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  1. Wayne K

    Show Computer Dead

    New one for me. Don't which happened first power supply went bad and took the hard drive with it or the hard drive went bad and took out the power supply. New drive and new power supply and we are re loading windows right now. errr!! Good thing is I have multiple backups for my data lost. Wayne
  2. Wayne K

    Show Computer Dead

    Decided to start my show computer up tonight. It is DOA!!! I have been sequencing on my normal computer and decided tonight to get the show computer up and running. I leave it power up all the time but switched off and every thing unhooked from it. Tonight I get the Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and sound stuff hooked up and turn on the power switch and nothing. Pulled the cover off and nada, no lights, no nothing. So I am speculating that the power supply died. I will make a run to town tomorrow to one of the computer shops and see if I can get a ps. I thought I was pretty well ahead getting the display up, So at this time just a small inconvenience if it is just the ps. But if it is the MB that will take a little longer. Its just time. Good thing I am on vacation this week and next. Wayne
  3. Wayne K

    Dumb RGB Flood Extension Cords

    I was gong to splice mine also. Then George replied to a post I made about the cables telling me that cables from DIY express would work with the lor floods. So I have ordered a bunch of them and they work with the lor floods. They have 2.5 foot, 5 foot, 10 footers, http://www.diyledexpress.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=37_38 . I Use lor for the longer ones and DYI for shorter ones so I don't have a bunch of extra cable coiled up. DYI express only have green and white colors
  4. Wayne K

    started setting up this weekend

    I started last weekend as well, got a lot of the house stuff done. Worked last 3 nights getting all the controllers put up and power cords run to them. Will get all the house stuff hooked to controllers tonight after work and then the snow rolls in tonight. 1 " or so on the grassy areas is the forcast for tonight. This is shaping up to be one of the coldest setups I can remember. I am on vacation for the next 2 weeks to finish things up. Highs next week in the low to mid 30's brrrrr. Wayne
  5. Wayne K

    RGB Floodlight Hack

    8400 Could you post an ebay link for those floods? I am 4 short for what I want to do this year and trying to decide to do a hack after watching your video or order 4 from LOR. Thanks Wayne
  6. Wayne K

    USB485B Adapter

    JR Thanks for the info I have some gen 1 and gen 2 controllers, So, I have set my speed to the 57.6K
  7. Wayne K

    USB485B Adapter

    JR Not sure by what you mean to set comm port correctly. Right now I have been trying stuff on my garage computer as I don't have mt show computer running right now. I have added 2 networks and used aux a on com port 1 and aux b on comm port 2. They are working with default settings, What should I change in the settings? Also I have converted 1 of my sequences over to the 2 network setup. So if I export the channel config and import it into my other sequences, will it change all of the network stuff to aux a and aux b that I setup in the original sequence ? Thanks Wayne
  8. Wayne K

    Trans Siberian Orchestra 2018 Tour Dates

    Got my tickets ordered tonight. Presale tickets on sale today and go off at 10:00 pm tonight. Wayne
  9. Wayne K

    adding CMB24

    Thanks Dibblejr! I just got it and came back here and you had posted. As I stated above I was trying to go thru the channel configuration window to add this and on a 3rd google search I found it as you mentioned above. Thanks Wayne
  10. Wayne K

    adding CMB24

    Ok, I have done this before as I have 3 of the CMB24's in my system right now. I am drawing a complete blank on how to add this new controller to my system. I went into channel configuration and tried to add a lor controller with 24 channels, but there is no option for 24 channels. So I am drawing a blank as to what I select in here to add a CMB24. Can anyone point me in the right direction? That is the trouble I have when I only work with this a couple of months out of the year. Thanks Wayne
  11. Wayne K

    USB485B Adapter

    Ok, here is my first question. I started to look at the networks. I will be running 2 networks now. So do I leave one side on the regular network and then add aux A for the second network? Or do I do away with regular network and then have an aux A and aux B network or does it not make any difference as long as they are different? Thanks Wayne
  12. Wayne K


    Wow! LOR shipped me (1) cmd-24 board (3) usb red adapters (4 ) RJ-45 Waterproof dangles. 25.70 for shipping Wayne
  13. Wayne K

    USB485B Adapter

    Thanks Wayne
  14. Wayne K

    USB485B Adapter

    Thanks for the info guys. I went ahead and ordered 3 red adapters and will create another network. Wayne
  15. Wayne K

    USB485B Adapter

    Thanks for the info Don So is the USB485B still a good adapter? I was thinking since I am up to 18 controllers that I might want to look at a different adapter and since the summer sale is on I decided to ask a few questions. I need to maintain 2 circuits or outputs as described above so I don't have cords going over my sidewalk. Can you run 2 single adapters in a setup as I have described? Thanks for any additional info Wayne