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  1. I would love a copy as well please. jafflsports@yahoo.com
  2. I would like a copy too, please. jafflsports@yahoo.com
  3. I changed the layout from 2 ribbons to 3, but it is as if it doesn't recognize the new ribbon. I have them set up as arches.
  4. Both scenes and morphs. I tried to copy and paste them separately and it still won't play the pasted timing.
  5. I added a new ribbon this year and I am trying to update my sequences from last year, however the copy and paste function is not working properly. I am able to copy and paste to the ribbon, but when I play the sequence in superstar the new ribbon does not play the timings. Any suggestions?
  6. It would be great if you could send me a copy as well. Thanks. jafflsports@yahoo.com
  7. I am also trying to make 4 arches out of 2 ccr's and would really appreciate the sequences, so that I can get the hang of it. Thank you so much jafflsports@yahoo.com
  8. I did the power reset, and the test pattern ran only on the first half while there was no effect on the second half, it just stayed on at full intensity.
  9. This is my first ccr and I am having trouble and was hoping someone could help me. I tested the ribbon when I got it a few weeks ago and it worked fine. Today I added it to my network and ran the hardware utility. The hardware utility recognized the ribbon, so I wanted to test it . I went into the test console and turned on the ribbon. When I checked the ribbon, the first half was doing what I asked and the second half was all on with full intensity. I have tried to reset the ccr, and the half will not even shut off! Any ideas?
  10. I am getting this error when I apply the sub-sequence (that I created in superstar for my ccr) to one of my existing sequences. I have done this operation to other sequences with no problems. Any ideas?
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