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  1. I’d also love a copy if possible. pizza30@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. Okay, I figured it out. I perused another subforum and figured how to set it up with advice from Don. I guess I wasn't supposed to set it up as a Cosmic Color device and only needed to set up two RGB channels and 4 regular channels for strobing.
  3. Okay, while "control lights" was unchecked my first time around, the CCF still doesn't light up with it checked the second time around. So what I did was I created an instant sequence for 1 CCR in Superstar then exported it to the LOR sequence editor. While it was programmed for all 50 channels, I figured it would still work for the 10 I needed. I played the sequence and the CCF lit up! ...but not the way it was programmed in Superstar...It seems to just light up randomly. And when I tried setting all grid boxes to "On", it would still not light up. Thank you for your help, Jim, but it looks like I still need another push to get this thing going.
  4. So I just received my CCF yesterday and started playing with it today. I didn't win the Try For Free promotion, but maybe next year... Anyway, I got it to detect in the hardware utility and it looks fine. However, when I hook it up and try testing it in the Sequence Editor, it doesn't light up? Am I missing something? I haven't touched LOR since last year so I may be rusty, but I remember I could design and test as I went. Am I doing something wrong? Should I just RTFM? I set the Unit ID to 04, I added a Cosmic Color Device with the Unit ID as 04 and made sure it was a 10 channel device with two strands (for both CCF heads). I just made a simple animation that just turns it on and I don't see anything light up.
  5. Start by watching that tutorial. It's 5 separate videos. The process is pretty much the same for S3. I did it a little differently. I looked at this video: Then went back to the LOR sequencer and fixed up the timings. I'm not sure if that method is any easier or better, but it helped me out.
  6. Damn. I'm jealous. That's just magnificent work.
  7. Yeah, if this is brand new to you then try starting out with CCRs and then download or buy some sequences.
  8. Do you want to be able to control each pixel or you just like the way they look? You can find the Dream Color RGB lights that look similar to CCRs. With some hackery, you can get them to function the same way as CCRs too.
  9. Okay, I used the hardware utility and at first it didn't work. I unplugged the device and put it in the other USB port and things worked out. I'll just run the show in Parallels for next year. patrickj's suggestion was indeed the right troubleshooting tip!
  10. I set up my display for a Holiday program at my school. School is out of session so I took it down.
  11. Wave form and VU Wizard work perfectly fine. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate in Parallels Bootcamp. I should run the hardware utility to check if that works, but I keep forgetting. I've taken down my display for the year so I'll have to test it later.
  12. I made a 1 minute animation sequence with subtle fades and looped it 9999 times.
  13. Don't overwhelm yourself for your first year. You're doing the right thing by starting early, but I would recommend starting out simple with a standard 16 channel display. Start out by taking a picture of your house and play with the LOR Visualizer to see how your house could potentially look. I think I took a shortcut by doing an instant sequence in the Superstar program and then exporting to the LOR Sequencer later for fine-tuning.
  14. Looking back at what I've done starting out as a newbie, there are some things I wish I had done instead. 1. Saving money by getting a Residential Light Controller. I could have saved quite a bit of money there which could have gone towards more lights! 2. Getting half-wave LEDs. Some people tell me that they get headaches looking at half-wave. 3. Programming songs in advance before set-up of lights. I always thought I had to see it set up and in action before I could program it. Now I don't have enough time to do it exceptionally well this year. 4. Getting the correct sized extension cords. It's just a wiry mess back there. I don't even want to look at it. And I don't even know where to begin to clean it up. 5. Lending people extension cords. I wasn't using them before my setup and now I'm short on cords since people never returned them back. 6. Starting slow. I bought two CCRs a couple weeks ago, but I didn't have enough time to learn how to use it completely. You look at all these wonderful displays that inspire you, but your wallet tells you that you can't do it just yet.
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