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    camping , 4 wheeling, spending money, fishing, working, drinking whiskey in the garage and lots of other things that i can't think about right now
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    saw it on the net 'bout 3 years ago..just got to be able to afford it so starting now
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  1. "Lights On" in two weeks!!!

    I also go lights on on Thanksgiving!! So far everything is set up and working as of now... We will see!!!
  2. Xmas tree fail...

    Seems it won't let me post pictures, sorry
  3. Xmas tree fail...

    I'll post a picture tomorrow
  4. Xmas tree fail...

    Currently running 3" pipe, 13' long, that slides over a heavy solid 2" rod that is welded to a 4" wide x 4' "cross" box frame with 4 cement bricks on top of each leg, also running 4 guy wires attached about 9' up. Very sturdy this year. Had problem with 1 1/2 conduit last year.
  5. Christmas-Leds.com feedback

    I don't know. I just called the number.
  6. Buying a new laptop.....

    It should run fine.
  7. Christmas-Leds.com feedback

    I use them. Val is great to work with.
  8. Repair turn around time

    Yes !! haha That's me this year! , Wasn't going to set it up, as i didn't do any programming all year. Until a co/worker told me, " You do realize That they bring a radio on the light tour bus just to hear your light show", Sooo.... here it goes... Been at it for 14 days. I'm setting everything up.( except for 2350 ct. of multi's, 1000ct. of c-6's) And everything has been a battle too,( bad cat-5's to I never numbered both ends of a 10 ch." log" (extension cords) on a 270' run). Uuggh!!! that was a lot of trips back and forth to trace each individual ch. So This year a running with 112 LOR Chs., and 1,976 DMX Chs. I guess i will just pick up another unit. Thanks again
  9. Hello Big Joe here... I believe I have some Triact issues with residential 16Ch. unit. Already tried a unit reset, no good. still doing it. i believe at least 4 channels are bad. What is the Turn arround time for shipping it in for repair? Thankyou.
  10. Bad Cat-5/Cat-6 cable

    K6ccc- yes I buy them premade from Menards, this one was only 1 year old. Santa helper- how do you test them, or with what do you test them with?
  11. Bad Cat-5/Cat-6 cable

    Just a note: as i try to get everything set up, had a two hour setback. I could not for the life of me get my "new" computer to "see" my Alpha pix 16. after re- watching several videos, and checking everything i could think of . , turns out 100' cat-5 cable went bad... i got a whole box now of bad one's if anybody would like them for Christmas. heh-heh
  12. new computer

    Just an update... I was able to locate everything and I'm in the process of adding the music back to all the sequences. about 1/2 done so far. Thanks for everyone's help on this. I've been just sick about it. Also i learned how to use the double monitor set up, should be a good time saver!! thanks again. Big Joe out.
  13. new computer

    dibblejr : I think you are right about the copy, paste and drag way, also thanks for responding so quickly. I don't know what program was used, i dropped off my old computer and came back an hour later and it was done. See, i still have my old computer, a Hp G60-645NR Notebook, seems i got some hardware issues( fan stuck on high, screen went out, and some reason it keeps acting like someone is plugging and unplugging a USB in and out!!) But, i can still access everything by using a VGA connection to a separate monitor. So Technically everything is still there. Also i do have a big flash drive with most of my work on it too. just unsure on how to put it in/use.. New computer is a re furbish unit, HP Probook 6570b, intel core i5 vpro, new dual monitor setup, new headphones,bluetooth, lifetime parts/labor for $300.58 !!! lightingnewb: Also thankyou for responding, yup i will look for that audio folder. mpageler: this is exactly what is happening. Boy all you guys are so helpful! sweet!! PhilMassey: ok, i will check out that link right now. thanks so much! ALL in all guys, i think i have everything just don't know all the steps involved and moving things over, i will get it .Soon... Also when i did some for my work sometimes i skewd the music over sometimes so i may have an issue with the cut and paste way. Does anyone know of a way to export entire media and sequence over in one big file without upsetting the copyright issues? ( i would never want that to happen to me either!) Reason why i say this is, on everything with my 12 string pixel tree, i had constructed a RGB 6 channel star, instead of the white one and put colors in instead. and the files i got seem to be just the originals zip files. (Holiday Sequences only),on the new computer. Also my dmx address are not the same as originals, as i was already into dmx before the Pixel Explosion as Dave from HolidayCoro, puts it. looks like i have lots to do!!!
  14. new computer

    hey all!! Big Joe here. Today i had to go out and buy a new computer.need help in getting some things back in order. Seems like i got all my files transferred over, but it seems that the music file is no longer with the sequence. i have all the music( that i can tell so far) in this new computer, but it is not in the right spot. Is there a faster way to put the music back in, or do i have to manually do this? Also it seems all my superstar stuff i purchased from Brian is there with the music, but with the stuff i bought from Holiday Sequences, the music is missing. Any ideas? Also this new computer is running windows 7 pro, so things are a little different there too. coming from xp. Help Dgrant!!!
  15. 12 string pixel tree with RGB 6 channel star