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  1. k6ccc

    I cant find my song under simple show builder

    First of all, in S5 open each song and under Menu > File, select "Create Playback files". That will create the play.lms files. Also note that for the SSB, songs MUST be in the default locations - Can't be in a different folder or in a sub-folder.
  2. k6ccc

    Pixels Strings going all white

    I'm guessing a voltage problem. You have 1350 pixels. At full white, they are likely drawing about 60mA each which comes out to 81 amps. That is a lot more than your two 30 amp supplies can deliver. If the Pixie controllers have the ability to dim all pixels by a percentage, try dropping it to around 50 % and see what happens. I ran into the same issue (on the engineering side before construction) with my new 24 x 100 pixel tree. I have eight strings on each of three power supplies and have to run 50% to keep the peak load withing the limits of the supplies. TheDucks just beat me to it...
  3. I’ll add one to that. Backup, Backup, & Off-Site Backup. A burglary, fire, or other disaster can take out your backups if they are in the same location as the primary.
  4. k6ccc

    Newbie needing help with S5 basics

    The play.lms is small because there is very little in it, but there is also the .lid file (which contains the intensity file). HOWEVER, you show that you are running a basic plus software level and intensity files are not available with that level, so not sure what’s going on... Matt???
  5. k6ccc

    started setting up this weekend

    All weekend, I was wearing a T-Shirt during the day. After dark, added an unbuttoned flannel shirt. Now why is it that I live in Southern California? Oh yea, the weather....
  6. k6ccc

    started setting up this weekend

    I do almost all of it myself. My two boys help some and a friend came over today for about 6 hours. After that there was not really much where I could keep him active. He even did a Home Depot run for me to get a piece of UniStrut. He would not even let me pay him back - called it his donation to the show...
  7. k6ccc

    started setting up this weekend

    A couple very long days, but the 24 x 100 pixel tree is up and working. Damn it looks good! A couple little issues in my engineering, but nothing that can't wait until teardown. I do have one dead strip, but it was working when tested a couple weeks ago, so I am assuming that I did not get it plugged into the SanDevices E682 correctly. But too tired to haul out the big ladder this evening to check it. Gonna have to keep a watch on the power supply box as it's warm. I have a remote temperature probe in the top of the box so not too hard to keep a watch on it. May have to add some forced air ventilation in that box. That was somewhat expected however... There is now enough of the show set up to run it. A couple more things that I want to get up before opening on Friday, but none critical.
  8. They come in handy once in a while
  9. k6ccc

    16CCR Issue

    Dumb question. How are you trying to control them? i.e. running a show, playing from Sequencer, something else.
  10. If the poor audio gets worse with louder music, almost guarantee that you are overdriving the transmitter. Turn the audio level down. My standard advise is to turn the audio all the way down to zero. Obviously you won't hear anything. Then turn it up - just a little. Likely will be REALLY quiet. Keep repeating until the audio is good without distorting on the peaks. the big part of that is make small adjustments.
  11. Looking at page 21 of the Pixcon 16 manual, it appears that you CAN set the color order for each output separately. I don't have any Pixcon controllers, so I can't test, but it looks like you will be OK. Give it a try and let us know.
  12. k6ccc

    One more time, BACKUP!!!

    Yes! Yes! Yes. Backup, Backip, and Off-site backup. Whether you use a cloud based backup solution or a physical disk - or better yet, both. Do something. With so many of us depending on computer based data (photos, financial and tax records, etc), backups become even more important. Whether its a burglary, fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, or other disaster; if your backups are at your home, they can be lost. Personally, my server (which has RAID-1 arrays + hot standby) gets backed up weekly with an external drive which gets taken into work (26 miles from home), and important stuff also gets uploaded to the cloud.
  13. It would very likely be impossible. I'm going to use a math analogy. The problem is that the .seq file has the answers to the test. There are an infinite number of math problems that can give that answer. Therefore, no way to know which one is the correct question. The .lms or .las has the questions to the test. Make sense?
  14. k6ccc

    connecting CCR together

    The error is largely telling you where the error is. Carefully check your channel assignments. If you want, E-Mail me your preview and I'll take a look at it for you. Open the Preview Editor (where it allows you to select which preview to edit). One of the options is Import / Export. Export the preview and sent it to me at jim at k6ccc dot org (in normal E-Mail address format).
  15. k6ccc

    started setting up this weekend

    With two days lost (one for the fire, and one for a friends wedding - how dare he schedule his wedding on my first setup day), and a bunch of new or re-built stuff taking A LOT of time, I am running way behind. The rebuilt 24 x 100 pixel will go up tomorrow morning (it's my 9/80 schedule day off). For opening night, the new Singing faces will just be leaning against the front of the house instead of on the roof where intended, and I suspect I will only have the P10 Tune-To sign working. The P5 Tune-To sign likely won't happen until next weekend. I'm going to have a busy Thursday and Friday...