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  1. I had a theft of some equipment August 2008 and the addition of a son in 2008 and another due by Jan 1 this year, it hasn't been easy to get lights up on our house. But I opened my mouth in a meeting about a beer competition and have found myself doing 64 channels in a courtyard area of the Botanical Conservatory. It's mostly thrown together right now, both in animations and in installations, but it will only get better. It's nice having volunteers and staff people do the setup and having the city buy the lights and pay the bills. We have a media day with the mayor tomorrow afternoon for more than the lights. Then the reveal is Wednesday night with the lighting of the city's tree and some historic decorations. So if you're nearby, come on over. http://www.botanicalconservatory.org/ I'll probably have some video by the weekend.
  2. I found some clips at Lowes or HD that weren't too bad. I don't think there are any inexpensive options that don't require drilling, though.
  3. Most likely it's an unlinked music file. Go to EDIT->MEDIA FILE and select the audio file again. The new version might have a different directory for the audio tracks. That should link it back up. As for the control locking issue... LOR doesn't want two inputs for the light controllers, so whenever the schedule is enabled, it locks out the sequence editor from controlling the modules and vice versa. If you just disable shows before or after opening the editor, you can make sure that PLAY->CONTROL LIGHTS is checked and the lights will be responsive.
  4. You should be able to open the saved files and they'll look just like they did in the demo. The saved files will have either .LMS (LOR Music Sequence) or .LAS (LOR Animation Sequence) extensions. If they aren't opening or are causing an error, what does the message say?
  5. I stumbled on a topic at PC that led me to this: http://www.crazylightlady.us/LEDStrobes.html She uses another brand, but the process should be the same. It might actually be less expensive overall than buying curtain strobes for a whole strand. But then, we've got all the soldering equipment and my wife's often used the technicians in her lab to fix household problems, like when the cat chews through the headphone cords. She's buying individual LEDs but I would think that you could buy LED strands and undo the converters to make them work. That would be a lot less work, I'd think.
  6. I know that some folks are against the all white displays, but I had to start by reusing the lights my wife bought for our wedding last year. If anything hapens in our favor this year, I'll be able to add some serious channels and some elements. About the venue: We're located on one of the 10 busiest streets in the city. It's a 4 lane thoroughfare running about 45 - 50mph with a 35mph speed limit. About a block west (right, in the video) is a stop light at the bottom of the hill, so you'll see a lot of brake lights. Our lot is about 40 feet wide with about 30 feet between the steps and the street. With six inches of snow last week, I'm glad most of the lights stayed up off the ground. About the video: I shot most of this on Dec 23rd when winds were gusting to over 50mph and the temperature was in the teens. The camera blows over in one song (Winter Wonderland) and I adjusted it thinking I would be back out to film it again later. It was early in shooting so I wasn't frozen yet. I changed my mind. About the lights: Since I don't know the number from the penguins on the porch, I'm estimating a lowly count of 3500 lights running on 16 chnnels of LOR. The makeshift Radio Frequency sign uses a channel and adds about 300 of those lights. Unfortunately, a bit of the lights on the left side went out just before recording and the tree on the right covers the ones over there, mostly. Winter Wonderland - The Brian Setzer Orchestra Merry Christmas - The Ramones Carmina Burana - Intro - Atlanta Symphony Orchestra I've left out a few that haven't been done up for the tube yet, but you get the jist. A visit to see another LOR display in town has granted me tentative permission to get a flag pole installed this summer and maybe room to do some mini trees. We've got a baby due in May, so a lot depends on that.
  7. I'd think that using the DC board (http://store.lightorama.com/cmdedcca.html) would save you some serious cash if you're willing to wire directly to the LEDs, bypassing AC/DC converters and such. I'm trying to figure out if taking this approach will lull my wife (a Purdue EE grad) into doing some of the work for me without noticing I bought twice as many as she thought I would.
  8. In my experience with cameramen, you can usually ask them to send you a copy of the story after it's been shown. They may ask you to sign a release of some sort agreeing not to modify the content or some such. You may get it on DVD or VHS but there are ways to get them into the formats you'd like.
  9. Firefox has a tendency to eat CPU if it runs too long. It's a good idea to close it when you're not using it. They might fix it in the next version, but it sounds like it's just bloat. I removed my display computer from my network so it wouldn't have all of those little internet utilities begging to run all the time. It made a big difference for me.
  10. Richard Hamilton wrote: You're right. It's 25 milliWatts. I forgot to put the zero in.
  11. Bjorn74


    There's a 32 channel demo of W(in)W provided off of the sequence package page on LOR's web store. You can also find several renditions on lorsequences.com. Good luck!
  12. The show does not get trimmed to fit the time. It will allow the last sequence to finish before starting the next show. I also found that if the next show overlaps and is the same file, it will just keep playing as if the show didn't end. What I've seen done most often is to create a 1 minute animation sequence that plays multiple times at the end of your show. Then end the show a minute or two early in the scheduler to create a pause just before the next time through. This will fill in that gap but let everything restart from the beginning. The key is to let the show end before the next time through. But then, theis is my first season, too. I had to make a big change before leaving town on Wednesday morning and came home today (Saturday) to see the lights continuing the last .10 of a sequence with the horrible audio file length problem. It must have been stuck there since about 6:20pm on Wednesday night. I'd thought that II was fixing that for me. I was wrong...
  13. My simple solution for this year is to use a light sensor to activate the transmitter when the sun goes down. At least I'm not running it all day this way.
  14. Or do you guys not care about leaving the transmitter on the whole time?
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