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  1. Alright guys the problem was the second folder obviously. Deleted the extra folder and remapped. We are all good. Thanks guys for the help
  2. I'm in the process of checking file paths already. Did find that I have two Lightorama folders with sequences in two places. I delete one path and am trying to remap now. Hopefully that is the issue. I'll let ya know. Also running windows 10
  3. Already tried the reboot. Just tried deleting the software and reinstalling. Still no luck. The show editor is working fine on my desktop just having this issue with my laptop. I'm able to run my show still, just have to start every sequence manually. This is a little frustrating. Just hoping someone can help with a solution. Been doing shows for 5 years and never ran into this problem
  4. Having an issue getting my show to save on the show editor. I keep getting an error telling "there are no more files". I load all of my sequences in the musical section of the editor, click save as, type a show name and click ok then get this message. The problem is obviously not allowing me to create a show. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Chris
  5. Having an issue getting my show to save on the show editor. I keep getting an error telling "there are no more files". I load all of my sequences in the musical section of the editor, click save as, type a show name and click ok then get this message. The problem is obviously not allowing me to create a show. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Chris
  6. Hey guys, Have a quick question regarding the Unit ID for my new Pixie2D controller that came with my CCP's this year. I am having trouble making the Unit ID i am assigning via the HU to stick. It keeps reverting back to the original which is one. The problem kept happening but the fix was easy because I had not put my lights up yet, however I thought I resolved the problem, they are now up on the house and ran a test show last night....have two CCP strands with unit ID 1. Obviously this is the same ID as another controller in my set-up. Someone made a mention and I read in the manual that the DIP switches may have something to do with this. I checked and all of the tabs of the switches are in the position with the exception of 8. 1-7 are in the down position and 8 is up or it appears by the label ON. Is this my problem? I saw that there is a factory default setting. Does 8 need to be pushed down? Thanks Chris
  7. Hey Crimson, There are indeed 8 DIP switches. All are in the same position with the exception of number 8. Should they all line up? Is this the problem? I can send a pic if it helps
  8. Having an issue with my new Pixie2D ver3 controllers. I used the hardware utility to change the ID's on two controllers (changed to 7 and 9) and for some reason they keep going back to one whenever I have to unplug my HS485 connector from my computer. Using a desktop to sequence songss and move to laptop while running my actual show. Would love some input on as to why this keeps happening. Haven't run into it in the past and after the third time it's getting rather aggravating. Not a major deal with pixels not being on house yet but once I put them on my roof line it won't be so easy to change the IDs. Any help? thanks chris
  9. Ok..problem solved. It would appear that the problem was that my hardware utility was failing to change the unit ID. It would say it was good but when I went to sequence editor it would revert back to unit 1. After continuing to fiddle with it eventually stuck for the new controllers. Thanks for any help given guys Chris
  10. Yes I have updated sorry just updated profile to reflect this
  11. Hey guys, its been a few years since I have been able to run my show and I just received my new CCPs in the mail and have been attempting to add them to my existing show. I am having trouble getting the sequence editor to recognize them and have tried playing around with them long enough with no resolution. I currently have to two CTB16PCG2 V4 controllers (units 1 and 2), two CB100D V1 controllers (Units 3-4 and 5-6) and two Pixie2D V3 controllers. The two pixie2D's are the two new strands that I am attempting to incorporate. I have set both IDs via the hardware utility to 7-8 and 9-0A. I have connected all listed controllers together using cat5 and then connected to PC using a high speed USB485 connector. When using the HU I am able to control the bulbs and my tests are communicating with every bulb. When I try to add the devices in sequence editor and run a song I am only getting response from the first 6 or so bulbs on each strand. I am inserting a device in my current sequence and setting the Unit to each respective ID. The 6 bulbs tell me that I am getting some sort of communication but when I copy and paste the CB100D channels that I have had from previous years so the lights will mimic each other I am having the above problem. I have tried to play with the setup and am continuing to have the same problem. All controllers were configured to Com4. The only other thing I can add that may be an issue is that the LED located on the Pixie circuit boards are solid red while all other controllers are green. Also when I connect all of the controls and run the HU only 4 controllers are found. (both CB100, one CTB, and one Pixie). not sure if this is normal, but shouldn't it find all 6 refreshed while all are daisy chained together? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure there is a post regarding this topic somewhere however I couldn't find it so I am sorry in advance for the redundancy. Chris
  12. Hey guys had a question regarding an apparent blown fuse in my CTB16PC box. Blew a fuse during X-mas and upon opening the box to repair it noticed some major damage to the 1-8 hot input wire as well as two neutrals. Not sure what caused this because I've been running the same show and light setup for three years. I remember a good amount of rain that week which could have played a role but nonetheless it happened. Is it possible to just replace the wires that were fried or is this box toast. Any help would be appreciated on as to why or repair options if any. Thanks, Chris Here are a few pics
  13. Hey guys, I had a question regarding the above products. I had asked for a Cosmic Color Flood for Christmas and was given a High Power Flood from the confused shopper. I am not very familiar with either of the products but am interested in adding some LOR floods to my existing set-up. Does anyone have any advice on the major differences between the two. Which do you recommend I go with? What makes one a better choice over the other? Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Chris
  14. Thanks for the responses guys... How do I tell it to install as 32 bit?
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