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  1. Could I please get a copy. Thankyou very much!! brettmc@att.net
  2. I have a pixie 2 with 100 pixels per port. I want to control 5 pixels at a time. Therefore 40 lines of effects. I do have a 24 inch monitor (2 actually) and the lines are REALLY tiny. The lower "black" area in SS takes up about 75% of the screen. When you use the float windows, they can be moved to another screen. So if the lines could be expanded, it would make programming a lot easier. Also I cannot get SS to show 100 pixels in CCR mode, I have to use visualization mode which no big deal. Just have to picture in my head since I cannot get the visualization section to show 2 lines.
  3. I tried that but I would like to have the bars larger than that if possible because there are times when I have the lights going in different directions in Morph mode (which I will be using almost exclusively for this application).
  4. Is there a way to see more of the bars when programming in Superstar? I have 40 different effects I need to program at one time and seeing only 10 at a time is very time consuming. I can use floating windows to move them to another screen but cannot make the "bar area" any larger. Any help? Thanks
  5. NOW its working!! no freaking idea what I did!!
  6. Sorry was trying different things and forgot to change the network back
  7. HU is Closed. All shows disabled only 1 song in S5 is open. Control lights is checked LED is solid red
  8. Yes is does 6,7,8,9,0A,0B,0C,0D.0E,0F, 10, 11,12,13,14, and 15
  9. the Pixie16 is on an enhanced network (Aux A) and that is how the Matrix vertical -quad is set up. in HU is shows it as Unit 6 (which is the number I assigned it last year when using S4) and each ribbon as a port 1-16. In preview, the unit number starts with 6 and goes to 16 and each start circuit # as 1
  10. Everything is working in Preview now so I connected my Pixie16 controller up and connected all the ribbons. I tested it in the hardware utility and it works there but when I play a sequence and check "control lights" nothing is happening. No lights at all
  11. I still don't know how to install Superstar into a S5 sequence.
  12. I have upgraded to the new S5 with the latest update. I did a new preview (see image) and created a new prop for my Pixie unit I got last year. I watched your videos on how to create the preview to learn how. It showed grouping but didn't say why you need to do it. The software created the "Pixie 01" and turned it blue just like in the video but when I open a sequence it is not blue. I have made several new sequences this summer in the Superstar Sequencer and tried to insert them into the S5 following your video: Light-O-Rama Inserting a SuperStar Effect into ShowTime 5 Sequencer and I cannot get it to work. My area is not blue like the video. I have searched the forums and can not find anything with my issue. Please see attachements which are screenshots of both the preview and a sequence. Thank you very much~~
  13. Thanks to all of your responses!! I was able to use B.Y.R.G's response. Sorry gsmith37064 but I am not able to select anything. Most likely I'm doing something wrong. Will keep trying. I'm a newbie to the Superstar thing! Regular sequencing no problem, this is all new. Have a lot to learn before Christmas!!
  14. I have a CCR sequence that was done with 12 ccrs, I now have 16. How do I modify the images to "recenter" them. I have figured out how to do text but not images. Also many of these have custom colors that are not saved. How can I replicate these colors when I redo, modify an existing image? I have a Santa that I created and would like to modify but can get the skin color to match what I did previously. Any ideas? Thanks,
  15. Just curious what the "norm" is for the lenght of shows everyone has for each night. I have one show and it is 1 hr and 15 minutes long before it restarts. Is this too long? Is there a general rule on how long it should be? Thank you in advance! Brett McDonald Racine,WI
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