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  1. I have two sd cards. each with several songs and light shows. How do I combine them into one longer show? I have tried to do it with the simple show builder by clicking all files and get an error saying expected white space. Help!
  2. Ok, I've got some sequences I don't want. How do I delete them? Thanks!
  3. Sorry for the confusion JBullard. I was using the simple show builder and jer75 corrected me a said mp3's have to be added in the sequence editor.First time doing this so stay tuned for lotts more stupid questions.:]
  4. Thanks guys! I got one song done. Now I'll try to get some more.
  5. Ok, another dumb question. I'm using the simple show builder. I have the sequence for wizards of winter, I have the mp3 file of the music. How do I get the music with the sequence? If I click add sequence in the show builder it said the music for this sequence cannot be found. The music is in the amazon music downloader.
  6. Do you all just make your own?, or do you buy them somewhere? There seems to be only about ten on the light-o-roma web sight. I was looking for more of the classic Christmas songs. I am also very new to this, just built my first controler and never used it yet. Thanks!
  7. I hit the jackpot! All sixteen working now. I only had to reflow them to get them to work. Now I have to figure out how to get a show programed.
  8. Thanks, I'll try to get it done this afternoon and report back.
  9. All other channels working properly. Is there anything that is common to just these three channels? Or is this more likely to be cold solder joints?
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