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  1. I tried the driver download and still error. I tried going through all 6 of my networks with the hardware utility individually and found it keep trying to change my settings to none on the comm setting. After I got them straightened out,  it appears to work now and the show started with no errors. Thanks to all who replied for your help. 


  2. I am trying to set up my strings of CCB.I have them all set with the computer stuff, but have some questions about how to set them up. I am using the 100 bulb strings and know that the bulb nearest the controller is number 1 because those both turn green at start up. should those be the first bulbs I start with when making a tree with 1 fold in each string?


  3. I checked with some of the town workers (I am a fireman in town) and found out they were throwing the full size lanterns away when the light sockets went bad. I picked up 12 red and white lanterns and made my own poles for mounting them for about $30. You can see the results at Youtube -carrfamilyproductions.

  4. I have 12 of the CCR's each are "zip stripped" to 10- 1/2" pieces of conduit and 2- to 3/4" conduit. They withstood 50MPH winds and were actually 10' above my roof. I bought 4 pieces of 4" PVC to make 2-20ft tubes with end caps and store 6 CCR's in each.

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