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  1. Thanks Alan. I will look into that as a potential option. Still been striking out trying to find anything like they use at disneyland World of color, or sea world in Orlando. https://disneyland.disney.go.com/entertainment/disney-california-adventure/world-of-color/
  2. I’ve been looking through some of topics, I guess I am just struggling on how to light the water up best. I’m not trying to do anything crazy with the nozzle like movement, just controlling the water height. I’m just stuck on how to make the column light up as well as change color using LOR software to tie into my light shows. Maybe I missed it in the forums ... ? I do own the LOR 10 watt floods, but still not getting the effect I want. It seems like most successful ones have a type of ring with the water going up in the middle of it.
  3. Hello all- Looking for something to be able to control color of a dancing water fountain. I’ve been looking at various ring type LED DMX lights, but I haven’t found anything with a DMX 3 or 5 pin end. Any ideas for either a LOR light or DMX light I can use to light up the stream of water as it shoots up that’s obviously ok to be around water? Thanks!
  4. Wow, never thought of that idea shining back on house! Thanks! So to get the beam on your own, you have to be in the arc lamp type of light huh. Those prices were def a shock! There isn’t something less costly that can do it, a higher watt LED light? Thanks for the help!! tim
  5. 15 watt mini LED. Obviously need to up it, but I don't know what size and power you need to get to the ones that show the beam always without the need of fog or haze. Here is a video for a neighborhood Halloween light show I did in 2014. At 20 seconds into it, you can start to see them more clearly. I had to mount multiple fog machines though and the wind was always an issue.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zT3AbgzQG3s&t=3s
  6. Hello- I’ve been using some DMX lights on my roof past few Christmas and Halloween holidays, but I have to also mount a fog machine to try to get it to show the “beam” of light. Some of the videos out there, they don’t need the fog, just powerful enough on their own. Anyone got suggestions for a product or what kind of wattage I would need to accomplish this? thanks!
  7. Thanks don for clarifying. But why would the sequence cause the unit to lose power? It seems to do it when I set all 8 to off for a few seconds before sending another signal to them, but only at specific spots in the sequence. I then have to unplug the unit, count to atleast 5, plug it back in, and the light comes back on. If I start the sequence close to the outage area, it works just fine. It is only when I back it up, maybe 20 seconds prior. The only error code I get is 28, that certain channels are not being used (and that is for my DMX lights the motion, I do not use some of them)
  8. what makes it more odd is if I start the sequence close to where I know it will go out, it works fine. If I start it an additional 10 seconds back or so, it will lose signal at the same part.
  9. Hello- After only owning the color cosmic floods for 4 months and light o rama tech support absolutely useless, I am hoping someone on here can help. I have not had any issues till late, with the 8 lights of the CCF working just fine. Now I find myself having issues with the signal. The red light on the circuit board will go out roughly at the same points in my sequence...and either stay out until i unplug the lights and plug back in, or in some cases just goes out momentarily and then starts flashing again and then goes solid and continues on just fine. I was gone on vacation and everything was shut down. When I came back to start to finish working on my show, this happened so I do not know what caused it. Any thoughts??
  10. ya, it looks like it was sold two days ago... thanks for trying though zman! appreciate it!
  11. Hey Zman- Ya, I talked with their tech support there at holiday coro. Very basic, but had me try a few things including trying the dongle on my laptop and the exact issue was happening as on my desktop. Even with the dongle disabled in the device manager, it was still sending out a garbage signal. Made sure there were no background programs running and from what I could see, none were and it was still outputting a signal of the random flash every 2-4 seconds. I dont know of any easy way to see if there is another program using the port, but like I said, I had everything closed via cntrl alt delete in the task manager. They gave me a return label via USPS. Brought it there, turns out it weighed 13oz and not the 10oz the label said. Long story short and completely no help by the USPS rep (wanted to charge a new box, a whole role of packaging tape because the label needed to be moved etc), ended up taking it home and taking it to another USPS without the usb cable and it came in at 9.5 oz and sent it off. My guess I will get it back by next Thurs and Friday and I will advise if we got it working. Recapping all the topics here, we did get a signal to the RGB light through qlight, xlight and S3. IF I wanted all red, I could get all red, if I wanted green i could get all green etc, BUT it was not a good signal and still had the flickering going on in the background at all times - with signal or no signal. When plugged into the moving head RGB light, it had no signal to it and the light itself never indicated it had a DMX light signal. Both lights tested perfect with a physical controller, the obey chavet 70. Thanks everyone for all the support in this endeavor. I will advise when the replacement comes. Any other ideas, please post as always tim
  12. Thanks Ken. The controller has been sent back to holiday coro for replacement. If that doesnt work, I may look into that. I am also getting to the breaking point where I may just buy the LOR iDMX if this holiday coro has any more issues
  13. In the interim, I been messing around in device manager. If I disable the actual USB serial adapter, which then also removes the Comm 4 port (which is the one it is using), the light still flashes sporadically. I am leaning heavy towards this being defective.
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