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  1. Shorten 5mm LED light strings?

    Yes it is! I have done that with some of my yard prop's that I converted over to led's and I also made custom lengths of icilce lights for my eves. You basically start over with a string set. You will need to make a rectifer and then figure out what resistance you will need for the correct current for the new led string you make or modify. This is the article I basically followed and about the 4th post down is a string builder pdf file: http://doityourselfchristmas.com/forums/showthread.php?24777-Cutting-LED-Light-Strands Hope this helps Wayne
  2. TSO 2017 tour dates are out

    Just got home from the TSO show here in Fort Wayne IN. Thought the tickets were a little expensive at first, but after watching the show, Glad I went to see them. Very impressive show I thought. Wish I had a couple of the lasers they use. I also liked the live gas flames in a few of there song's. I could feel the heat from them. Wayne
  3. Track timming

    Don Yes I know that timing grids have nothing to do with the channel configuration file. What is the proper way to insert a .05 grid on a cell that is 3 minutes long from the start to the end after I import my configuration and now have an empty channels on that track? If I select the free form grid I get different cell sizes, if I select fixed grid I cant change any of the timing lines. So what I have done on a couple of songs is right click and selected insert multiple timings and started at 0 and put in a number of around 4500 to start with and looked at my grid to see if it is uniform, if it is not I undo that and try a higher or lower number to get what looks like an even grid and check it for size by hoovering above the grid at different places to get the channel pop up that tells you the timing and size. Thanks Wayne
  4. Track timming

    I am updating my sequences. I am adding 2 tracks to my sequences. So my master sequence I have setup the way I want them displayed. So I have saved the file and then updated my template file. When I open another sequence to add these tracks, What is the best way to do this? if I do a straight import it creates the 2 new tracks with no timing grid on them and then I struggle to get a timing grid layed out. If I create the 2 tracks before importing then it gives me the option for each track as I add it, to do the timing grid. I am using a .05 grid and the only way I seem to be able to get that is to use the other timing and type .05 in the box. This then becomes a fixed timing that I can not adjust. Am I doing this right with either of these 2 ways or is there a different way to do this? Thanks Wayne
  5. 10 watt RGB floods controller pigtail

    Thanks for the info, but for me that would be a waste as I don't have a need for the other end. Does anyone know if this plug from holiday coro will fit the 10 watt rgb : http://www.holidaycoro.com/product-p/736-m.htm Thanks Wayne
  6. Does anyone know where you can get extra 4 wire pigtails that come with the 10 watt rgb flood lights? I am wanting to put a backup controller together in an enclosure, but cant find any pig tails on the lor store site. Does anyone know if they are available from lor or if there is another vendor that you can get them from? Thanks Wayne
  7. Merry Christmas Sign

    Not sure what you are looking for, But my old sign quit working and I bought one of these from menards this year : https://www.menards.com/main/home-decor/christmas/outdoor-christmas-decor/enchanted-forest-reg-40-led-merry-christmas-holiday-message-wreath/p-1457357883220-c-12293.htm?tid=-2540402751703589937&ipos=5 Wayne
  8. Anyone got a singing tree sequence for toy shack. I thought I had seen one a while back, but after searching and looking in this thread I did not see any body with it. Thanks in advance if anyone has a copy Wayne
  9. "Lights On" in two weeks!!!

    Did final testing last night, all looked good at first then, I noticed controller 10 things did not look right had 4 channels that would not come on, but yet with hardware utility all would come on, but not individually on the corresponding channel. ( what the **** ) I thought now this controller just came back from lor for not showing up properly in H/W. So pulled the cover off and reset controller, same thing. So I turned on an unused channel and one section of light came on. So I did another unused channel and another section came on. So I pulled the controller this morning and took into the nice warm shop and got the meter out and done some testing. When I put the pigtails back on the controller, I had put cord 9 on 16 and cord 15 on 10 and cord 8 on 14 and so on. Works great now after a little rewire job this morning. All is a go for tonight as planned. Wayne
  10. Could not delete post, Got problem figured out. Had 4 pigtail cords miss labeled from controller. Thanks Wayne
  11. Who has a firm publicized start date Poll

    I used to do the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but several years ago I switched to Thanksgiving night since most people have these 4 days off and Thanksgiving day to me starts the Christmas season.
  12. Zara Radio temperature announcement

    Joel Thanks for the file. I struggled with getting it to work a little. There was a couple of symbols in the key area that I did not get deleted. It looks like it will work at this time. Thanks again Wayne
  13. Since weather watcher pulled the plug a couple of years ago, is there anyone who has come up with anything else to use? I done quite a bit of google searching today and found some old post with a couple of .bat files that people tried to make work. I tried to follow a couple of them but got no where. I know there are a lot of people still using Zara radio and thought I would ask. I use the Zara radio before and after my show and use the time stamp and would like to get the weather back working. Thanks Wayne
  14. "Lights On" in two weeks!!!

    I got yesterday in. Got most of the high roof stuff done. Today was misty rainy and even some snow fluries. Good thing is that I am on vacation for next 2 weeks to get things done. Weather forecast is rain Wednesday and Friday and Saturday. Then turning off cold next week. But I guess we will get it done.