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  1. Can I get a copy also. Thanks in advanced thebaddruid@hotmail.com
  2. I am not an expert but this is what I did last year for adding DMX to my LOR dispaly. I used 2 of the LOR usb Ethernet adapters and used 1 to run all my LOR controllers and the second I setup to just run my dmx controllers. I ran 7 3 channel DMX controllers this way and setup was fairly simple. You man not get all the special effects that you get while running straight LOR devices like CCR's but with the raw DMX you can control the RGB lights. Since you plan on running smart strips I would wait for the E1.31 support that will come out latter this year and that will not limit you to 512 channels for each DMX universe. There is the ELOR out right now that will allow you to use a E1.31 controller off of a LOR controller and basically gives you 4 universes of awesomeness. When LOR adds E1.31 support you would not need the ELOR from my understanding.
  3. I will put my RGB floods outside tonight and shoot some video on the brick outside my house. At less than 50 buck assembled it fits into almost any budget for a bright dmx flood. David has a video on his site on how they look on a off beige building. No strobes on these and you have to power them from a 12 volt source.
  4. I just built two RGB flood kits from HolidayCoro and for less than $40 bucks per kit I am impressed with the brightness and took less than 45 minutes to assemble both. The CCF is smaller than the kits I built and I was tempted to buy a few CCF to go with my CCRs. I am not sure how the brightness compares but with 16 ft ceilings in my kitchen they color wash the walls nicely. I was even asked if I was throwing a party by a neighbor when he saw the colors cycling from outside.
  5. I use the ethernet method last year for my first display to control my DMX. I followed the instructions on Davis's HolidayCoro site to use with the 3 channel dmx controllers to control my few RGB fixtures. I just put together the RGB flood kit he has on his site and I am impressed with how bright and quick it took to put together. Would I use Ethernet for a huge dmx display, no but for the few I use it was pretty much plug and play.
  6. Got my stuff in today also. Just now waiting for the e1.31 support and my wishlist will be complete. My order number was 34188
  7. As far as I know you can. I started last year and got s2, SS and a gen 3 and they played together nicely
  8. LOL AM PM issues...Ok will be back to hurt the wallet tonight
  9. Is it just me but it says the sale starts at 9 am edt and it isn't allowing me to order at the sale prices and it keeps saying sale has not started.
  10. Ordered on 11-4-11 Shipped on 11-21-11 CTB16pc complete package ordered a CCR on the 7th and got it 5 days latter.
  11. I went ahead and got the advanced. I know that by the end of my first season I will max out the basic with just a few lights and a ccr and I plan on running some rgb lights in dmx this was prob the best move to make for future shows.
  12. Ok placed my first order and now debating on the buying LOR CCR's. Thanks a bunch
  13. I am taking the plunge and going to computerize my lights this year. I am not sure which s3 license to buy. I want to have about 16 channels to control my ac leds and I want to run 3 pixel strips, 6 stands of rgb pixel leds and 3 dumb rgb strips. Can 1 LOR 16 channel controller handle this and can I use the usb adapter to control all the rgb leds through DMX? Thanks in advance Chuck
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