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  1. That is a hard question to answer. I have always fed a sub panel with the same amperage rating. If I put in a 100 amp panel I fed it with a 100 amp breaker. The unknown for you is your total amperage load. Back in my mini bulb days I set a 100 amp panel with 8 20 amp breakers and fed it with a 100 amp breaker and was pulling about 72 amps on each phase with everything on static. As stated above, I have also converted to led's and still use the 8 circuits because they are spaced around the house. I have 17 AC controllers and 5 CMD 24 controllers and the last I checked I think I was around 16 17 amps on each phase in the panel. I have also done the power cord bypass to 1 power cord. The bad part is without knowing your amperage, if you are mounting the panel on the other side of the house it could get very expensive if you have to run 2/0 or 3/0 cable (Depending on the amperage you need) to feed that new panel. I think breaker panels jump 100 ,125, 150, 200 amps for residential. Just my thoughts and throwing it out there, it might be cheaper to go all led lights if you are still using the mini's and get a few circuits out of you old panel. Wayne
  2. Thanks Phil I maybe able to find a small mixer at work. Wayne
  3. Has anyone used a microphone direct on a EDM TX LCD EP transmitter? I have group that has called me and wanted to use my Christmas transmitter for a veteran's program at the court house. They wanted to keep people from getting out and getting close to each other and have them stay in their vehicles with the covid 19 stuff. I have searched and cannot find any info on using a mic on this. I suspect that the impedance would be off. I don't want to gamble trying to wire some type of jumper and melt down my $240.00 transmitter. If anyone has any experience with this could you let me know? Thanks Wayne
  4. I don't know about the pixels, But I like the strobes. I use 3 different style of strobe lights. I do like the effect strobes add to my display The Xenon strobe are all around the yard and highlight different sections of my display related certain parts of some of my songs playing. Also on the roof lines and in the mega tree. There are 400 mini strobes in my mega tree and 50 on each of my 16 mini trees. I ordered 600 more mini strobe a few weeks ago to do the rest of my mini trees. Then I have 27 RGB floods setup as strobe lights facing the road in front of my house. These have given me the best effect overall from the street view. I use these for other things in my show also Total Xenon Strobe lights : 153 153 Total Led mini strobes 800 Total RGB Floods 27 You can see them in my video's: http://www.buscochristmas.com/Videos.html Wayne
  5. Wayne K


    One thing I found was called a cord protector. don't know about all of you, but I had a lot of cord junctions in my display and over the years I have tried a lot of things to stop gfi's from tripping. But here is one thing that I think made a big difference this year. I deployed about 18 of these in my cord junctions in the yard. https://www.menards.com/main/electrical/electrical-cords-cord-management/extension-cords/twist-and-seal-cord-protect-outdoor-extension-cord-protection-green/tscp-g-bl/p-1526970610173-c-6410.htm I put these on all my cords that had plugs close to the ground. There are different 2 sizes of the big ones. I used the bigger ones and was able to make 2 zip cord plug junctions in one protector. Here is the mini version https://www.menards.com/main/electrical/electrical-cords-cord-management/extension-cords/twist-and-seal-mini-holiday-light-cord-protection-green/tsm-g-bl/p-1526970610029-c-6410.htm Wayne
  6. Tonight is my last night. I will start tearing down tomorrow since I have the day off. Then continue to work on it after I get off work Thursday and Friday and into the weekend, like a few others have said weather permitting. Last week looking at the extended forecast, I thought I would have a good few days after Jan 1, but looks like rain and snow a couple of days are in the forecast now. Wayne
  7. I also have several strips fail with nodes out on them that were new last year. Wayne
  8. Since I changed 2 C7 bulbs out this afternoon, I wondered if they would work. I would get longer bulb life and maybe a little brighter. I thought it was doubtful but thought I would ask.
  9. Can anyone tell me on a LOR CTB-16D controller, will 1 channel control 1 C7 led bulb? I have several blow molds that use a C7 bulb in them and each one has it's own lor channel. I want to switch to led bulbs, but without ordering any, I don't have a way of knowing if they will work ok on this controller. The ones I am looking at say: Power Use: 0.58 Watts Can anyone confirm with this low of power use that they will work ok? Thanks Wayne
  10. Yaaa, Show is up and running. Even with all of my testing I see 2 floods that are not working. I guess tomorrow will be trouble shoot day. Hope everything is working for everyone if your starting up tonight or in the next few days. Wayne
  11. Thanks Guys I left lor poste create a new master folder and then went into the sequence folder it created and deleted everything in there and then moved all of my 2019 sequences into that folder. I also done the same with my audio folder. This worked pretty well as I do my sequencing on anther computer. Wayne
  12. The wind has subsided here in N.E. Indiana. I am showing 6 mph. Now I can put things back in the yard I took down Tuesday night and get ready for the show to run tonight. Wayne
  13. Every year I create a new folder with the current show sequences I want to use for the year. When I do the post.ex* to select the new folder I want lor to look at, It pulls in all of the older sequences and puts the current and last years sequences into the same folder. It also looks like it created a folder called sequences old and put all of last years sequences into that folder. How do I point to new folder without getting all of last years sequences also? Thanks Wayne
  14. Just looked at my Davis weather station, winds are 15-30 mph, I had a 48 mph gust about 11:00. So far everything still in place. The good thing for me is the wind is out of the West and my house is decorated on the East side. I live in the city, so I am sure it is probably stronger out in the county. Wayne
  15. How many of you are bracing for the high winds in the system moving thru the mid USA? We are suppose to get sustained 30-35 mph with gust to 60 mph tomorrow hear in Northeast Indiana and also 1 1/4" of rain tonight. I went out tonight and pulled some of my props back in and then went and got 40 foot of rebar and made a bunch of 3 foot to 4 foot stakes and staked down a bunch of the blow molds. Hopefully the stuff all stays put and I don't get any damage. Wayne
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