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  1. JRs writeup is good, but yes, it is geared around S4. Most of it does not make any difference at least up through getting the Pixie configured and network configuration. Prop building does change. Know the area. In one of my other lives, I'm a Communications Reserve member with the California Office of Emergency Services. Our office is at JFTB Los Alamitos. I should be down there some time during show season, so I'll have to stop by. If you come up, contact me and I'll give you the behind the scenes tour....
  2. Yes, you do need the pixel tree in the preview. As a general rule of thumb (in my opinion), adding props by adding a prop is easier than by adding the device. It sounds like that is the way you did it. JR Dibble has a great writeup on getting Pixie controllers to work. The AuxA through AuxO networks are for people who have more than one LOR network (I use two year round and three for Christmas). BTW, where in Orange County are you located? I'm right up the 57 freeway in Glendora.
  3. k6ccc

    What is compress?

    Let me explain it. A .lms file or .las file is a human readable xml file. That makes it very inefficient for data storage and processing. The Sequence Compressor, converts that file into efficient machine readable file that will be FAR smaller. The primary advantage is that sequences load much faster when the slow plays.
  4. I will start using MIIP for testing my setup in a few more days. Once the show goes live, it will be controlled by MIIP.
  5. k6ccc

    Dumb RGB Flood Extension Cords

    I have used either 4 conductor 16 gauge or 4 conductor 14 gauge speaker cable from Monoprice. Cut and solder to length.
  6. SuperStar works just fine for any type of channels. However Instant Sequencer is not going to be able to do much with just a small number of traditional channels.
  7. k6ccc

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    I don't know much about the Falcon boards, but that does not sound right. First is a concept that you need to understand. DMX and LOR networks communicate via a serial interface using a standard called RS-485. It is NOT Ethernet. So there should NEVER be any sort of connection to a LOR controller or a DMX interface to an Ethernet switch, port, hub, or router. To confuse the issue, the same connector type (an 8P8C or more commonly (and incorrectly) RJ-45) is used for both Ethernet and most of the time for LOR, and many times for DMX. However, they are NOT interchangable. Plugging one into the other has at least a possible risk of letting out the magic smoke - so don't do it. Part of the point of this is that you should NOT be calling the RS-485 connection on the CMB24D as eth0 - it's not. Get out of that habit as it will confuse people or potentially lead to smoke leakage. As I understand the Falcon board, there should be one or two Ethernet connections (depends on which board), some number of SPI interfaces to drive pixel strings, and one or more DMX outputs. The DMX outputs are RS-485. The DMX standard when using an 8P8C connector uses data on pins 1 & 2, whereas LOR controllers normally use pins 4 & 5 for data. Some LOR controllers, including the CMB24D, have jumpers or switches to change the 8P8C pinout in order to use either LOR standard or DMX standard. Those switches do nothing to change the ability to process LOR or DMX protocol data. In either switch or jumper position, the board will process either DMX or LOR data. I can't help you much with configuration for the falcon controller.
  8. Short version is that your static show is the only thing in the rotation list of songs. All the requested songs are in the Vote In only section.
  9. On Gen3 controllers, the status light is green.
  10. k6ccc

    Having trouble with channels

    Channel updates in S5 are done in the Preview Editor.
  11. Are you viewing this on the actual lights or in the visualization within SuperStar? If you are watching the actual lights, did you export from SS in legacy format or as intensity files?
  12. You absolutely can have static lights running until someone requests a song via MIIP. I did that last year during the overnight hours. Once my evening show ended at either 2200 or 2300, the lights went into an almost static condition until people would request a song. That song would play, and then back to the static. Multiple songs could be requested and MIIP would keep playing them until there were no more requests pending. When there were no more requests, it was back to the static lights. Also works nice for pre-show testing. I will be setting up that for my show this weekend.
  13. How are you attempting to control the lights - I.e. from Sequence Editor, the Hardware Utility, from Pixel Editor, a Show on Demand, a scheduled show? Also, is the LOR network Enhanced or non-enhanced? Is the LOR Control Panel running (and therefore, the Comm Listener)? Is the Hardware Utility running? That’s enough for now...
  14. k6ccc

    started setting up this weekend

    Let's just say we were watching it pretty closely. The fire was not burning towards us. 8 hours ago that fire was 35,000 acres with a bunch of building lost. I get demobilized Saturday so only loosing the one day for setup...
  15. k6ccc

    Input PUP Issue....Help

    You are likely seeing normal behavior. The inputs on an InputPup can look for an active high signal or an active low signal - you can set which. When there is nothing connected at all, the level will be high, so if that particular input is set for active high and there is nothing connected, it will show as tripped. Play with the settings and that will all make sense. As a general rule of thumb, reversing the two wires on an input will not have any effect (does depend on what is connected).
  16. k6ccc

    started setting up this weekend

    I'm going to at least lose Saturday. My view from a staging location in the parking lot of a Costco at 01:30 Friday morning. The fire is about a half mile away (not burning towards us).
  17. k6ccc

    started setting up this weekend

    Well, I hope this does not screw up my setup weekend. I just got called to deploy as part of a communications team for a fast moving brush fire about an hour northwest of Los Angeles. Hopefully the two of us going out tonight will get stuff set up and then get relieved tomorrow. I’ve got a light show to get set up!
  18. k6ccc

    Continue The Story In 4 Words...

    Where's the Ignore button?
  19. ---====>> IMPORTANT <<====--- If you removed the prop and leave the rebar in the ground, IMMEDIATELY cover it with a proper rebar cap. And when I say immediately, I mean something like - take the prop off with one hand and put the rebar cap on with the other. Never leave exposed vertical rebar. https://www.homedepot.com/p/PrimeSource-Osha-Steel-Reinforced-Rebar-Cap-CAPOSHAEAR/100323493 https://www.lowes.com/pd/Blue-Hawk-3-to-7-Plastic-Rebar-Safety-Cap/4067490 If you think I am over-reacting, I will tell you that I am alive today because a piece of rebar was capped when I landed on it. Had it not been capped, I would have ended up with a piece of 1/2 inch rebar through the right ventricle of my heart. Had it missed the right ventricle, it would have hit the decending aorta. In either case, I would have bled out before the paramedics could get out the fire station door.
  20. k6ccc

    RGB Pixel Tree kit

    I just created a help desk ticket requesting that LOR update the online information sources so that they match reality, and also please respond to this thread. Here is the text of my help desk ticket:
  21. k6ccc

    RGB Pixel Tree kit

    Interesting. This quote from the Pixie manual:
  22. k6ccc

    Network Configuration Question

    Alan, For a test, I installed S5.1.4 onto a computer that has never had LOR installed and does not have an internet connection. I did NOT install my license information, so therefore it was in Demo mode. The Advanced button is present and appears to work normally. Of course, I could not set Enhanced networking while in Demo mode.
  23. k6ccc

    RGB Pixel Tree kit

    According to the LOR networking speed page, the Pixie controllers do not require Enhanced networking: http://www1.lightorama.com/network-speeds/ I had not thought about the Hardware Utility aspect, however for the second generation Pixie controllers with DIP switches, you CAN set the ID without the HU - that's what they are there for... Now, with that said (as I did about Enhanced), I would recommend upgrading from 3.7.0 - which is ancient. So much has improved since then.