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  1. If you ever want to know what kind of Company LOR is just look at the GREAT people at the help desk. We upgraded to S3 with the add on and I couldn't get the softwear to work. The people at the HELP desk work with me to solve my dilemma. LOR thank you for the GREAT customer service. Thanks again Harold Speake
  2. are these 1602w? option4 if the are I would like 5 abqspeakefamily@comcast.net 505-350-3610
  3. Yeah I saw that CDI web sit I really don't want to pay $8.25 a strain.
  4. I check all walgreens here in Albuquerque NM all they was some LEDs. I need 100 count mini lights red, green, blue. 50boxes Harold
  5. I need 100 count mini Red, Green, Blue. I need 50 boxes of each. can anyone help? Thank you Harold Speake 505-350-3610
  6. I'm looking for 100 strand mini lights and none of the stores here in Albuquerque have any left. I need 50 boxes each of red, green, and blue. Does anyone have any out there that I can buy? Thank you very much. Harold Speake 505-350-3610
  7. can someone help? I have seen videos that people have and they have these lights in there trees that look like the light is falling. what is it?
  8. Have had lots of rain and some of the channels are not working on various boxes and sometimes the GFI pops. Control boxes (1602W) are not wet inside. Tested individual items all all work when not connected to control boxes. Dried all plugs/sockets connected to the control boxes. Any suggestions to fix? How do you weatherproof the plugs?
  9. The autoconfigure on the hardware manager does not find a comm port on my backup computer, just churns and churns. Works fine on my primary computer. Any suggestions? Harold Speake
  10. I really love that snow man. Very nice job. Harold
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