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  1. Thanks for the responses, well most of them . I have many other things I devote my time to where Christmas lights just won't leap frog for higher status- hence the "Mr. Chrsitmas" this year- and I live in a gated community where traffic is not constant- this is for my grands, neighbors and family that visit on the holidays. The "MC" is not terrible, just wanted more, better sounding sequences. If I decide to get deeper into the hobby, well, I will. Just not now. Thanks for the input, but I have no plans to have custom sequences made or spend mutiple hours editing other sequences- the out of the box, uneditable or free are enough for me.
  2. Thanks, that's something I didn't think of. I find myself looking at the Mr. Christmas thinking "Why is 'THAT' light coming on?" during certain sequences.
  3. Hello All, I went to the LOR site and saw the following setup "Simple Controller Configuration using Standalone Showtime Director" and realized this is what I want to do. I don't want to program- at least not right now. I love building stuff, so the trees, arches, etc are not my issue- I just don't want to program! I have resorted to the "Mr Christmas" system for this season and plan to move up to LOR next season... Question, is this the closest this to plug and play for LOR? Can I go pretty far with this set up by just purchasing or downloading free sequences?
  4. Please show photos! That's something I'm thinking about doing but have no idea how...
  5. bvinson

    PVC decorations

    I'm interested in doing some PVC decorations to go along w/ my Christmas display (2012), and I'm looking for plans that may be available for download to build things like: trains, presents, etc. Does anyone know of any resources for this? Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for the info- I'm trying to wait on that too. I've gotten the itch a few times as I'm buying other supplies to go ahead an do it... have also seen controllers for sale by other users. At least now I can tell if its a 'really' good deal if I see something floating around out here (based on older prices of course).
  7. JBullard wrote: did you forget a link? I sure did, Jim. Thanks. http://www.artograph.com/products/projector_tracer.htm If you have a Michael's or Hobby Lobby nearby they have monthly (or close to it) 40% off one item coupon- you usually have ot join their email or snail mail list to get it. Check their websites too, every now and then they have them as download/print coupons.
  8. bvinson

    'mega pole' help

    The Christmas Lightshow site JBullard sent me uses this method. I must admit I almost replied to your comment with "huh!? What do you mean by sleeve?" until I thought a little more about what I saw in the instructional vid. So is arch sequencing where I should look to get the info I need to make the lights go 'up-and-down' the pole?
  9. bvinson

    'mega pole' help

    JBullard wrote: That's what I was looking for. The instructional build vid was right on. Looks like I can buy everything I need at a big box supply store. Based on what you're saying I need to check out sequencing for arches to get these light towers to operate like my example vid above, right?
  10. bvinson

    'mega pole' help

    Stocking up on supplies and have decided to also do a 4th of July show next year. I saw a few set ups using poles like the ones here http://www.lightsofthenight.com/4th-of-july.html Are there any instructions around for building and sequencing them? I'm probably using the wrong description but I have done searches for 'pole', 'mega pole', etc... Thanks
  11. Might have answered my own question... I think the generic starter package from LOR is the answer. Please chime in though if I'm missing something.
  12. I'm a complete noob, but I know a good deal when I see one. Looking at purchasing two 1602Ws for $250 each. Don't know what else I need I know I need software, lights, extension cords I have a CPU I need to know if I need additional hardware- the rf box thing, etc? Thanks
  13. Maybe I will do a July 4th show... never really thought about it before. My show will be mostly 'character' driven I think, ala Belardo Lights style (not his same characters, but the simple mouth movements) Will add a photo of my yard with overlay of proposed set up later.
  14. Made my first investment today- purchased a PC and about 1,300 LEDs from big lots, they have boxes of 120 for $13.50! (still intimidated a bit by the whole LOR thing- I know I'll need lots more lights, just couldn't bring myself to go all in right then...) Took photos of my yard and will download demo software tonight. Question- since I'm not going live till Halloween '12, should I wait for a sale on the controllers? Do they have seasonal sales?
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