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  1. If you're looking to Light-O-Rama, go to their website and sign up now for sales notifications. The spring Mad-Grab sale direct from LOR will be coming up in a couple months with the best deals. It's mad-grab because things will sell out in a matter of minutes so plan out what you will need. Then there's the summer sale later in July-September with more items for sale, unlimited quantities, but not as great deals as spring.
  2. Hey Jeff, found the thread! LOL Here's the story I know behind the jumping icicle effect.... Bill Vaughn of collingwoodlights.com (video in first post) gets the credit from me for the jumping icicles. He is a longtime member of the forums and one of the first to pull off the effect I believe. A few years ago in a PC LOR forum discussion John Storms of listentoourlights put together a reproduction of Bill's effect in his garage. Here's his video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAnsfDo33gw That video is the same way Bill did it with a string of minis along the top of the icicles. I took John's timing grid and fades he used in the video and input them on my sequence. Difference is I used C9s as my top layer and put a 4" space between them and the icicles by hanging the icicles below the gutter. You can see that here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTjt_ak5xOo&feature=youtu.be&t=1h38m25s I just compiled many other's ideas (and a few original ideas along the way). Bill Vaughn (Collingwood Lights), John Storms (Listentoourlights), Clyde Lindsey (Leechburg Lights), and Nicholas Watkins (Lights for Riley) all have parts of their sequences in mine. If you want to download... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz_v49cLcLFYa2V0UlhpNC1KWFU/view?usp=sharinghttps://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz_v49cLcLFYZjlNblh4ckNWTG8/view?usp=sharing Thanks for the thread, Victor Johnson Lightinguppaxton.com
  3. what do you mean "power cycled"? I believe 9-16 plug is what powers the status LED, so the controller may still appear to be on even with a bad fuse. Pull the fuse out and inspect or replace.
  4. I agree above, replace the GFCI with a new GFCI outlet.
  5. Very likely, although they usually fail at 50% intensity. Could be a snubber issue if it is LEDs. Does this channel use LED or incans and how big is the power load on it? Have you tired plugging incans into it and fading it if they are LEDs?
  6. Is it on 100% intensity, or does it look like it is a little dimmer than that?
  7. Purchase Link... http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/STMicroelectronics/BTA24-600BWRG/?qs=%2fha2pyFaduhJWmQLLbJCkosy8WljcCCH5x5IWJaQjZS9mvX3DRUF%252bg%3d%3d
  8. computer won't talk to the controllers without one. You can contact LOR and see if they can ship one fast. Some people even have backup converters for the any time their one might quit working. I have one myself. It's happened to some before.
  9. I have had nearly a dozen triacs fail on 5 different controllers the first few days of the display, so I figure why not show everyone how I've been replacing them? I understand LOR will provide this service, but doing it yourself can save lots of time. Bad triacs happen to most people eventually. Best be prepared! View the video on Youtube to see the annotations and video description with more info.
  10. I did read elsewhere that 2011 was the first year of Gen 3 and that was when a bad batch made it through.
  11. I may have not come to a complete conclusion yet, although I did find this useful after some searching... Thank you LOR for this bit... http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/29821-traics-continue-to-fail-why/?p=275947 Since I have loads around 1-2 amps on these triacs that went bad, I'd have to assume a short or something like that, but I can't fathom that on 8 different strings. Also note that after checking on these, all of the controllers that went bad were purchased in the summer sale of 2011 (that year the summer sale shipped really late) Version 1.02 if I remember correctly. If anyone has something to add, please do. I'd like to figure out the cause of this so I can prevent it. 4 hours of taking boards apart is not something to look forward to.
  12. I have had 8 triacs fail in 1 night. 8 out of 336 channels. 4 controllers affected, all PC versions and all 4 years or newer purchased soldered directly from LOR. All channels have between 400 and 800 mini-lights and are running the same sequences as last year. All ran fine yesterday. This failure rate just seems ridiculous to me. Maybe if I had 8 throughout the whole season, but if this continues I'm going to pull my hair out. Has anyone ever experienced something similar? Did you continue to get failures? Is this worth contacting LOR directly? I have fixed these before and am in the process (luckily I have spare triacs), but no way will I have time to keep this up.
  13. Hey Mateo, I sent you a PM with my contact info. I'd love to see what you've done with the sequence too. Thanks!
  14. Finished sequencing a song with a lot of low intensities and tested it out on the display. I am using all incandescent lights. Many of the channels (my tree line) flash at intensities between 20 and 50% together with the beat. Noticed immediately that some trees were a little brighter than others, most notable at 20 and 30% intensities. Checked my channel list and saw that it was a difference between controllers. The intensities on the PC controllers were a bit brighter than the 1602s. At 50% and over as well as fast fades it is undetectable, but lower intensities are different. Neither controller really lights things up at 10%. At 20% the PC controller is twice as bright as the 1602. At 30% it starts to get a little better, but the 1602 is still 10% behind. By 50% they have evened out. Not a huge problem as this is the only song that uses really low intensities and I can better match up controllers for next year, but I just thought I would make note of this for other LOR users. My 1602s were all DIY kits, but I assume this is a difference between controllers, not an assembly error as it affects every one of my 1602s. All my controllers, PC and 1602, are the new Gen3 versions. Here's a raw video. Still in the editing process. On the tree line to the LEFT of the front door. 3 trees on each end are dimmer. Middle 5 are brighter (the PC ones) https://docs.google....FmNGNi&hl=en_US (cross-posted in Planet Christmas forum)
  15. It was a transformer connection. All is good now. Thanks for your help!
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