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  1. Has anyone sequenced “Christmas is All Around” from Love Actually (by Bill Nighy)? I don’t know why I never thought of adding it to our show before! Thanks! Charlie
  2. Manual settings are the key. Manual focus, manual exposure, custom white balance. Also, a tripod is a must.
  3. Might be obvious, but we're talking about one computer, right?
  4. SOLVED. Short answer: Parallels was presenting my audio interface (usb mobile-pre from Avid) through its own "Parallels Audio Device" layer. Disable that by enabling the audio interface as a usb device and install appropriate drivers from the manufacturer. Sync is dead on again. Long, tear-filled answer: Connected to Parallels support for 6 hours today. They ended up corrupting my virtual machine and wiping out 4 days of sequencing work (ultimately my fault for not backing up every day). Complete reinstall of WinXP SP3 in a new virtual machine, install drivers, LOR, etc... and voilà: see short answer, perfect sync. Hopefully this helps someone. Cheers, Charlie
  5. So the sequence plays fine from the sequence editor and controls the lights, but a scheduled show does not?
  6. The mac is 64bit, both Windows installs are 32bit Win XP Pro.
  7. I used to do exactly the same. After 7 years it gave out and I bought one of these: http://www.christmaslightshow.com/how-to-make-an-20-foot-outdoor-christmas-tree.html Cheers, Charlie
  8. Thanks, Tony & imacericg. Yep, I use wavs (although I posted an mp3 in my test above due to upload limits). My workaround now is when I open a file on the sequencing computer I select all, cut, and paste it .25s later. Then when I open it on the show computer I select all, cut, and paste it .25s earlier. Pain in the ass, but at least I'll have the show going on time next weekend. I would still love to hear any other ideas. Cheers!
  9. Get one 16 channel controller and go for it this year! It's a perfect way to start. One channel for your roof line, a bush, a tree, something in the yard... it will be awesome! Even if you only grab a few free 16 channel sequences and just run 3 or 4 songs you'll have a blast! Do it!
  10. Hi guys. I'm having a timing discrepancy you might be able to shed light on: http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/29246-visualizer-out-of-sync-on-new-computer/ Any input is greatly appreciated!
  11. Thanks for the reply, htebault! It's appreciated. Bob or Mike? You out there...? I'm not asking for a way to troubleshoot my Windows install; I think it's actually working quite well (although if there is a tweak that would be awesome). There just is a discrepancy between machines that seems easily fixed with a computer-specific offset of some sort. Cheers!
  12. I record it on a tripod then import the footage into Final Cut, replace all the audio with the source wavs, and save it out as an mp4 file.
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