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  1. I actually rebooted after removing S5 and S4 and it cleared on the restart so I could remove the files. When I reloaded S4, all my props were back. Thanks.
  2. I finally got it to close by rebooting between uninstalling S4 and deleting the LOR file in x86. Not only did it get rid of the error message, but got my preview props all back. Thank you all!
  3. It keeps trying to relaunch comm listener.
  4. I uninstalled S4 and everytime I try to delete the LOR folder in 😄 program files x86, it tells me that it cant be completed because the folder or a file is opening another program. It says to close folder and try again. I'm lost! HELP!
  5. In Pixel editor, I keep getting an "unhandled exception" message. Object reference not set to an object. I just switched back to S4 from S5.
  6. Unfortunately when I switched to S5 I lost my props, so I'm stuck with S5. I new how to reconfigure my channels with s4.
  7. I converted to S5 and my shows at Halloween played with no problem. But am trying to add 3 new purchased sequences and cant get the channels to change to mine. Do I have to change each of the 16 CCRs individually for all 150 channels each?
  8. I too had just bought a new controller at the last sale as a spare and set it up in my computer room. It worked out well and only took me about half an hour to go through all of them .
  9. I tried the driver download and still error. I tried going through all 6 of my networks with the hardware utility individually and found it keep trying to change my settings to none on the comm setting. After I got them straightened out, it appears to work now and the show started with no errors. Thanks to all who replied for your help.
  10. 8002 error open of serial port failed. How do I fix this. It popped up on my last night of my Halloween show and now is showing up when i try to work on my Christmas show.?????
  11. 8002 error open of serial port failed. How do I fix this. It popped up on my last night of my Halloween show and now is showing up when i try to work on my Christmas show.?????
  12. I am a newbie to S5 and am changing from a 12ccr tree to a 16 ccr tree. I cannot seem to figure out how to change over my old sequences to my new channels?
  13. I am trying to set up my strings of CCB.I have them all set with the computer stuff, but have some questions about how to set them up. I am using the 100 bulb strings and know that the bulb nearest the controller is number 1 because those both turn green at start up. should those be the first bulbs I start with when making a tree with 1 fold in each string?
  14. I use an FM transmitter and an old stereo in my basement. I then ran an speaker wire hook up from Menards to the outside outlet that I also hook my Cat5 cables through. Then simply plug in my speakers and with a waterproof outlet cover, the set up stays all year round.
  15. Dont feel bad I did it for 4 years and averaged 8 songs a year. I still cannot stand Christmas canon with those bratty kids singing, but my wife makes me leave it in the show.
  16. I checked with some of the town workers (I am a fireman in town) and found out they were throwing the full size lanterns away when the light sockets went bad. I picked up 12 red and white lanterns and made my own poles for mounting them for about $30. You can see the results at Youtube -carrfamilyproductions.
  17. I am looking for a fireworks sequence to make for my 4th of July show. I already have 2-4x8 rope light flags and 125 strobes. I put up a 12 ccr horizontal display last year with the auto-sequencer, but would like to do some fireworks too. ????
  18. Any word on the Halloween contest results?
  19. Any idea when the contest results might be posted. I always hate a long wait for disappointment
  20. I have 12 of the CCR's each are "zip stripped" to 10- 1/2" pieces of conduit and 2- to 3/4" conduit. They withstood 50MPH winds and were actually 10' above my roof. I bought 4 pieces of 4" PVC to make 2-20ft tubes with end caps and store 6 CCR's in each.
  21. How do you addthem as subsequences. I'm a "newbie!
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