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  1. I just purchased lights from Lowe's yesterday (9/22) as their Christmas decorations are on display. Also purchased lights from Costco about 2 weeks ago, but the selection is limited.
  2. It all seems to be working fine, the only problem was the software shutting down and having to restart it. After updating the firmware I checked the hardware and the latest version of the firmware was listed. After restarting it I was able to update the firmware six more times then it shut down and I just restarted it again. All the LOR Controllers are on one network from a single adapter. Six CCR's are on one network and another 6 CCR's are on a different network. The fourth network has a CCB. Each network is coming of a different USB port.
  3. I believe it indicated "LOR has stopped working and is shutting down" I have four dedicated COMM ports; one for each network and using CAT5 cables from LOR. I haven't had any problems running shows the past couple of years.
  4. Report Number: KY01 Module: Hardware Utility Software: 3.10.2 OS: Vista Description: Updated firmware for CCR, CCB and CTB16G3. Connected one device at a time and updated firmware via software. After 6 updates, LOR software was not responsive and automatically shut down. Restarted and software opened up fine. Repeatibility: Updated 6 CCR's then software shutdown. Restarted and updated another 6 CCR's and software shutdown. Restarted and updated 2 CCR's, 1 CCB and 3 Controllers and software shutdown. Restarted and updated 6 controllers and software shutdown. Updated 2 more controllers and was done with firmware updates. Problem occured consecutively four times. Hardware Used: CCR, CCB and CTB16G3
  5. Mahalo Don, appreciate you sharing your thoughts.
  6. Aloha, This year we are adding 2 CCR's; 1 CCB; and 1 CCF and I'm not quite sure about how we should setup the network. The existing setup has three (3) networks. The first network has 6 CCR's; the second has 6 CCR's and the third has 11 controllers. I believe the first and second networks are maxed out at 6 CCR's each. Based on the total number of channels each network can handle, I think the third network has enough capacity to accommodate the additional 2 CCR's; 1 CCB; and 1 CCF, however, I'm wondering if it makes more sense to setup a fourth network. Can anyone share their thoughts on the advantages/disadvantages of setting up a fourth network for the additional 2 CCR's; 1 CCB and 1 CCF? Mahalo Nui Loa
  7. Last year I setup a 12 CCR tree with 12" spacing at the bottom. Using zipties I strapped each CCR to a 1/2" EMT conduit. Since the conduit was only 10' in length I used two EMT's for each CCR. I combined the two 1/2" EMT conduits by inserting an 24" wooden dowel in between two equal lenghts of 1/2" EMT so there would not be any seams at the connection point and this helped stablize the long EMT pipe so it wouldn't sag at the seam. I used two set screws to attach each EMT to the dowel (have the set screws aligned so it does not impede strapping the CCR to the EMT later). I set the top of each CCR even with the first pixel and attached to a frame I built. The bottoms of the EMT's were attached to the rain gutter. Note the CCR's ended at different lengths due to the 12" spacing at the bottom, however, I ran each EMT at different lengths (longer than the CCR's) to reach the gutter. At the bottom, strapped the EMT's to a PVC pipe (via zipties) that ran inside the gutter on top of the spikes that hold the gutter to the house. Weight was fine on the gutter as the weight of the EMT pipes were distributed across a long length of the gutter at the bottom. I also had no problem with weather or wind and the setup was very very stable. Lessons learned - I would use a 36" dowel instead of a 24" dowel as the longer dowel would result in even less of a "sag" on the EMT joint. It wasn't noticeable, but I'm just anal about those things. Also, would use stainless steel set screws to attach the EMT to the dowels. Had no problems so using the same setup just replacing the set screws with stainless steel. The video shows the 12 CCRs using SuperstarLights sequence http://vimeo.com/33006812. You can see the bottom doesn't line up but it worked fine. Aloha.
  8. I used Pinnacle Studio 12 to create the video and overlayed the audio file and Youtube has flagged the video as copyrighted because of the overlayed audio file. Even though I've purchased the audio file I'm unable to post it to Youtube as an overlayed audio track on the video I created. Bummers.:{
  9. Aloha All, this is my first year and I ordered CTB16PC controllers on October 16 which was shipped November 9 scheduled to arrive November 16.
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