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  1. 2 years ago, I bought a brand new PRO Series Addon LOR1602Wg3 to add on to my existing system of 3 controllers - and just opened the box a week or so ago. Would like to get it running as I have a few channels on my old controllers that are blown and need repair this off season. The new style has the LED display and I set it to controller 4. I fire up the hardware utility and it sees the controller set for unit 4 but says unknown???? Is my software too old to recognize the newer controller? My shows go live tomorrow so the thought of upgrading or swapping out the old software for new doesn't excite me. Not to mention its currently on a computer running Windows Vista (but not connected to the internet since it's EOL). Thoughts? Am I not setting this new style box up correctly?
  2. hbomb341 wrote: Just email the folks at LOR for the replacement fuse holders. Dan was kind enough to send me a few (thanks much Dan for being so responsive) so I was able to replace all the old ones. Can't tell from the picture which you have but the new holders seem much easier to deal with. Anyway, congrats on your quick fix work - the Show Must Go On!
  3. Thanks Dan - I sent an email to support and will wait for a response... till then, the ones I got from grainger seem to be working just fine and the show goes on
  4. Just wanted to follow up with this... These worked: http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/items/1CV90 The end needs to be bent at a 45 degree angle to match perfectly and only one side is flat instead of 2 which means they go in tight - but it works fine and otherwise seems a good fit. Upon replacing that one, I checked the other similar fuses from last year and noticed this years model looks more like the one above. The fuse holders I got on last years model have a small gray cap that goes in the black fuse tube, and you have to use a screwdriver to turn it in place. 3 out of the 4 fuses in the two controllers (old style) were stuck to the point where even after I took them out of the box, I couldn't get the fuse out. I know there is heat but these circuits are not overloaded - and I'm wondering if the glue LOR used on these fuses (noticed it around the zip tie and connectors some how got warm enough to stick the bottom of the fuse permanently in there. Anyway, I am replacing the old style with the newer. Easier to remove and they weren't that expensive. Sure would love if someone official from LOR would share what the make & model of the exact part is and who the supplier is.
  5. So, I'd have to put a fuse in both sides of the motherboard - and then the power switch on the front wouldn't work? I saw those there, but didn't even think about that. Obviously, I want to fix the problem right but a workaround is good to know about.
  6. -klb- wrote: That's what I thought. I just tried it - put it in line and it works for now. Of course, I won't plug anything into that side - and I am not even close to overloading the 5 channels on the other side. At least the shows are running. We were on the front page of the paper and then in again last night - so the crowds are big. Of course, something goes wrong So, now that I have a temporary soltion in place, where to buy a replacement?
  7. Hi Guys: Cords disconnected - power is off. No, I can't get the fuse out. What happened was last year we were having issues on that channel. I was overloading it. Blew the fuse, couldn't find a replacement so I used a non ceramic/glass fuse. When I went to try to pull it out tonite, the top part came out but the glass broke in the middle. Repeated attempts using many different methods to get it out didn't work. Essentially, the metal part of the bottom is in there, and isn't coming out. No doubt I overloaded things last year after putting the fuse in (but have got it straightened out) but my guess is the combination of the glass breaking and the heat, and the wrong type of fuse (non ceramic) got me to where I am - which is the whole fuse holder just needs to be replaced. It's the LOR1602W
  8. Hey All: Had a fuse go in one of the 15 amp / 250 v fuse holders and apparently last year, I replaced it with a non ceramic. Well, the fuse broke when I was taking it out - and the fuse holder is toast because the bottom of the fuse is stuck in there. Last time I make that mistake. Luckily I have a 16 channel controller that isn't doing much this year (has 5 items on it) so I stole the fuse holder from that and replaced the original. Now, I want to get the one I took one from up and working again but radio shack only had a 10a/250v fuse holder. On that controller, only 5 channels are used on the left and none on the right (where I stole the holder from). Is there any work around to get this controller working till I find a correct replacement? Since nothing is used on that side, do you think it would be ok to put the 10amp in, not connect that side to power and just complete the circut? Or will it not even power up if both sides aren't plugged in? I really don't want to mess anything up. Oh, and besides calling LOR, where can I find a replacement part for the Panel Mount Fuse Holder that is in the LOR Controllers? Have any of you run into this before?
  9. Bad-Magic wrote: Where did you get it from? The craft store Michael's.
  10. that was included with the snowman....
  11. Hey All: Just wanted to share my first years display with LOR. We have focused on wire frames in the past so our display is a little different than the typical stuff I think... and that being said - we bring you the same old song! Heh. http://www.yaglenski.com/display/2007/video/wizardsinwinter2007.wmv Yeah, I know it's Wizards in Winter Working on getting some other sequences up but I am just pleased as punch (whatever that means) things turned out so well with 32 channels. Thanks everyone!
  12. nmonkman wrote: Hey Neil: I can sympathise - they didn't make mic setup in vista easy. Took me a while too to figure it out. Just wondering if you are using a stereo mic? Thinking a mono mic in a stereo plug might produce that kind of sound. Did you have it working previously under XP or another device to make sure the mic is working correctly? John
  13. Though I have never used it, Audacity seems to be popular and free http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
  14. Looking forward to giving back - the folks at PC and here at LOR are fantastic. I've been reading for 2 years now and never fail to get a new idea or a question answered every time I visit!
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