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  1. Anyone know if you can edit out the start of the audio. I know you can edit the overall time frame and take off time from the end. I have music that no matter how many times I try I can not get the start of the music to begin in the first few seconds. I have over 10 seconds of dead air and want to delete that out from the beginning if possible. Using V3 and can not find an edit option to delete that timing out.
  2. is there some kind of setting for that. I never set anything that I know of to protection.
  3. i do not have the original pc as it crashed. the software is registered. had it for years now. just going to create a new sequence on the new pc and deal with it from there the best I can
  4. using V3 and have music for some reason has the first two seconds of my music have no sound. rest of it plays fine. tried to create a few new sequences and all have dead air in the start of it. seems to the an easy fix. just delete out the first two second but can not find out how to do this. I can shorten the sequence off the back end just can not find how to delete off the front. anyone have any idea?
  5. not in demo mode and guess I just need to deal with it. will just redo the sequence.
  6. Had to get a new computer. I transferred my files over but can not copy/paste a sequence. get an error that it has to be done on the original computer? What do you need to do to get this corrected?
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