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    The Saddest Day in January

    Finally got everything taken down today. I was going to do it on 13th after my sister from Colorado saw the show, and the weather was good. Darn it, got sick. OK, with the holiday, this was a three day weekend, so should have no trouble. Fell and broke a rib last Wednesday so had to be REAL careful and get help for anything heavy. But with the exception of a couple things that will need a little repair / planned modification, everything is put away. I've already created new Previews for the 2019 version and I expect to start sequencing in a couple weeks. I need to do a tiny wiring cleanup on one of the singing faces, and a wiring change on the pixel tree, then add two more strings to it. The only thing that will take some real work is a rebuild of the roof peak lights. That's gonna be a complete rebuild. For new construction, adding six Holiday Coro candy canes and a spiral mega-tree - both of which were originally planned for 2018. I have all the material for both of those.... Last item is to build the enclosures for the P5 and P10 matrix panels.
  2. k6ccc

    How do you store your pixel tree ?

    Watched the video - I'm envious of your storage space...
  3. k6ccc

    P10 bridge mode

    Eric, I assume 4W x 2H currently. If so, add the third row to the matrix. I think having the artist and song title is really nice to have. Without the third row, you may find it hard to make it all fit. For one song, I had to use two rows of text for the song title ("All I want for Christmas, is you"). The two matrix panels were sequenced as Motion Effects in S5 rather than SuperStar simply because the two panels are 18,432 and 36,872 channels and I have a 12,000 channel SuperStar license.
  4. k6ccc

    P10 bridge mode

    Ed, I ran my 3w x 2h P5 matrix and my 4w x 3h P10 matrix in bridge mode just fine for the 2018 season just fine. They were sequenced essentially only as my Tune To signs and I loved the way they worked and looked. For each sequence, the matrix essentially cycled of about 30 seconds showing the artist, song title and radio info as seen in the first photo (taken during testing in my family room). Then 15 seconds showing a more detailed radio info for the brain dead that can't figure it out as seen in the second photo. Then back to the Artist, Title, & Tune for 30 seconds. That was followed by about 15 seconds of MIIP information. Those four were repeated for a second time, and if there was time, then I would add a segment with my website. The times varied a little for the songs because in some of them it made sense to change the text at a certain place in the song. I did not want the Tune To sign to be a distraction, so I used the same format and colors for all songs. For each matrix, I was running a Pi 3B running FPP 2.4 driving a ColorLight card. Yes, the ColorLight was overkill for such small matrixes, but I wanted to try them out early in 2018 while testing and I found that they looked better than the Pi directly driving the matrix with a Matrix PiHat. Pretty sure I was using FPP 1.10 at that early testing stage. My light show was running LOR 5.2.2. For 2018, I ran 108 E1.31 universes for the P5 and P10 and 27 universes for other stuff. I ran My E1.31 LAN is a separate VLAN on my home network and the show computer has a Ethernet port on that network, so for the show, the network path to the P10 was: Show computer -> 100 BaseT Ethernet -> Managed switch in garage -> Gigabit Ethernet Virtual LAN -> Managed switch in Family Room -> Gigabit Ethernet Virtual LAN -> Managed switch in attic -> 100 BaseT Ethernet -> Dumb switch in Pixel tree -> 100 BaseT Ethernet -> Raspberry Pi 3B. The P5 was a little shorter as it was connected to the managed switch in the Family room. Unfortunately that also meant that the matrix was in my family room instead of outside. That was because I ran out of time to build the waterproof enclosures for the two panels. The P10 got hung well under the eves of the house. That put it a good 40 feet or so farther away from the people at the best viewing location, but it was readable at that distance. Having the P10 at the intended location would have been better.
  5. k6ccc

    12 volt vs 5 volt

    Short answer for nodes (as opposed to ribbons) - The the biggest advantage of 12 volts is you can make longer runs of pixels without power injection. The biggest advantage of 5 volts is less overall power consumption. Longer answer - The general rule of thumb is that with 5 volt pixels you can use about 50 pixels without needing power injection, and with 12 volt pixels you can use about 100 pixels without power injection. That does vary somewhat depending on the pixels. As for power consumption, each pixel at full white draws about 60mA (for either 5 volts or 12 volts). Because wattage is volts times amps, the total power consumption with 12 volt pixels is about 2.5 times higher. That means the number of power supplies will be higher for any given prop. For example, prior to 2018, my 12 x 50 pixel tree plus 360 pixel star ran on a single 5 volt 70 amp (350 watt) power supply. In 2018 I rebuilt the tree to make it 24 x 100 pixels and moved to 12 volts. Of course wth four times as many pixels in the tree, I expected to need more power supplies. However when I measured the consumption for one string, I realized I would need more than I expected. I determined that I would need six 350 watt supplies for the tree plus one more for the star (it’s still 5 volts). Ultimately I set the pixels to run at only 50% and was able to get away with only three 12 volt supplies for the tree - at least for 2018. Now this discussion has been about pixels. Ribbons are generally different. For a ribbons vs pixels comparison, ribbons will give a look far closer to a continuous line of light, whereas nodes will look more like individual points of light. Depends on what you are looking for. Ribbons also change the 5 volt vs 12 volt question, but I’m just about to my train stop, so need to end this for now...
  6. k6ccc

    Help Re-positioning Mega Tree

    With the addition of the overhead view, I agree with caniac. You do have the "advantage" that all your viewers have a fairly similar viewing angle which i9n this case helps.
  7. k6ccc

    Replacing STD LED with RGB's

    If you are aiming to stay with LOR, I would recommend Cosmic Color Bulbs. Looks more like a traditional light and gives you RGB. Personally I am not overly fond of the near continuous light of a ribbon. I am using GE Color Effects bulbs (no longer sold as far as I know) which are similar to the CCBs and in my opinion, look great. http://store.lightorama.com/12vgrrgbbu50.html Your drawing is showing lights on all sides. Generally mot much point in putting lights on the back side (unless you want the show to be visible from the back yard). Look from the audience perspective to see where lights can be excluded.
  8. Glad that worked. Yea, it makes editing later on more time involved.
  9. First thing is that you can make the time chunk in Sequencer longer than the effect you expect to make in SuperStar. That will make sure you include it all. Second, you can edit the effect later in SuperStar by double clicking on the effect in Sequencer and it will open the effect again in SuperStar. To get the tail, try stretching the time in Sequencer and then double click it to bring up SuperStar again. Make some incredibly small change and exit SuperStar to save it into Sequencer. You may not even need to do the SuperStar part.
  10. k6ccc

    Help Re-positioning Mega Tree

    I completely agree that the tree needs to move. The lights of the tree and house blend WAY too much. Assuming the that the photo shows all the available real estate, most likely your best bet is to move it off to the right. There is not enough space between the left end of the house and the edge of the photo. Again, based on the photo, I would dump the string or strings on the tree at the far right and put the mega tree over there. You have to dump or move the small things (animals?) between the house and large tree.
  11. k6ccc

    My 2018 Display

    Here was my song list for 2018. some are fairly slow and some are very fast paced. I don't get enough of a crowd that I need to encourage people to leave (at least yet). Because I use MIIP, they could be played in any order depending on what people request. Song title Artist Wizards In Winter Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Cannon Trans-Siberian Orchestra You're a Mean one Mr. Grinch Burl Ives Jingle Bells Barry Manilow with Expose' Hark! The Harold Angles Sing Lake Ave. Church Organ & Orchestra God Bless the USA The American Patriots Deck the Halls Mannheim Steamroller Carol of the Bells (Christmas Eve / Sarajeva 12/24) Trans-Siberian Orchestra Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer Gene Autry All I Want for Christmas is You Mariah Carey Feliz Navidad Jose Feliciano The Hanukkah Song Elliot Dvorin Soldier's Silent Night Father Ted Berndt In addition to this, there were several "announcement" sequences that ran at about these time intervals: Welcome / Opening - 64 seconds long, every 49 minutes Be nice to our neighbors - 46 seconds long, every 51 minutes MIIP instructions - 43 seconds longs, every 25 minutes Online / website - 30 seconds, every 52 minutes Merry Christmas - 11 seconds, every 20 minutes Happy New Year - 15 seconds, every 20 minutes (starting 12/26)
  12. k6ccc

    Singing Trees

    I have the larger HC trees. They are at least 60 feet from the closest people watching and look great.
  13. That sounds backwards - and I just proved it. For my test, I opened one of my 2018 sequences with 5.2.2 and saved it in a newly created Christmas 2019 folder (so there would be nothing else to confuse the issue). I then selected a motion effect line for my pixel tree from time 00:01:00 to 00:05:00 and Inserted a SuperStar Effect. Created a couple of morphs in SuperStar and then exited SuperStar. Answered yes about saving the change. Played the sequence in S5 Sequencer and confirmed that it played correctly. Saved the file again and then created playback files for the sequence. Because I was sick yesterday and did not take my show down, it's all still up. Created a Show with that one test sequence and then scheduled that show as a calendar entry and went outside to watch. Sure enough, the added morphs played just fine. Then deleted the .avi file and again played the show via a calendar entry, and again it played just fine. Lastly, opened S5 Sequencer again and opened the test sequence. Got the error message below, and the added morphs were gone.
  14. k6ccc


    Also note that the use of DMX for the PixCon 16 is DMX over ethernet - generally known as E1.31. The Pixcon 16 does NOT support DMX over RS-485. Use of E1.31 requires a Pro or Advanced level LOR software license. http://www1.lightorama.com/network-speeds/
  15. The .avi files are how SuperStar exports to the S5 Sequencer. Short answer is don’t delete them.
  16. I was not thinking solar or wind, but I did miss. I was thinking aerospace. There are a bunch for you to see down here! And I would be happy to help you with the ham license...
  17. That pretty well tells me what industry you work in... Well, if you end up out here for a couple years, maybe we'll get to meet you....
  18. k6ccc

    Singing Trees

    On my two faces, I did not even bother with covering the extras. However I did buy strings appropriate to what was needed. For example, one of the mouths is 82 LEDs so I used a 50 count string and a 35 count string. Another is 92 LEDs so using a 100 count string. The eyelids are 46 and 48 LEDs so using 50 count strings. All the rest are easily available exact numbers (50, 100, 200). The extras are just hanging behind the coro. If you walk up to my front door, the extras are plainly visible, but not at all to the audience.
  19. k6ccc

    Singing Trees

    BTW make sure to certify light count for each channel before ordering. For example on the Holiday Coro faces, different channels have different string lengths - order appropriately.
  20. k6ccc

    Singing Trees

    I got them from Holiday Light Express (pre-sale in progress now) https://www.holiday-light-express.com/
  21. k6ccc

    Pixcon16 / Xlights

    As long as you are using the Pixcon 16 in E1.31 mode - not in LOR networking.
  22. I would have to measure mine again, but that sounds maybe a little low, but in the neighborhood. BTW, you better check your math. 1.38 amps at 5 volts is just under 7 watts. I do know that two P10 panels in full white will run on a five amp fuse (two P5 panels will not for very long). When I had both my 6 P5 panel array and my 12 P10 panel array hanging in my family room for test, they were powered by one 350 watt supply with gobs of spare capacity.
  23. k6ccc

    Singing Trees

    I added two Holiday Coro singing trees for 2018, so let me give you my observations and opinions. I specifically did not want the pixel based trees. Because of the size of the pixels being twice that of dumb LEDs, the resulting spacing of the pixels was too large. The closer spacing of the dumb LEDs looked better. Of course the major limitation is you can’t chnge the colors. In my case, I used green of course for the tree outline, and warm white for all the mouth movements. One tree uses warm white for the eyelids and green eyes, and other tree uses cool white eyelids and blue eyes. I think that came out well. I also added two strings of 100 multi-color LEDs in a zigzag pattern so it looked a semi-traditional tree for use on instrumental sequences. Lastly I added a pink bow for songs where the singer was female. The singing trees were VERY popular with my viewers. BTW, Only use non-removable LED strings. If you have removable bulbs, they will unplug from the socket if you need to pull the light out of the coro. As for the LOR trees, I like the different patterns.
  24. I would not even consider this with ribbons. Way too fragile. Pixels maybe. That would give the advantage that you could make it smaller that 16 feet tall (plus star). That would make it far more portable - but it would then be smaller than you planned for Christmas at home...