOR and try for free and others did get caught out a bit,Cheers for info and reassurance just what i need at mo, EVER SO SORRY i keep me mouth shut next time lol
  5. why o why when you have spent loads on lights, putting stuff together, earning the dosh to pay for it all and the busiest time of year and LOR always runs out of stock when you most need it !!! and always seems to say we are waiting for info on stock delivery, maybe they should make it themselves or order more for our hungry appetites. and if its not them its UK customs playing with the gear for a month before they release it!!!!!!aaaarrrrggghhh looks like another LOR less XMAS
  6. hi, no i didnt it is a pcb assembly jig available on ebay, great bit of kit if you do alot of pcb making and soldering.
  7. heres a link to photobucket for complete pics so far http://s1282.beta.photobucket.com/user/jay9158/story/6403#
  8. No probs trying to work out how to put the rest of the pics up, doesnt let me upload any more pics, is there a way around this?
  9. jay9158

    mimic lights

    that sort of thing, having done bit more reserch i am planing on using neon indicators panel mount on each channel ouput within box. the boxes i am using are metal IP65 lockable cabinets it will hold four controlers along with panel indicators for each channel, Auto switches for stand alone operation, fuses for each channel, fan cooling,and moisture control unit. i find that with channel indicators it makes it easy for fault finding, programing and testing. as i have it with my DMX gear i sort of got used to it.
  10. and the back of board. sorry but dont seem to be able to post finished pic of all four boards as no upload space left lol
  11. Here is some pics of my latest build
  12. hi all, has anybody fitted output fuses to the 16 channel diy kits to protect triacs from overload or short outs. thinking of adding them to my new kits as i had a dmaged cable last year that took a triac out and thought this would solve issue. any ideas
  13. ia it possible to fit led mimic lights to the ciruit board for each channel.
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