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      As of 1/18 we have resumed operations.  On 1/16 a fire occurred in the same building that houses the main LOR offices and manufacturing.    More information can be found in 'Important Announcements'.    


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  1. That's what I use. The photo below has one on the right wall of the enclosure about half way up. The fuses are right below the stub of conduit and the ground strip is below the fuses. One of my projects for this year is to completely rebuild the power distribution in this enclosure and get rid of the 1/4 inch glass fuses. It was what I had available when I built it, but I really want to get away from the glass fuses. I also have run out of room and need to add another load or two when I move one more DC controller into that enclosure.
  2. Best method to video display

    Mine is also quite wide and there is a tree that makes even the drone method not work well... I have not done that much with shooting video of my display, but several years ago a friend shot it from four locations and edited it together. Take a look at the first video on: http://newburghlights.org/Videos.html
  3. As far as I know, LOR only has a 32 bit version.
  4. I know I asked this over on the FPP forum, what is your networking configuration?
  5. Never done anything with video in LOR, so no I have no recommend.
  6. Use a video editing program to edit the video content - same concept as using mp3gain to standardize the audio levels between songs.
  7. Same here - I ordered more that I need for my two panels. Useful thing to have around...
  8. A RigRunner is a power distribution & fuse panel. It's not what I would expect anyone else to use for power distribution. I have not received the distro boards and wanted to have something to fuse my wiring, and I had this available. You can see it above my panel in the video I posted late Friday evening. This is the distribution boards I have on order: https://www.crockettfantasyoflights.com/product/cfol-distro-8/ My recommendation is to use something to fuse the panels.
  9. Extension Cord for pixels

    It should work fine.
  10. My personal opinion is that fusing the power to the panels would be a good idea. The biggest thing you are protecting by fusing the power to the panels is not a failure of the panel, but a failure of your wiring. Of course a panel could fail, but the chances of a panel developing a failure that would draw massive amounts of current is pretty small. However the wiring to the panels can develop a problem such as a connection coming loose causing an energized wire to end up floating around, or a wire getting pinched and damaging the insulation. The 350W power supply can easily supply far more current than the wiring to the panels can carry in the event of a short circuit. I put my money where my mouth is - I ordered the Crockett distro boards, and since they had not arrived, I used the RigRunner that was available for my initial testing.
  11. OK, some basic electrical info. A fuse distribution panel does several things. First is that it provides wiring connection points for a bunch of wires. When you have large numbers of wires, this can be very useful. The second is that it provides over current protection for the downstream wiring and loads. A fuse does NOT provide any sort of over voltage protection.
  12. I use the RigRunner fuse panels with some of my ham radio stuff. When they first came out many years ago, there really was not much else available, so they became quite popular in the ham community - despite the price (and hams are notoriously cheap). That particular panel is normally in my office but because of an office relocation is not being used for a few weeks. I will not be using that permanently. I have some of the Crockett distro boards on order.
  13. I have several of those on order and you can see the fuse panel I'm using for my testing above the matrix in the video I linked yesterday.
  14. Looking at your power distribution. Looks like you have the same power cables that came with mine that each power two panels. Then you tie two of those to the white cables with blue wirenuts. That would make eight white power cables plus one for the Pi going to the power supply, but I count quite a bit more than that to the right of the power supply. Or do the three to the left of the power supply go over to the piece of wood and double back so you could move the power supply somewhere else? The real question is are you fusing those wires anywhere? I can't see any fusing. Unrelated, if I am following data cables, you have the top three rows on one output from the PiHat, the next three rows from a second output of the PiHat and the bottom two rows on the last output. Do I have that right?
  15. LOR1602W Controllers for sale - 3 total

    They are now up to $455 with 5 bids...
  16. going dark is so different...

    I don't want your reason for being dark!
  17. Possible swap meet Sacramento, CA area

    Sounds good. I've been saying for a couple years that I would like to get up there for one of the pizza dinners. This (especially if it was the same day or weekend as a pizza get together) would be a good excuse.
  18. Thank you, but there are several others here that are leading the way. I did all sequencing and running the show in 2017 in S4. I had played with S5 for a bit during the early part of the beta, but by early November, I switched back to S4 to run my show. I have re-loaded 5.0.16 as of a few weeks ago on everything. Yes, I did this in S5.0.16. I just defined a single matrix that changed size several times as I kept adding panels to the test.. Unless there is something I have not found, there is no way to do this in SuperStar. Actually SuperStar does not have a limitation, but Visualizer does. Visualizer does not allow a RGB pixel to span universes. As far as I can tell the P10 panels require all 512 channels in each DMX universe to be used which requires that pixels cross universe boundries. Having been forced to go from an Android to this iPhone in September - I HATE IT. So much stuff that is easy on the Android, and either difficult or flat out impossible on the iPhone. After having an employer issued smart phone for about 12 years - various BlackBerry, then Android, and now the iPhone, I have never personally owned a smartphone. This move is going to force me to go out and buy an Android and then just use for iPhone for nothing but work stuff. Back to P10 panels...
  19. Been there, done that. Although I do a lot from a smartphone, it is no substitute for a real PC. In fact, I’m sending this from this piece of crap iPhone that my employer switched me over to a few months ago using the web interface (damn I wish we could get TapaTalk back on this forum). Granted that I’m spoiled on PC screen space. At home I have a 23 & a 24 inch monitor and want to add a third or third and fourth monitor, and at work, three of my computers have two monitors and one has four. The only computer that only has one monitor runs a dedicated application (a radio dispatch console) and really only needs one.
  20. Possible swap meet Sacramento, CA area

    Craig, I don’t do Facebook so I’m not even going to try to join the group. However, I really would like to get up to Sacramento to meet the group up there. So if the timing works out I may try to use the swap meet as an excuse to come up there. Might I suggest that you plan to end the day with one of the somewhat regular Sacramento pizza get together events.
  21. Nope, just a cable laying in front of it. I had not even noticed that on the video until you mentioned it.
  22. Here is a quick test of 8 of my P10 panels being driven by two Raspberry Pi 3s controlled by LOR S5. Each Pi is controlling one row of the matrix. I'm doing it this way because I have not receive the required longer cables to connect the rows together. Note that the panels are not connected together because I have not received those parts yet - the panels are just laying on the floor... Yea, it's a crappy cellphone video
  23. Boscoyo Spider Web

    My point is that it does not need to be 324 individual points. Depending on how you are laying out your channels, you may be able to use far fewer lights in the visualization.
  24. Boscoyo Spider Web

    One thing to keep in mind. Especially since you are using dumb nodes, is that there is absolutely no need to accurately model the spider web in your visualization. As long as you know what it is, it does not matter much. How many channels will you be using?
  25. Remember that you need 5V for the Pi and P10 panels. Yes, you can regulate the 12V down to 5V, but directly connecting them would let the pretty blue smoke out