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  1. Don't forget to grab your Craftsman screwdriver that is stuck in the ground Nice install.
  2. Measure the voltage on your power supply. The controller will take a substantially wide voltage range, but the pixels will not.
  3. The other option is to go into Windows Computer Management > Disk Management > Select the disk, then right click and select "Change Drive letter and path". From there, you can change the drive letter back to what it had been before.
  4. Obviously you are watching a video produced while using S4. The procedure is radically different in S5 (and your profile shows you are using S5). I don't have time right now to type up a step by step, but really short version is that you need a prop group in the profile being used that has all the props that you want to Instant Sequence. Use Insert SuperStar Effects on a Motion Effect row for that group, and you can Instant Sequence your entire house (or whatever portion that you desire).
  5. It needs to be a group with multiple props.
  6. I see you are using S5. Visualizer no longer exists with S5, so the process is quite different. In S5, you do not directly open SuperStar. You open is as a "Open SuperStar Effects" from within the S5 Sequencer. I'm in a meeting right now and don't have the time to type up a long description.
  7. Put the wires in steel pipe. They may start paying attention after the first time the lawn mower hits it. I had to do that at a previous house. The next door neighbor's gardener kept hitting an exposed section of PVC sprinkler pipe. After I had to replace it several times, I replaced it with steel pipe. I happened to be around the first time the gardener was there after I put in the steel. Heard the loud clanks and cursing. After he had to spend 10 minutes replacing a trashed blade, he never hit it again.
  8. Both my show computer and my server (which runs the year round landscape "show", and is the file server for all the LOR files) are in my garage data cabinet and normally accessed remotely. I have never used Remote Desktop, but I have used VNC and TeamViewer. I will certainly agree with you that the refresh rate with VNC is WAY too slow for anything that takes real time viewing. TeamViewer is not too bad in that regard. TeamViewer also has the advantage that it passes the audio, which VNC does not. In my case with S5, I can't run the S5 sequencer also due to the OpenGL issue and there is no work around short of adding a video card - which makes little sense for a computer that normally does not have a monitor connected.. The show player works just fine and that's all I need it to do. The show computer runs S5 just fine via TeamViewer., however I don't normally sequence on that. Essentially all my sequencing is done on my family room computer and the files saved on the file server. Under S4, I would occasionally sequence remotely on the server, but that was generally limited to things such as this: there was a terrorist bombing in Paris and I wanted to turn the landscape lighting Blue, White, and Red for the colors of the French flag. That meant I had to create a simple static sequence that was needed before I could get home from work. Now I have to create the static show files on the work PC and transfer the files.
  9. Hurricane Humberto is headed away from the eastern coast of the USA. Bermuda is in it's path with an expected arrival on Thursday morning. What the NWS calls "Disturbance 1" is about half way between the western coast of Africa and North Western coast of South America and has 90% chance of becoming cyclonic within five days. Current motion has it pointed well north of Florida, but it is WAY too early for that level of forecasting. What the NWS calls "Disturbance 2" is off the coast of Houston, but is showing a 10% chance of becoming cyclonic in 5 days. It is expected to produce some heavy rain along the Texas coast later this week.
  10. I have - many times. Especially with 26 strings in my pixel tree. Keep in mind that as I recall unlike you, I have every prop in the show in the same visualization. So I do something that requires 26 morphs for the pixel tree, five for the pixel star, a dozen for the arches, eight for the eves, eight for the roofline, two for the tree rings, four for the planter, two for the roses, one for the steps. Groups quickly becomes your friend...
  11. I assume you are referring to my previous last statement. The LOR recommendation is 2,400 pixels per 1,000K enhanced network. A pixel uses three individual channels for a total of 7,200 channels. This is also sometimes expressed as 2,400 RGB channels. Devide that in half for a 500K network.
  12. You did not say how many channels were in you, but if the three pixel controllers are fairly heavily loaded, that is a lot of channels. Even with only 50 pixels per output on all three pixel controllers, that would 7,296 channels. That exceeds the LOR recommendation for a 1,000K enhanced network. You also did not tell us how fast the network was running, but I'm going to guess it is 500K Enhanced since the 1602 and CMB24 controllers can't handle 1,000K and the Pixcon 16 requires Enhanced networking. Based on a couple assumptions, I'm not surprised that you had latency issues last year. You have a couple choices - all of which involve adding networks. In 2018, I had 65,001 channels of E1.31, so I am a fan of E1.31. I would move the Pixcon 16 to E1.31. In addition to that, unless the the two Pixie controllers are lightly loaded, I would split the six LOR network controllers. There are a couple options. One option would be to split off the two Pixcon 16 controllers onto a separate network and run that at 1,000K speed, and use your existing network at 500K or slower for the 1602 & CMB24 controllers. Another option would be to put each Pixie controllers on it's own 1,000K network and then a third network at slower speed for the 1602 and CMB24 controllers. Keep in mind, that it's all about channel counts and how busy the channel change activity is. The LOR recommendation (last I am aware) is 2,400 pixels (or 7,200 channels) on a 1,000K Enhanced network, so I would think something like 1,200 pixels on a 500K Enhanced network. Stay under those limits.
  13. When you do power injection, you need to inject both power and ground.
  14. If I added it up right, that is 1,857 channels. That is too many for a 115K network. It does not matter at all if all 1,857 channels are hooked up or only 1 channel. The show PC or director is sending the data for all of the channels. That is correct. A twinkle randomly flashes the individual channels. The only time you would see purple is when the red and blue both happen to be on at the same time.
  15. You never mentioned how many channels you are driving on that network. Your video shows 36 bulbs which would not be an issue even on a 56K network. However I suspect that is not all. So, how many channels are in the sequence (not how many bulbs are connected)? The old rule of thumb was six CCRs (300 pixels or 900 channels) on a 115K non-enhanced network. Obviously a faster network can handle more and using enhanced networking also increases the number.
  16. Does the error happen in exactly the same way every time you play the sequence, or is it different every time you play the sequence? If it's the former, it's almost certainly in your sequence with the error. If it happens differently every time you play it, the problem is something else. If the problem is in the sequence, CAREFULLY check to make sure there is not some extra sequencing for the affected channels. It is REAL easy to have a less than 10% leftover from some copy / paste operation that you can't even see, but will radically affect the colors. For example, if you have a segment of yellow (100% red, 100% green, 0% blue) for several seconds, but in the middle, there is a quarter second of 5% green in the middle, the result will be yellow with a flash of red in the middle.
  17. For the DMX to work, you need to Comm Listener running. Start the LOR Control Panel.
  18. No, but this is southern California - not Florida I have been using the same wooden strips for five years (I think).
  19. Unless it is in writing in your rental contact that they are not responsible for damage, document the damage and sue them in small claims court. If you take that step, keep documentation in case they try to retaliate against you.
  20. Can you take a screen capture of the Hardware Utility showing the setup for one of the CCB controllers involved and post it.
  21. One thing about dumb LED strings. Avoid Martha Stewart brand lights. There have been multiple reports of them catching fire when dimmed.
  22. You just made me drool! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  23. As much as anything, it's networking no, no. Very inefficient way to distribute data because all traffic gets routed to all devices. Generally these days, that is not much of a problem UNLESS you are using WiFi for some part of your linking. That also depends on what you are using for WiFi and if it is shared with something else. You likely don't want your show to crap out because your teenager is watching YouTube or downloading the latest multi-gigabyte movie via Torrent. Or your next door neighbor lands on your WiFi channel and wipes you out. Each universe takes about a quarter megabit per second of data. I am running about 130 universes this year, so 30 to 35 Mbps of data. Although the latest WiFi standards will handle that just fine, older standards wont. Neither will a 10 Mbps ethernet link (if you have any of that left). And yes, I am old enough to remember worrying about reducing bytes that needed to be sent - having to run over 110 or 300 baud links will do that to you..
  24. You can if you are using multicast, although as a general rule of thumb, I don't like to use multicast. In LOR Network Preferences, you can set each universe to either Multicast or Unicast, however I suspect that most pixels controllers have to be one or the other.
  25. Are you exporting from SuperStar as intensity files or in legacy mode? Keep in mind that there really is little or no need to change universes - other than to keep us humans happy. In other words, there is no problem with having half a prop on universes 31 - 35 and the other half at universes 175 - 180. Note, that some controllers may not like that, but the ones I use would have no issues with that. In general, yes, you will want to update the universes in SuperStar (or visualizer if you are using Visualizer mode in SuperStar). Then re-export.
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