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  1. I would take 310.00 for both.. and I will include the Cat5 cables and telephone line
  2. I bought 2 PC CTB16PC controllers this past Christmas.. I will be moving and not be able to do a Christmas set up this coming up year. Im looking to sell my controllers. Before I list them on ebay, I was gonna see if anyone local would be interrested in buying them. I live in North Western part of Alabama.. They are Gen3 controllers fully assmbled with 1 Cat5 connection damaged on each one (wich was no problem the work around).. Im looking to get 165.00 each for them. Lemme know if anyone is interested Attached files
  3. Got it back up... Thanks for the help yall
  4. medman2000 wrote: I have 1 cat5 on each controller not working.. So I still have 1 cat5 and the phone line in tact... So what ur saying is I can use phone line to connect the second controller? But Im guessing ill need some sort of adapter?
  5. My son was helping me connect my lights when he tripped over the cat5 cable that connects the 1st and 2nd controller... bending the in and out cat5 on both controllers!! Is ther a way I can use phone line or some other way I can still conect the 2 controllers???
  6. fxdwg wrote: Next the Mega Tree.. lololol..
  7. Just got my controller in yesterday evening.. After getting them put together i thought id run a test on one of my arches.. http://www.youtube.com/user/TheManik34?feature=mhee#p/u
  8. Mine is 10.5 feet 8 channels with 16 strands. Looks as if I have 32 strands doing the up and over (slice style I think its called) Mega. Used fence post as well.. even made a cstom topper for it.. ill attach a picture but it was taken before finished welding it and painting it.. but u'll get the idea Attached files
  9. ... Hope it stays up.. lol.. Seems pretty stable... Was pretty windy today and didnt budge a bit!! Attached files
  10. Guy wire mounts.... Attached files
  11. Just finished my Mega Tree this evening... Attached files
  12. Manik35

    Mega Tree Topper.

    rednosetbird wrote: True!! I guess I'll cap the top of the pipe
  13. Manik35

    Mega Tree Topper.

    Question is.. Should I just cap the top of the pipe and cut the fence rail to exact size or drill a hole in the side and weld a nut so I can put a screw in it so I can adjust it up and down?
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