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  1. Pixel spacing on a matrix

    WOW I had not took the time to figure up the count. The vendor told me that a 4' X 8' took 1200 nodes!!! With that info, I sure thought that 900 would do a 3' x 5' board. Thanks for that info Wayne
  2. Pixel spacing on a matrix

    I have 900 nodes I had purchased last year. I have not figured up yet what a 3' X 5' will take with 3/4" spacing. As I stated in my first post, I am only 30 feet away from the street and that is why I was going to use the 3/4" spacing, I was hoping that would make a better quality matrix. Thanks Wayne
  3. Pixel spacing on a matrix

    Guys I am new to this matrix board thing, from your comments above, are you saying this with 3/4" spacing will be very limited? Or what did you guys mean buy this? I have the pixels, but have not ordered the board yet. So by your responses, now trying to decide what to do. Wayne
  4. Pixel spacing on a matrix

    Thanks for the info. I think I am going to try this. Wayne
  5. Looking to build a matrix with bullet pixels. I am only about 25 feet off of the road in front of my house as I live in town. Would 3/4" pixel spacing look good at that distance on about a 3 foot high by 5 foot wide panel? Thanks Wayne
  6. Cannot make the pixels work

    Thanks guys for trying to help me !!! Problem solved!!!!!! Since I only had 4 strings of pixels hooked up on the controller and was just trying to do testing, I was giving all of my prop's the same channels. Since I had 3 props on the time line PE would not let the pixels work. I split the 4 ports into 2 groups of 2 ports and assigned 2 ports to 1 prop and the other 2 ports to the other prop and it seems to work now. I got to thinking that a few years ago, I double assigned a channel in SE and had similar problems. Wayne
  7. Cannot make the pixels work

    Theducks I hope you get it working, At this point I am of no help to you. Thanks for your suggestions on my problem!
  8. Cannot make the pixels work

    Yes I have checked and unchecked that trying to reset whatever.
  9. Cannot make the pixels work

    Thanks for the reply, I have done all that in the hardware utility. All of my pixels work fine from the hardware utility. I can scan the devices and find my device and test the pixels from there on the 4 ports I have hooked up. I can also use the pixel test and turn any or all of them on. It seems to me to be a problem in the pixel editor somewhere.
  10. Cannot make the pixels work

    I am new to pixel editor. I have a pixie 8 hooked up on a table with only ports 1, 2, 3, 4 with led's on them. In the preview list I created a group called props, Then in the preview design I then have created 3 props under the prop menu. The props are just for testing at this time. under the prop definition window, I have selected RGB Pixels in the left side, in the middle I have played with and tried strings and nodes and the order in the middle window. In the left pane I have selected LOR, I have tried unchecking and checking the boxes. I have put in my unit #s ( I have double checked my channel config with the pixel test in the hardware utility and they match ) I also have a steady red light on the pixie board. I have Imported a test sequence from SE and it shows the timing grid and the cells. So then I have 3 props showing on the left side of the time line. I have turned on the cells I want to control and they turn white in the time line. Now I hit the play button and my preview window shows the effect as if it was playing on the controller. But I cannot for the life of me make the controller work and blinky blinky the pixels. I also have the control lights box checked. I do have a steady on red led on the pixie 8 board Anyone got any idea what I am missing here? Thnaks Wayne
  11. What to do with bullet pixels

    Disney Matt Thanks for the reply. I also like this idea. But I have 5 metal frame wreaths with a big bow on them that I rebuilt 2 years ago with led rope lights that cover my upper level attic windows. I am not quite ready to do away with them yet. Thanks Wayne
  12. What to do with bullet pixels

    Thanks for the info everyone. Default, You have got me thinking, what do you think 1/2 of your spinner would look like with the center hole down on a porch floor that is about 2 foot off the ground? The 3 X 6 half would come very close to fitting in between my porch poles and being about the same height as my railing. So it would be almost like a different style Marty fan. Plasmadrive, Very simple piece ( which I need simplistic to get things working for my first time with pixels ) What do you do with these in your display? Do you stack them or just have them hanging or do you tie them together to form a design? Thanks guys Wayne
  13. Looking for some ideas on what to do with bullet pixels. I bought about 800 pixels last year and was going to make a matrix. But I am not sure I am going to do that. So with that said, what would you built with these type of pixels. I was thinking about some fire sticks, but not sure if this type of pixel will work for that. See below for the pixels I bought. This will be my first time playing with pixels. Thanks for any idea's Wayne Well no picture came thru. they are Holiday Coro Smart / Pixel RGB LED Node 8mm/12mm / 12v / 2811 / 50 Node String / 3" Spacing
  14. Thanks dibblejr that is what I have done to get them on here. Here are pictures of my porch poles. They are only about 5-6 inches in diameter. I am not sure the pixnode net would give me the effect that I like with the rope light.
  15. I have been trying to attach a picture with no luck. Can anyone tell me what the picture size limit is and what format to paste a pic in this forum is? Thanks wayne