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  1. I've been using a beta version of this for the past week. If you using floating windows - particularly with multiple monitors, this is great! No more having to set the position of the windows every time you open a sequence. Thanks again Brian!
  2. Hookup of different computer

    And here is a link to a troubleshooting writeup. Note that this is also very old, but the concepts are the same. http://www.lightorama.com/Documents/RS485_Adapter_Troubleshooting.pdf
  3. Hookup of different computer

    In the event that for some reason the driver does not load, here is a link to it on the LOR website. I copied this from a six year old post in the forum, but the link appears to still be active. Save the file and run it. www.lightorama.com/downloads/CDM_Setup.exe
  4. Time Warp - Pixel Tree

    Hey James, although it's not necessarily something I would use (except maybe my opening sequence), can you send it to me too. jim@k6ccc.org Thanks
  5. Short answer - it worked. Now the detailed answer and further detail on a bug I reported yesterday. I did just like yesterday - I remoted into my server to test this. Upgraded to 4.3.24, verified in SE that I had the update and registration was good. then started HU and did a refresh about a half dozen times on both LOR networks. The Regular network with only an InputPup was seen and correctly reported one input triggered because the sun is up. My AuxA network correctly detected all five controllers every time. Again because I was doing this remotely and it's daylight, I could only see that the indicator light for the relay that is controlled by controller 15, channel 8 was operating when viewed on my one of my security cameras. However I cycled that one channel repeatedly and I could see that it was operating properly. The server is a Dell R710 running Windows Server 2012 r2. The one thing I did see that I had mentioned yesterday was that when the test mode was selected to test inputs, I could not select a different Comm Port for further testing. This time I did a couple screen captures. In this first one, I am in Input test mode (Red arrow). The dropdown for Manual Select (green arrow) is greyed out and can not be selected. Yes, input 3 being active (purple arrow) is correct because the sun is up. In this second screen capture, the test mode is set to Outputs (red arrow), and the Manual Select dropdown (green arrow) is active. I do not consider this to be a big deal, but wanted to document it since I noticed it.
  6. Sale?

    Actually I'm not sure I will plan on getting anything in the sale, but it would be nice to have the option... I'm sure my wife would be upset if adding to the show took priority over replacing the barely working clothes dryer. You know the old saying: Happy Wife, Happy Life!
  7. Sale?

    No, No, No. Needs to wait a couple weeks. I'm in process of a ReFi on my house, and once it closes, I'll have some extra money available
  8. Newbie Questions/outdoor speaker

    Here is my audio distribution from the show computer to the yard speaker amplifiers and FM transmitter. The sound mixer is a Mackie 802-VLZ3
  9. Newbie Questions/outdoor speaker

    Don't necessarily rule out an FM transmitter. Depending on the layout of your show, it may be very practical to have the show computer connect to an FM transmitter and have several receivers scattered around the yard. Now that does add a complication about needing to keep the receiver(s) dry, but that is doable, and you may need to deal with security of the receivers as well. It may also be practical to have one or more amplifiers at a central location and run speaker cables out to speakers placed in various locations in the yard. This is pretty much what I'm doing. I have two 75 watt per channel amplifiers in my bedroom closet with four outdoor speakers permanently installed in the yard. The speaker cable in my case is in conduit. as Mr. P said, you can use an FM transmitter at the show computer to a FM receiver and run the speakers from the receiver out to the yard. Saves having to run a good audio connection out to one or more receivers. Your computer sound card can not power your yard speakers directly. You MUST go through some form of amplifier. The sound card output will either connect to an FM transmitter or to amplifiers of one sort or another. As I said last month, if your connection between the computer and FM transmitter or amplifier(s) is short, you can just run a cable with the appropriate connectors. However, if you are going to run a long distance, simply running a long cable will likely end up with a noisy signal. In my case, the audio cables from the sound board to the amplifiers for the yard speakers is about 110 feet, and the cables from the sound board to the FM transmitter is about 200 feet. In both cases, the cables are in the same conduit as computer LAN and LOR networking cables and because I did it right, there is no noise picked up by the audio cables. If you need to run long distance audio cables, I can tell you how to do it right.
  10. CCR addressing error

    If this is in 4.3.22, see this thread: That is the exact error I saw (except it was Comm4 in my case).
  11. I can also confirm problems on my server - which is what is controlling my landscaping show. I have been running my landscape lighting show ever since the day that 4.3.22 came out without any problems. Below is a single line drawing of my LOR network configuration. The AuxB network (blue line) is not used except for Christmas, so there are no controllers connected to it, but the USB-485-HS adapter is hooked up. Also to be picky, CMB16D unit ID 12 is actually installed in the front door box and not the DC column as shown (it will be moving). The computer is a Dell R710 server running windows Server 2012 R2 with all the latest updates. When I did these tests, I was 26 miles away remoted into the server using VNC. I was unable to see any of the controllers on my security cameras, nor in daylight could I see if any lights turned on, with one exception. The relay in the garage box is a 12 volt relay that is powered by a 12V wall wart power supply that is in turn powered from the CTB08 controller unit ID 15, channel 08. Across the relay coil is a four inch section of 12V 3 RGB strip with only the red LEDs powered. I have a camera that can clearly see that LED strip. For my tests, I unloaded LOR, and then started the hardware utility. I started with Comm3 which is my Regular network and only has the InputPup connected. I did a refresh on Comm3 a total of five times. On the 1st, 2nd, & 4th refresh, there were no controllers found. However on the 3rd and 5th, the InputPup was found. After the 5th refresh, I selected the InputPup and then changed the test mode to Inputs and input #3 was showing tripped (it should since the sun is up). Interestingly, I found that I could not select another Comm port for test when the Test Mode was set to Input. After changing test mode to Output, I could select a different Comm Port. This was repeated several times with the same results every time. Next I changed Comm Ports to Comm4 which is my AuxA network. There are five controllers on that network. Four of those are downstream of the relay in the garage box, but the relay is normally de-energized which leaves the networks connected.I'm going to list the results from multiple refreshes: 1) Found unit 11 only 2) found Units 13 & 14 3) Found unit 12 only 4) Found units 13 & 14 5) Found units 13 & 14 6) Found units 13 & 14 7) Found units 13 & 14 8) Found units 11 & 15 Since I was finally able to see controller 15, I attempted to control the circuit that controls the relay while watching the camera. I got EXACTLY the same error that Phil showed in his first capture except that it was Comm4 instead of Comm3. 9) Found unit 14 only 10) Found units 11, 12, 13 & 15 Again, I attempted to control channel 8 of controller ID 15 while watching the security camera. Again, I got the same error message. Lastly at 07:43:30, I exited the Hardware Utility and restarted the LOR Control Panel. At 0745 - 0746 there is a show that runs that slowly pulses the relay (one second on, three seconds off). I allowed that show to run and it did correctly. The camera showed that the relay was energized correctly. Since it's a little hard to read, The red line is Comm3 (Regular network) which has the InputPup (Unit ID 02). The Green line is Comm4 (AuxA network) which has in this order: CTB08 (Unit ID 15), CTB16 (Unit ID 11), and three CMB16D (Unit IDs 12, 13, & 14). both networks are properly terminated at the far end with 120 ohm resistors. Both AC controllers are Gen3 (new from the 2016 spring sale), and the CMB16D controllers are about five years old, but have new enough firmware that they work on enhanced networks.
  12. Oldest Sequencer Here?

    Certainly the true meaning of Christmas. It's nothing but presents to most of the younger people.
  13. need help with my visualization

    Maybe. It likely depends on how complex the prop is, and how it is physically located within the visualization. If you don't specify the location of the fixture, you are depending on SuperStar being able to guess what you intended. In phone conversations with Brian, he has flat out told me that it doesn't always do what you expect unless you specify the locations. In fact, I have seen situations where even with the locations specified, not quite getting what I expected. The other advantage of specifying the fixture location in addition to the prop is that it's far less likely to change somewhere down the road when you start making changes to the visualization.
  14. need help with my visualization

    Jerry, If I were to hazard a guess, you are only specifying locations for some items. As sax pointed out, row vs column is reversed when using horizontal (which I do). Let me explain the difference between specifying location in the prop vs fixture. Specifying location in the prop defines the lower left corner of the prop. Specifying the location of the fixture, defines the location of the lower left corner of the fixture in relation to the prop definition. Let me give an example and it may make more sense. For this example, I have a Prop named "Candy Canes" and within it there are six fixtures named "Candy Cane #1", "Candy Cane #2", "Candy Cane #3", "Candy Cane #4", "Candy Cane #5", & "Candy Cane #6". Each of those three fixtures is 16 pixels wide, and I have my grid in horizontal mode. Let's say I define the candy Canes Prop to have a specified location in Visualizer of Row 81, Column 31. Now for each Candy Cane, I specify locations of the fixture and the resulting location on the grid: Candy Cane #1 is Row 1, Column 6 - resulting in Row 81, Column 36 Candy Cane #2 is Row 1, Column 5 - resulting in Row 81, Column 35 Candy Cane #3 is Row 1, Column 4 - resulting in Row 81, Column 34 Candy Cane #4 is Row 1, Column 3 - resulting in Row 81, Column 33 Candy Cane #5 is Row 1, Column 2 - resulting in Row 81, Column 32 Candy Cane #6 is Row 1, Column 1 - resulting in Row 81, Column 31 Each fixture is placed with a location that starts with the Prop location, and then adds the fixture location (minus 1 - because it counts from one instead of zero). Using Candy Cane #1 for this detail, the row is 81 (from the prop) + 1 (from the fixture) - 1 (because of weird counting) = 81. The column is 31 (from the prop) + 6 (from the fixture) - 1 (weird counting) - 36 This is my 2017 grid. Every single prop and fixture has a specified location.
  15. Switching to S5

    Cons (so far) SuperStar support is absolutely dismal. It is expected to improve, but it has a LONG way to go. As for 2017, I am 100% committed that I will be running Christmas in S4. The primary reason at this time is the lack of SuperStar support. I am hopeful that by next February when I start sequencing for 2018, the SuperStar integration will be useful. For truth in advertising, I do ALL of my sequencing in SuperStar. Other than a few little mostly static stuff, have not used Sequence Editor in years. During the S4 beta two years ago, I dabbled in the then brand new Pixel Editor. Never really liked it, and could not get it to do anything useful. Did not touch it for two years. Now with S5, I'm being forced to use the one part that I don't use and the second part that I could never get to work, and largely can't use the one part that I do use. So, no, at this point, S5 does not offer me anything. I did successfully write a test sequence (exclusively using the SE part of S5 - not the PE part) that I used as part of a test of lighting an actual show with the S5 playing and a combination of S4 and S5 sequences. It did work. I do have S5 loaded on two computers, and I expect to continue to update those to the new beta releases as they come out and play with it.