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  1. That large of a sheet of coroplast is going to be a huge wind load. A quick Google search found several windload calculators. I would start by determining what the windload will be based on the highest wind speed that can be expected. The wind load goes up at a squared function so it goes up very fast as the wind speed increases. As for structure, for my 48x48 inch Holiday Coro singing faces, I used 3/4 inch aluminum U channel. The Coro was attached to it with screws and 1.25 inch fender washers. I used the aluminum mainly for the weight savings. I can’t tell you how well it will hold up in wind because the faces did not get mounted on the roof as planned because I was running really late. That meant that the two faces just leaned up against the front of the house. Next year will get them onto the roof.
  2. Used your preview for this QUICK demo...
  3. No problem at all. Longer than 50, I have strings of 60 pixels, 70 pixels, 94 pixels, 100 pixels, & 116 pixels. All sequenced in SuperStar. Yes, the fold uses less ports. Some people are practically paranoid at needing to use power injection and will avoid it at almost all cost, and some hardly even think about it. Personally I have no problem using power injection when needed. I also am not afraid to have lots of shorter strings when that is convenient.
  4. Is that how the actual strings are going to be built? You originally said 21 x 73 and now it's 20 x 73 with a fold. It's VERY important to map it EXACTLY as the prop will actually be built. As for exporting to SuperStar, that's not how it's done in S5. In the S5 Sequencer, select a motion effects row for the tree for some amount of time, and select "Insert SuperStar Effects". That will open SuperStar with that prop and segment of time. Sequence in SuperStar, then exit SuperStar. That will insert that sequencing for that chunk of time into the sequence. To edit it later, double click on the segment and it will automatically open that segment in SuperStar.
  5. I am using Cosmic Color Pixels for my arches. Each pixel is drilled into a piece of 3/4” PEX pipe such that the pixel illuminates the inside of the tube. I use a string of 50 pixels per arch with 2” spacing. You can see details at: http://newburghlights.org/CCP_Arches.html I love the look.
  6. Now to add some more to it. Both LAN (E1.31) and RS-485 (LOR and DMX) have wireless options. Since you are asking about a neighborhood, wireless can make crossing the street far easier. Note that RS-485 over wireless is VERY limited in channel capacity. E1.31 over Wireless can go many miles under the right circumstances. what are you specific requirements?
  7. Assuming you are using S5 (as your profile states) your config would be created in an S5 Preview - not directly in SuperStar. If you can’t figure it out, tell me the exact layout and I’ll set up a prop file for you. I would need to know if top to bottom or bottom up, left to right or right to left, and channel layout.
  8. Hint for future. On all my computers, the LOR directory is a mapped network drive of L: Does not matter if that is a local drive (such as the not network connected laptop) or truly a network drive (on the server). That means when I replaced my sequencing computer last year, as soon as I set up the network map and told LOR where to store files, everything was already there. Also means for the three computers on the network, any change on one computer is automatically on the others. Only time I have to do something on the computer that is playing shows is if I change a Windows Command in a sequence - because you have to restart the show player for those changes to be recognized.
  9. Time Out! If he is talking about a Pixie - that is RS-485 - NOT Ethernet. All Pixie controllers are RS-485 only, and except for the Pixie 2D (I think), they are LOR protocol only.
  10. I don't understand your question. You sync your RGB lights no different than non RGB lights. Having them on two (or more) networks makes no difference at all.
  11. At least initially he was using a BBB. He will be calling my shortly.
  12. I want to double check something. If I understand the timeline, you sequenced a song apparently with a music file that was Variable Bit Rate. When you played it, the timing was off (that is to be expected). Then you ran the music file through Audacity to make it Constant Bit Rate. The timing is still wrong. Do I have that correct? If that is correct, then having the timing incorrect is to be expected. You sequenced based on an incorrect media file format, so you sequencing is off. Unfortunately the only fix is to adjust your sequences. If you want the longer explanation on why, I can give it.
  13. I am currently running my 4W x 3H P10 panel just fine from a BeagleBone Black in Bridge mode at the moment. My offer of getting you on the phone still stands, and if you have TeamViewer, either you can look at my setup or I can look at yours.
  14. Yes, mine is the M.2 SSD - not SATA and damn is it fast!
  15. That is similar to my new one middle of last year. I have a Dell XPX8930 with the same CPU that you have but with 16GB of RAM. Like you, C drive is a 256GB SSD, and I have a 2 TB spinning disk for E. Funny part of that is that I really did not need the large drive since everything gets saved on my server. So I use the Family room desktop as one of the backups for the RAID array in the server... For video I have the GeForce 1070 Ti with two 24 inch monitors - left one in landscape and the right one in portrait. Using Windows 10 Pro for the OS. One of these days, I want to add a third monitor... I need to re-arrange my space here in order to have room for a third monitor however.
  16. Well for starters, remove the stuff on the E1.31 / ArcNet / DDP tab of the Channel outputs section. It does not need to be there. Confirm that LOR network configuration is set for MultiCast. You really should use Unicast unless there is a real pressing issue requiring multicast. Can you control the lights properly from the Channel test page on FPP? If that does not work, you know the problem is entirely within the FPP world, but if that works properly, then it's likely a config issue between FPP and LOR. I can get on the phone with you later.
  17. Your biggest potential issue is going to be cable length between the controller and the first pixel. Without knowing the specific layout of your house, you may do better with adding the three strings end to end starting on the right side, then middle and lastly the left. As I recall, the PixCon can handle a string length of 176 pixels - although you would most likely have to do some power injection, but distance is easier to handle on power than it is with data.
  18. Happy to note that my landscape show is running correctly on 5.2.4.
  19. Did this change make it into 5.3.4 that was released today?
  20. Nope. Not unless it's well hidden.
  21. Pins 1 & 2 (or what is normally the White / Orange pair) pass through each controller. Fairly simple to use that to create an alarm loop. I tested that several years ago, but have not implemented it. That won't work on an Enhanced network. Part of how an Enhanced Network operates is to force all the controllers to never transmit onto the RS-485 network. Should be able to get that to work on a non-enhanced network.
  22. Very quiet, but it does seem to be working.... I'm here.
  23. I am running speakers in addition to FM, but they are omni speakers. I keep the volume down enough that it is barely audible across the street. It really is intended only for people who are on foot on the sidewalk in front of my house. I HIGHLY recommend against not having an FM transmitter. Even here in warm southern California, almost everyone is in their vehicle with the windows up. About the only people on foot are neighbors who stop while walking by (can you say walking the dog), and me. It is very rare to have someone park and get out of their vehicle. I think I have only visited one display that did not have an FM transmitter. They had the yard speakers so quiet that I could hardly hear it when parked directly across the street. Made it almost worthless.
  24. First of all, thank you for filling in your software version and license level in your forum profile. It often makes these kinds of questions easy because we don't have to ask. The reason is that you have a Basic level software license which only allows two controller IDs to be used - and the two must IDs 01 & 02. See this page for a comparison of the software license level capabilities: http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-suite-software/
  25. The forum. I've seen it too...
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