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  1. If it is still available I would greatly appreciate a copy also. I have had the same show for a couple years and this would be a great surprise for the grandkids. My email address is bill@ghostlymanor.com Thanks, Bill
  2. Thanks. I saw those dates but thought they were wrong because there were 2007/2008 posts after that. We bought some 4gb sdhd cards for $5 thinking that was a good deal but .... I guess I will have to stock up on the standard cards.
  3. Thanks for the reply The thread you referenced is from 2007. I had to reset the show director after putting the sdhd card in to get the sdhc's to work again. The sdhc cards work but the new sdhd cards don't. I guess I will just have to buy the older sdhc cards unless someone else has found another solution.
  4. Just tried to write some sequences to an sdhd card but the mp3 player won't play them. The older sd and sdhc cards work fine. Does the current version of software support sdhd cards?
  5. Thanks for the reply. My MP3 player is 3 years old so I guess it won't take the newer cards. My 2gb cards work fine. These 4gb cards were on sale for $9.99 so I thought I would give them a try. Does LOR plan on any updates that might accomodate the newer cards?
  6. Bot a few cheap SDHC cards yesterday but they don't seem to want to work in the LOR1602MP3 Showtime Director player. Did I do something wrong or is the player unable to recognize the newer cards?
  7. I created a simple test animation sequence to check individual lights. When I try to add the seq with the lor mp3 hardware utility I get the following error message: error with seq file: creating seq file subscript out of range trace: flushcb trace: blockdownload start I have created many animation & musical seq for the halloween season and never got this error message.
  8. I set up a halloween light show that I only want to run on Fri & Sat nights for now. I am using the lor mp3 hardware utility. How do I set the schedule so the shows only run on those days during the scheduled times? Would it work to schedule the other days to start & stop at the same time so it never runs?
  9. Thanks. I wondered about that. I will give that a try. I assume the same logic applies if I want to write & create multiple shows on the MP3 show builder and write to an SD card?
  10. Thanks Bob. When entering shows on the schedule editor I check the box for the day of week the show is to run but if the show runs past midnight what day box do I check? Do I use the day the show begins or the day the show ends?
  11. I have a bldg I am lighting up with multiple floods. I want to vary the amount of lights that are on certain times of day. I want all of the lights on until midnight and then maybe only 50% - 25% after midnight until dawn. What is the best way to accomplish that? Bill
  12. I am having problems with scheduling shows. I set up for the show to start 6pm and run every 30 minutes. When I plug the SD card in (after the scheduled time) the 2nd song in the show plays and repeats continuously. When I set up a 2nd SD card to run the shows continuously all the songs run as scheduled. Do I have to do something resetting the internal clock in the MP3 show director? I wasn't sure if that was the problem so I checked the box to set the internal clock and that didn't help.
  13. The header on the hardware utility reads v2.0.16. What email address should I send to?
  14. I just tried that and it didn't work. First I changed all the channels not used to device type none. I then started to add the sequence file I changed. The hardware utility added it to the showlist and it looked like everything was ok. When I went to create the show I got the same error message. So then I went back and deleted all those unused channels hoping that would work. No luck. Now the sequence file won't even add into the showlist. Still getting the same error.
  15. I am getting the same error message. This is the first time this year I tried to start uploading sequences for my show. subscript out of range, trace: flushcb, trace:blockdownloadstart I am running v2.0.16 I tried adding seq from last year and new from this year. All give the same error message.
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