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  1. I have tryed different RF Channels and I have one extra linker I tryed replacing each one with and no results.
  2. They are only a couple feet. But they have been working fine. I elevated them to around 5 feet and still no go.
  3. Linkers have been working for a month or so now. The other day they stopped. I connected one to my computer and when I am around 20' to the other I can find the device. I have changed cables and changed frequencies several times and still does not work. They are both located outside about 50' apart. Any ideas anyone?
  4. Everything is working great! Thanks for all the help
  5. Do you recommend importing the SuperStar by sequence or copy paste? Thanks Again
  6. Thanks Brian, I am going to connect directly with Cat 5 tonight. I have watched the videos mentioned and learned I had the configuration all wrong and went and addressed all the controllers properly I think. I have 2 CCRs on channels 9 and 0A and 16 channel controllers on 1 thru 8. So I put 9 on first CCR and 1 thru 0A on the second configuration part. Is this correct?
  7. Ok, I have 5 16 channel controllers and 2 DC controllers in my yard. Also one 16 across the street. This year I am running the show with easy light linkers. I have also put up 2 CCRs on arches. I am using SuperStar to add the CCRs to my existing sequences. I have watched several of the tutorials to figure out how to set up the CCRs and the software. I now have 2 sequences made in superstar and exported. I have tried importing them as a sequence and copy paste. Now the problem is when I run the sequence the CCRs only go about half way up the arch at times. But most times it's just random pixels turning on and staying on for several seconds. The next thing I am going to try is to run without the light linkers and just hard wire connection. After that my hands are up in the air. Possibly find a sequence to buy from someone with CCRs that I can try.
  8. Anyone else have any ideas what I may be doing wrong? After watching one of the Superstar tutorials I made some changes. I had my addresses kind of scattered and I now have them all in order. I have also tryed importing the Superstar sequence with copy and paste. Still no results.
  9. I am using the 3 light linkers to control my whole show of 8 controllers and one controller across the street an someone else's house. It is looking like the data is too much for it and at times the show is jumpy. And when I try to run my 2 CCRs it's even worse. So is there a chance these light linkers are receiving more data than they can Handel?
  10. Thanks Bob and Steven. As of right now I managed to use SuperStar and do some Morphs for on Sequence. I just got home and set it up and nothing is working correctly. I exported the from SuperStar and made a new channel in SE for it and set it to on. I must have the addressing wrong or something. The arches are not doing a full leap and some pixels just stay on at times.
  11. Can anyone point me in the right direction for help using the CCR Macros in SE. I can add a CCR and see the Macro channels at the bottom but don't know how to use them. I can use them in the Control Panel by setting them to a number. But how is this done in SE? Thanks
  12. This is my 3rd board to build. This one is giving me some problems. When powered the LED is not lit. Fuses are getting voltage to each side. I am going over the troubleshooting guide, and my transformer is warm and Voltage Regulator Q16 gets very hot quick. The only suggestions the guide gives for troubleshooting this, is to remove all ICs from sockets and replace one at a time. I have two ICs that can be removed and Q16 still gets hot with them removed. At this point the Guide stops and there is no other suggestions. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  13. Thanks Everyone Here are some more. http://youtu.be/Y_jXb1IDjUo http://youtu.be/cz9NIVcPv_I http://youtu.be/Tl8UYU2JHZ4 http://youtu.be/rhFHcqXxzp8 http://youtu.be/J4rptdUosLs
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