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  1. I also have several strips fail with nodes out on them that were new last year. Wayne
  2. Since I changed 2 C7 bulbs out this afternoon, I wondered if they would work. I would get longer bulb life and maybe a little brighter. I thought it was doubtful but thought I would ask.
  3. Can anyone tell me on a LOR CTB-16D controller, will 1 channel control 1 C7 led bulb? I have several blow molds that use a C7 bulb in them and each one has it's own lor channel. I want to switch to led bulbs, but without ordering any, I don't have a way of knowing if they will work ok on this controller. The ones I am looking at say: Power Use: 0.58 Watts Can anyone confirm with this low of power use that they will work ok? Thanks Wayne
  4. Yaaa, Show is up and running. Even with all of my testing I see 2 floods that are not working. I guess tomorrow will be trouble shoot day. Hope everything is working for everyone if your starting up tonight or in the next few days. Wayne
  5. Thanks Guys I left lor poste create a new master folder and then went into the sequence folder it created and deleted everything in there and then moved all of my 2019 sequences into that folder. I also done the same with my audio folder. This worked pretty well as I do my sequencing on anther computer. Wayne
  6. The wind has subsided here in N.E. Indiana. I am showing 6 mph. Now I can put things back in the yard I took down Tuesday night and get ready for the show to run tonight. Wayne
  7. Every year I create a new folder with the current show sequences I want to use for the year. When I do the post.ex* to select the new folder I want lor to look at, It pulls in all of the older sequences and puts the current and last years sequences into the same folder. It also looks like it created a folder called sequences old and put all of last years sequences into that folder. How do I point to new folder without getting all of last years sequences also? Thanks Wayne
  8. Just looked at my Davis weather station, winds are 15-30 mph, I had a 48 mph gust about 11:00. So far everything still in place. The good thing for me is the wind is out of the West and my house is decorated on the East side. I live in the city, so I am sure it is probably stronger out in the county. Wayne
  9. How many of you are bracing for the high winds in the system moving thru the mid USA? We are suppose to get sustained 30-35 mph with gust to 60 mph tomorrow hear in Northeast Indiana and also 1 1/4" of rain tonight. I went out tonight and pulled some of my props back in and then went and got 40 foot of rebar and made a bunch of 3 foot to 4 foot stakes and staked down a bunch of the blow molds. Hopefully the stuff all stays put and I don't get any damage. Wayne
  10. I have been on vacation last week and I don't know why, but it just seems to be taking longer this year to get stuff done. But on the other hand I got everything put out and hooked up and ran network cables and powered up all 22 controllers about 5:00 this afternoon. Everything has a heart beat and is alive. I ran an all on sequence I have made to test everything and every thing looks ok at this point. I had a couple of blow molds that the bulbs came loose in between testing and setting up. I also noticed I forgot 2 hook 2 stars up and a run of strobe lights around my mini tree's. But I will work on these items in the morning and by tomorrow night I should be ready to go. Wayne
  11. James I feel for you. I spent the majority of yesterday hooking cords up on the house. Wayne
  12. Here in NE Indiana I got started last weekend with temps in the 40's Then the big chill hit and we got a couple of inches snow. Did not do much during the week. Got up yesterday and wanted to get all of my controllers put out. My yard looked a mess with leaves from the neighbors house. So, with some snow still in spots and wet leaves, I decided to mow the lawn with the mulching mower, ( neighbors probably thought I was crazy ) The lawn actually looked pretty good when I got done. All controllers out and working on house stuff today. Wayne
  13. I am down in the shop and was going to use the 9 volt battery and I happened to think I have a 12 volt trailer breakaway battery that would work well and is rechargeable. But I am showing a static voltage of 12 .9 volts on that battery. How finicky are the LOR 10 watt floods? Will the 12.9 volts hurt them? 1 of my cmd24 controllers shows 12.2 volts output. So, I am not sure if the 12.9 volts will hurt them or not. Thanks Wayne
  14. jfuller8400 Thanks for sharing this. I actually was going to build something like this in the next few days. Not testing so much, but for checking what cord is going to what led. I done all of my roof stuff a week ago and simply dropped all of my cables down to the ground and since I was in a hurry because of the weather coming in, I did not label my cords. I was going to use a wall wart for power. Now I will try the 9 volt battery for the power source. Does anyone know if the 9 volt battery will power up all 3 rgb leds in the lor 10 watt floods? My original plan was to use a 12 volt wall wart and power all 3 leds at the same time to chase down what cable went to what flood. Now I am rethinking and like the battery idea. Once again thanks for sharing. Wayne
  15. I did get most of my high up stuff on the house Saturday and Sunday before the cold got here in N.E Indiana. But I am on vacation next week and the weather looks dry and in the 40's, so should be a good week to get stuff done.
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