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  1. Just turn the lights on and the word will get out! Words of caution: DON’T advertise unless you want traffic jams, angry neighbors, and more people than you can handle! When done right, LOR displays are really cool and attract a lot of people. Unfortunately, they can attract to many people and cause a lot of friction between you and your neighbors!
  2. Attached are the first pictures of my 2008 Christmas display. This years display consists of a little over 18000 lights and 80 channels of LOR magic! So far the display has been a real traffic stopper! This year we added arches, roof snowflakes and a third color to the display! To learn more about my display, visit us at http://www.billings.us.com Attached files
  3. I use 1 1/4 inch PVC pipe to anchor the sides of my arches. The pipe is about 8 inches above the ground and 18 inches into the ground. My 3/4 PVC arches slide perfectly into the 1 1/4 inch pipe sleeves.
  4. Whenever possible I prefer to shut down during the rain because of the possibility of voltage leakage. My worst fear is a child running through the yard and being electrocuted because I ran the show during the rain.
  5. Over the years, I've found that the more songs I put into the mix the longer people stay around. Normally this isn't a bad thing until you get a traffic jam infront of the house and people start blowing their horns. Most of my neighbors enjoy the display but they don't like the extra cars it brings! So I keep the shows short to keep the traffic moving along! I have 12 songs sequenced and only run 3- 4 songs at any given time. Each week I change out the songs so that repeat visitors can get a new show each week!
  6. That's the best story I've heard in a long time!
  7. First and foremost the answer to your question requires planning. How many lights, what type, etc. Different bulbs draw different wattages. Without a comprehensive plan of what you are doing there is no easy way to answer your question. The only way to properly answer your question is to create a site plan. Below is a link to a great excel spreadsheet that will help you determine your electrical needs. http://www.quartzhillchristmas.com/resources/Light+Controller+Calculator+Sept+2006+b1.xls
  8. After 8 years of running X10 displays, I finally retired the old controllers this year and set up my display using 3 LOR controllers. Wow...What a difference! Videos of the display can be viewed at http://www.billings.us.com/ Attached files
  9. Great job on the display and your website! I really enjoyed looking at both! Chris
  10. Try your local Lowes or Home Depot. I found a blank 18 x 24 coro sign in the section with the for sale buy owner signs at Lowes. It cost me $6.00 for the blank sign and $2.00 for a pack of multi color sharpie markers!
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