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  1. Dont worry about it.You got me on the right path.I THINK it works now.I am really confused why it was doing that blending before.
  2. I went back and cleared everything and loaded an older back up of the same show.They seemed to work. My music sequence did play twice for some reason. If I have a music sequence that 1s 10:07 and I set it to play for 11:00 in show editor Will that cause the repeat of that sequence?
  3. I managed to get both (musical and animation) shows on schedule.And it actually started when I set it to.BUT now it seems like both are playing at once,lights are not doing the sequenced designs. I deleted all shows and schedules,restarted the computer and the LOR programs,ran the shows individually and they are running as planned.Redid the show and then the schedule.But the same issue happens.I even added extra time in between start times. I figure operator error somewhere.Not sure where.
  4. OK.I think I have it.I was not breaking the "show" down into segments with the schedule clock.Now except for BOTH playing for first 20 seconds it seems to work. I hope a little tweaking will fix that issue. Thank You for the help!
  5. I can get them to play separately but not together.
  6. Music is 10 minutes 7 seconds. Animation is 15 minutes. I schedule it at times/days to play.And show.But am not able to do more then 1 show.I cant choose the order(up/down) to play that people speak of. Gotta be what im missing.Not quite sure.
  7. Well.I get 1 or the other.Music or animation.Cant get both to play. Any ideas?
  8. Sorry.I guess my question is How do I mix a music and an animation sequence into 1 show? All these blinking lights have me confused.
  9. Well the music part played.But just the music part.Kept looping.I cant get both sequences (music/animation) on same page.
  10. Can I get the different types (music,animation ) into 1 list? I did manage to schedule a show.Have to test it.I let ya know.thanks.
  11. AHHA.Thanks Thats getting me closer. How would I mix the musical and animation shows into 1?
  12. When I open "recent" sequence it shows all of my shows.
  13. I have no sequences to ADD.According to LOR. Is there a way to add sequences to the list that I am missing?
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