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  1. Hello everyone, I purchased a CCB set this fall - one controller with 2 strings. I got them set-up, tested and programmed in my sequences without a hitch....everything was working great for my first 2 weeks of shows. A couple of nights ago on string #2 - bulbs 15-50 stopped working all together. String #1 works fine and bulbs 1-14 work fine on string #2...so I'm perplexed! There isn't any water in the controller, I double checked connections and sequences....and performed a reset but still a no-go on those particular bulbs.... I entered a help ticket yesterday which said they would pass off the the factory floor but I thought I would post out here and see if anyone had any suggestions?? These are pretty integral part of my display so I would like to get them working again quickly if possible....any ideas would be appreciated!
  2. Looks great! Awesome work!
  3. Wowie zowie....I'm mesmerized! It's like watching the fountains at Bellagio. Fantastic...thank you for sharing!
  4. Wow...just wow. That is amazing execution! I must keep telling myself..."patience young grasshopper patience." I have much to learn!
  5. I second the strobes in the big trees as a pretty cool idea! Your plan overall looks great though! Also thanks to TJ for snowflakes...those are really nifty...think I'll do a few of those this year!
  6. George Simmons wrote: Yes it was all worth it... for absolute certain! I have learned so much...rather amazing what all this "little" hobby can teach you I pretty sure I'm hooked for life!
  7. First night...wow! How cool! I didn't think it would get here...but wow! Thanks to everyone out on these forums for all your help and advice. I've spent tons of time reading out the posts and I tell ya if you need to know something or need a little nudge to keep moving, the folks out here are just great! A few cars have sat and watched and beeped their horn. I can hear kids giggling and everyone having a good time. Pretty cool! I feel like its Academy Award night... or something pretty awesome anyway! Thanks again!
  8. bft_vabeach

    Runnin' late!

    Oh yeah...I'm panicking!!! My first year too...haven't even been able to test controllers yet. Owwcheee waaawaaa! But woohoo....gonna have some fun!
  9. I shut everything down and started it over. The symbols are now inserting in upper left corner and I can drag and drop them in place. Whew..I'm sure it was me making a user error! All is well...thank you
  10. I just started inserting items into the visualizer. I will see if I start from scratch if they will work.
  11. Hi- my background is a picture of my house. I also worked thru the tutorial but just not seeing the symbols show up.
  12. Hi-I'm having some trouble...I'm new at this so I apologize as this maybe a very simple user error. I've been trying to insert mini trees into the Visualizer by using the insert fixture from symbol tool and picking one of the Xmasdings symbols. I can go thru the process of selecting and filling in all the info (color, unit, etc) and then it will show on list on right side of screen but it never shows up on the picture. I've done 3 and even tried saving a mini tree into a file and then insert but it still doesn't show up. Can anyone advise what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
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