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  1. Actually start and end channels are very simple. For each prop, the start circuit is the first channel of that prop and the End circuit is the calculated ending channel based on the type of lights and the number of lights. Below is a screen capture of the prop definition for one of my arches. This arch uses RGB lights, and there are 50 lights in the arch. Therefore, there are 150 channels in the arch - 50 pixels x 3 channels per pixel. I have defined the first channel for this arch as Network AuxB, Unit 21, channel 1. Because there are 150 channels in the arch, the calculated last channel is 150. BTW, the next arch is Network Aux B, Unit ID 22, channels 1 - 150. In the case of your Pixie 16, it's real easy. Remember that you define the first Unit ID for a Pixie 16, and that will be the first output. Each successive output will use the next Unit ID (remember that it counts in Hex). Since you have 100 pixels, that means that there will be 300 channels for each output. Therefore, the first channel for each output will be channel 1 and the calculated last channel will be 300. The next string will be one higher Unit ID and be channels 1 to 300.
  2. I defer to you Matt!
  3. Do I remember that you are running LOR on a MAC via a PC emulator? Just for grins, send me the .lms file and I'll see what I can do with it. jim at k6ccc dot org (obviously in normal E-Mail address format). Zip it before E-Mailing as that makes it FAR smaller. If it's still too large to E-Mail, do you have a website or file sharing site you can upload to?
  4. k6ccc

    CCR arches in S5

    I have moved to S5 this year, but I still LOVE SuperStar. If it were not for channel counts, I would still sequence EVERYTHING in SuperStar. However my P10 matrix is 18,432 channels and my P5 matrix is 36,864 channels, and I only have a 12,000 channel SuperStar license. so the two matrix panels are using Motion Effect in S5, but EVERYTHING else is (and largely will continue) to be sequenced in SuperStar.
  5. k6ccc

    pixcon controller

    Setup on a PixCon 16 controller is done via Ethernet - NOT LOR network. Once configuration is completed, you can run the Pixcon 16 via LOR networking. Be careful which plug you are connecting to. Plugging LOR networking into an Ethernet network or vice versa CAN lead to the magic blue smoke leaking out.
  6. Happy Wife, Happy Life!
  7. It takes a good five minutes to upgrade mine. That is about 5600 channels and it's on a screaming fast gaming computer.
  8. k6ccc

    T5 LED 50 ct Green Strings

    Same recommendation. I just bought some lights from them a week or so ago and the order shipped in less than 15 minutes from the time I placed the order. Pretty impressive! Also, I had a 100 count string of M6 bulbs that I bought during the Pre-Sale at the beginning of the year. When i installed them last weekend, one (of six identical strings) had a failure wherein half of the string was very dim. Contacted HLE via the online RMA request form and within hours they sent a replacement string out along with the RMA number to return the bad string). Great service!
  9. k6ccc

    Early Christmas Gone Wrong for Dying Boy

    And there IMHO is three quarters of the problem. The kids grow up knowing that Mom and Dad CAN'T punish them. Therefore, there are no consequences of them being bad. And people wonder why the kids run wild... You wanna bet? Unless you massively invade privacy, or turn your house into a prison (neither of which can you get away with), I guarantee that teenage kids can get out of most houses without their parents knowing about it in the middle of the night. Now, you MAY be able to confirm that it happened after the fact, but most of us don't have time to watch hours of video just to see IF something happened. Now, with that said, I fully agree that there are parents that are the problem, but there are LOTs of parents that are horrified to find out what their kids did. Unfortunately likely true. Probably would not be able to get a 500 hour of CS, but it would be nice. You are assuming that the parents are the problem. If you can prove that the parents are just letting the kids run wild is one thing, but that is generally NOT the case.
  10. k6ccc

    FS: 2 each CTB16PC Gen3

    Likely true. You are 11 months too late for me. I ended up buying three of these last December for use this year. Building an old-school spiral mega tree. I am doing a little modern with some dumb RGB nodes, but I will have 32 channels of AC strings too. The third one will be for some singing faces. Not sure I will have time for the mega tree, but if not, next year...
  11. k6ccc

    CCRs and pixels

    I have bought most of my pixels from Ray Wu in China. Generally I do one order per year from Ray. This year I had bought a couple thousand pixels from another forum member who had bought them and not used them. When I figured out the project I was going to use them for, I needed to buy 500 more so I asked where he had gotten his - so I could order the same. They were from Holiday Light Express https://www.holiday-light-express.com/ I have also bought traditional LED strings from HLE and been very happy with them. I had to place an order with them last week, and received the shipping notice less than 15 minutes after I placed the order!
  12. k6ccc

    CCRs and pixels

    That should be fine. Very commonly done.
  13. k6ccc

    Converting .sup files

    That is correct. In S4, any given channel can be sequenced in Pixel Editor OR SuperStar, but not both. You can take the .lms files and tweek them in Sequence Editor, but not Pixel a Editor. In S5, it is easier to mix use of SuperStar, Sequencer, and Motion Effects (what the Pixel Editor function is now called).
  14. k6ccc

    LED rope lights and LOR CTB16PC

    It will probably work.
  15. k6ccc

    Lower Number of Channel Sequenses

    Do not limit yourself to requesting 32 channel sequences. Couple reasons. First, you WILL upgrade down the road, and that 96 channel sequence you dismissed will be just what you need. Second, because your channel layout likely does not exactly match what the other guy has, so you will be picking and choosing parts to get your 32 channels filled. Much easier to do that when the source sequence has more channels. For example if you have four two color mini trees, you may grab a certain group of channels from the source for part of the song and a different group of channels from the source for a different part of the song. More options.
  16. k6ccc

    Converting .sup files

    Ask the person who sent you the .sup files to export then in legacy format and send you the resulting .las or .lms files.
  17. k6ccc

    Insert SuperStar Effect

    You now need a Pro to use SuperStar? I had never noticed that since I upgraded to Pro within an hour of it being released. Honestly, that sucks! Yea, you can create stuff in SuperStar outside of Sequencer and export as a legacy format file to Sequencer, but then you essentially can never modify it.
  18. k6ccc

    PixCon16 Issues

    The fact that it worked on the old computer, but not the new computer pretty well narrows it down to something about the comptuer. I'm going to guess something in the Windows firewall. However usually consumer type firewalls by default block inbound new traffic and allow most anything outbound (and their related inbound). I don't remember having to open a firewall port on my new Windows 10 computer, but I may be forgetting it too.
  19. It's not that end of the string where it matters. The Pixel Extenders would normally go between the pixel controller and the first pixel in the string.
  20. The six LOR controllers and two E1.31 controllers that are used for my year round landscape lighting are powered 24 x 7 x 365. One more E1.31 controller will get powered up in mid October and all the rest of the Christmas controllers will get powered up in early November. They will stay powered until January when they are taken down. With most electronics, the most stressful condition (and most likely time to fail) is power up. Leave them powered.
  21. It all depends on how the data is driven. Let's face it, we can run gigabit over 100 meters of Cat-6 , but it's designed for it. Think about the difference between RS-232 and RS-485. RS-232 will send 19.2K about 20 feet, and RS-485 will send a half megabit about three quarters of a mile. The SPI data stream for pixels was originally designed for very short distance. Over time, the board manufacturers have improved on the design while still remaining within the data spec. That has resulted in the newer controllers being able to drive quite a bit farther than the older ones. With that said, there are pixel extender boards available that take the SPI data and convert it to a differential based transmission that can go much farther. At the far end, there is the receiving end converter that converts the differential data back to an SPI format to drive the pixels. I've never used those, but I understand that they can get many hundreds of feet.
  22. Because there are two issues at play. On is voltage drop, and the other is the ability of whatever device to drive data for some distance. The newer controllers CAN drive the data farther than the older devices. BTW, the voltage of the data has no relationship to voltage powering the strip. It's pretty much always about 5 volts. There are people who are driving pixels directly off the GPIO pins of a Raspberry Pi which outputs about 3.3 volts. It generally works, but the distance from the Pi to the first pixel is EXTREMELY limited.
  23. I followed this link to see it. I have a collection of bookmarks for reference web pages (for example, the license level comparison, network speed, etc.). I saw this page and my first thought is "I need to bookmark this page - this will be useful). Went to click on the "Bookmark this page" icon, and saw that I already had bookmarked it. I guess I thought it would be useful some other time too! I did not remember it however...
  24. k6ccc

    HU doesn’t find pixie 2’s

    And now you know why we suggest testing them one at a time