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  1. Wayne K

    When Do You Start Decorating?

    I start testing all of my stuff around end of October / first of November and get the high stuff up and take a week and a half vacation before thanksgiving to get the rest of the things up, with the first show being thanksgiving night. Over the years the weather has played havic a few times with that plan
  2. Wayne K

    2018 Spring Sale

    I was in and out in about the first 2- 2 1/2 minutes and spent $450.00. Now the sad part is that I now have to work over 500 times that to pay for it. But all is well my package arrived yesterday and all looked fine. Wayne
  3. Wayne K

    summer sale question

    I can't remember, does the accessories go on sale in the summer sale like the power cords and usb to 485 adapters? I am trying to decide if I want to add these to my order tonight to save on shipping or wait and hope they are on sale later. Wayne
  4. Wayne K

    Round power cable

    George Thanks for that info. I posted back in November asking about pigtails and connectors that would connect with the lor connectors and no one confirmed any that they would inter change. I bought a bunch of different connectors with the presales that went on. Now I am going to have to rethink what I was going to do with my cabling. Thanks Wayne
  5. Wayne K

    Round power cable

    George So these from DIY will interchange and work with the lor flood lights? Not sure what you meant by same size. If you meant same physical size or they actually interchange with lor flood connectors. Thanks Wayne
  6. Wayne K

    Round power cable

    Thanks for the info everyone. I forgot to check the notify for replies and just seen all the replies posted. I will check these out. Thanks Wayne
  7. Wayne K

    Round power cable

    Is anyone using the round 18 gauge 4 conductor power cord similar to what H/C has in the 3 conductor. H/C does not have the 4 conductor round and I have done some searching and have found a couple of possibility's. But thought I would ask here to see if anyone has used any and where you got it from. I am wanting to make long cords for my lor floods. Thanks Wayne
  8. Wayne K

    Bullet pixels in candy canes

    Thanks for the info everyone. I had an order for the HC presale for other things, so last night I added 2 dumb pixel strips to my order to play with and see how they would work. Wayne
  9. Wayne K

    Bullet pixels in candy canes

    Thanks for the info everyone. I went up to the attic and dug out my candy canes and they are the white with red striping also. George, I should have said bullet nodes. Did you loop the wire from the other end back thru the tube or on the outside of the tube? Thanks Wayne
  10. Has anyone taken the icans of of the walmart candy canes and put bullet pixels in them? I hate to use valuable lor channels for a spinner and was thinking about doing the canes with the pixels. If anyone has done this, did they look ok? Or is it a waste of time to do it that way? Thanks for any info. Wayne
  11. Wayne K

    Got all of my stuff down

    A week ago we were 15 below zero and today we set a new record in Fort Wayne Indiana, 59 degrees. Took yesterday and today off work to take advantage of the warm weather to get all of the decorations down. Worked in my short sleeve shirt this afternoon. Now we are supposed to get rain later tonight with freezing rain towards morning and 1"-3" of snow tomorrow. Glad I got stuff down now. Wayne
  12. Wayne K

    Shorten 5mm LED light strings?

    Yes it is! I have done that with some of my yard prop's that I converted over to led's and I also made custom lengths of icilce lights for my eves. You basically start over with a string set. You will need to make a rectifer and then figure out what resistance you will need for the correct current for the new led string you make or modify. This is the article I basically followed and about the 4th post down is a string builder pdf file: http://doityourselfchristmas.com/forums/showthread.php?24777-Cutting-LED-Light-Strands Hope this helps Wayne
  13. Wayne K

    TSO 2017 tour dates are out

    Just got home from the TSO show here in Fort Wayne IN. Thought the tickets were a little expensive at first, but after watching the show, Glad I went to see them. Very impressive show I thought. Wish I had a couple of the lasers they use. I also liked the live gas flames in a few of there song's. I could feel the heat from them. Wayne
  14. Wayne K

    Track timming

    Don Yes I know that timing grids have nothing to do with the channel configuration file. What is the proper way to insert a .05 grid on a cell that is 3 minutes long from the start to the end after I import my configuration and now have an empty channels on that track? If I select the free form grid I get different cell sizes, if I select fixed grid I cant change any of the timing lines. So what I have done on a couple of songs is right click and selected insert multiple timings and started at 0 and put in a number of around 4500 to start with and looked at my grid to see if it is uniform, if it is not I undo that and try a higher or lower number to get what looks like an even grid and check it for size by hoovering above the grid at different places to get the channel pop up that tells you the timing and size. Thanks Wayne