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  1. Count me in. I'll be there on Friday. Anyone looking to go out for diner?
  2. I was just in a sports store in Chicago. They were selling Stanley Cup merchandise for 75% off for the 2015 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Black Hawks. Let’s enjoy the Cup while we can. GO PENS!!!
  3. Some guys coming in from NC on Friday afternoon may be interested. Dave
  4. Ron, I have just placed an order for this package (http://www.diyledexp...af5573a446f4b83) with 6 P10 panels. Since it is a Pre-Sale I don't know if I will have it by the Tennessee Mini. If I do I will be sure to bring it along. Either way I will be asking for anyone's input at the MINI.
  5. Suggested Topic: P10 Matrix. Does anyone have one? Does anyone plan on making one? How to control and connect it? Programming?
  6. This year I have replaced the ican light strands wrapped around the inverted tomato cages with strings of pixels. I hope this stops the tripping of the GFICs.
  7. That's the problem. A bad mouse. Sorry for the inconvenience. Everything works well with a good mouse.
  8. Yes, this is the icon that I am talking about. Usually if I right-click this icon it shows all of the LOR programs but now it does nothing.
  9. I start everything from the LORTray icon on my desktop with the LOR dongle plugged in. The LORComm Listner window opens up and shows in the Task Manager. I click on the "Show Hidden Icons" on my tray. The LOR icon is red. If I hover over the LOR icon it says "Light-O-Rama: Scheduled Play is Off. If I right click on the icon nothing happens. I get no messages.
  10. After un-install/re-install I don't get the error message but The LOR icon in Tray will not open. I was able to start the sequence editor from C:/Program Files (x86)/Light-O-Rama.
  11. DA01 Error when starting LOR v4.0.4 from LORTray shortcut. O/S Windows 8.1 Toshiba Laptop. LORTray Error in Form_unload: (91) Object variable or With Block variable not set. Listener starts. Right click on LOR Icon in Tray does nothing. David Anderson big_dog_501@Hotmail.com
  12. Try this link. http://rapidtables.com/web/color/RGB_Color.htm
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