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  1. my computer died and my backup files are from 2012.. 16 channel songs... does anyone have any sequences to share... I have my lights up and controllers connected.. and 3 kinda working sequences....
  2. looking for some Halloween sequences with at least two faces I can modify just running out of time looking for nightmare on my street hells bells monster mash dragula ring of fire
  3. messaged you... if anyone has some to share please do... hutchsgirl96@yahoo.com
  4. is anyone that got a copy willing to send it to me.. I don't think I have time to get one done from scratch this late the.hutchings@yahoo.com
  5. can I get a copy to pretty please!! the.hutchings@yahoo.com
  6. ok.. i did check out the hardware utitily.. And I never noticed that it assigned our controller 3- ctb16. we bought our controller used.. so they must have set it to #3 So after i renamed One since we only have one it went right to working.. thank you so much for your help..
  7. there functioning lol.. there going crazy doing there own lil show over and over.. so i assumed demo mode.. ive got every thing listed and labeled and sit there with my computer and nothing matches the sequences.. the music plays.. but.. movements are all the same every song.. ok.. i will try that.. thanks
  8. when i click on help.. it shows ive already registered i clicked on upgrade and hit cancel and register again..lol.. idk.. its pretty irritating that it wont work.. i tried to add chase in some of my seq. and chase is available.. but wont work for the H key or button and i went to all files and found my sequences in simple show builder but still on demo mode
  9. i have 5 16 channel squences i downloaded but when i open simple show builder they aren't there in 16 channel spot. i have to go to all files and select them.. but they never play my lor seems to be stuck on some demo mode.. just plays the same non musical sequence over and over.. my music from my sequences will play but none of channels are doing what they are suppose to.. help lol
  10. so are they available again.. i been watching the site forever it seems
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