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  1. I usually start in October checking things out and getting everything working before taking stuff to the house/yard for setup. I then get all of the high house stuff done around the first of November while it is somewhat still warm out and then work on stuff on the weekends until I then take the week before Thanksgiving off of work and get everything else put up. But the weather plays havoc with me part of the time. I have worked in the rain and even 1 time took the snow blower and cleaned the yard off so I do the yard setup from an early snow.
  2. I used PayPal. I put the items in the cart and hit paypal for checkout and paypal put in all of the shipping info into the checkout page. I had to add my phone number to the form, but other than that it was pretty quick
  3. Got home from work to see an e-mail from LOR saying my order has shipped. WOW I am impressed with that kind of service. Thanks LOR Wayne
  4. Well I got up this morning and looked to see what was sold out of the mad grab sale. They still had the CMD 24D boards in stock. I was hoping they did not have any more. Just could not resist at the sale price. Ordered another board this morning. Added a note hoping they will combine the orders for shipping. Wayne
  5. In and out in just over a minute. 10 watt flood package and extra CMB 24D board and got the order confirmation. Wayne
  6. I would also like to say thanks to these guys for there work. I am one who is very grateful for the singing tree sequences. That has to be the one thing in my display that I get the most comments on and I owe a lot of that to Jr. for his talent with the tree programming. Once again a big thank you. Wayne
  7. I have 5 arches wrapped with led lights. I used 3/4" grey electrical pvc. They are 7 channels each. I ran my power cords first and tie wrapped them to the pvc. Then I made a spinner from an old door window motor and some copier sprockets and chain. Here are a 3-4 pictures of the arches being built about have way down the page. http://www.buscochristmas.com/How_it_works.html Wayne
  8. Orville I believe that most of my blow molds have now, have a plastic bottom in them with no holes in them. My nativity seen has big cut out holes in them and I am able to lay them on there side and stuff a couple of bricks /small pavers inside of them. I do remember many years ago I had some with big holes in the bottom and I cut rectangular pieces of paneling ( if I remember correctly ). I cut them rectanguler in shape and made the small side about 3/4" bigger than the hole and the long side 1 1/2" to 2" bigger than the hole. I then made (2) 3/8" deep notches across from each other, then slid the narrow side in to the opening and pushed it all the way in to the opening. Once it was inside, I centered it over the hole, then I drilled small pilot holes for sheet metal screws and then put several screws around the hole. If I remember correctly before inserting the plate, I put a screw in the center of the plate so I could hold it in place to drill and put the screws in. (take this screw out when done) I then took the light bulb out and filled 2-3 inch's with pea gravel and put the bulb back in.
  9. I also put gravel in the bottom of mine and also put pavers or brick in the ones with a big hole in the bottom. I also have a North Pole blow mold that has gravel in it and I tie off from the top to 2 stakes out about 2 foot to help keep it upright, it is about 4 foot tall.
  10. Thanks guys for the info. I had looked at a couple of these sites already. Looks like Val has the best price on these for individual strings. Wayne
  11. I have been checking out a few sites. Has anyone found a Pre-Sale good deal on the new strobing 5mm lights? If so who or where? Thanks Wayne
  12. Here are a few of my 2018 videos. More of my videos can be seen here: http://www.buscochristmas.com/Videos.html I would also like to thank the forum members that have shared sequences. Wayne
  13. Here goes my attempt to put a video on here. RBG floods and candy canes added for this year. More to come later when I get them done.
  14. BobO I agree, it is neat to see what everyone has done. I know with the few upgrades / changes I done this year, I sure had a lot of good feed back. So I was curious about what everyone else had done when I started this thread. Keep em coming! Wayne
  15. Yes, I run static display 45 minutes prior to the main show and 1 hour after the show and I have zara playing music and the time and temp and humidity every 5 or 6 songs during this static show.
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