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  1. Understand. In my case I have an AC controller in my attic and just intercepted the existing house wiring to the front porch light.
  2. My solution is that the porch light is a channel on a LOR controller. Bear in mind that I run a year round landscape lighting that are LOR controlled. I just have the porch light on as part of the show. For Christmas, I generally do have the porch light on, but I put a piece of cardboard in the light fixture so it illuminates the front porch, but is completely blocked to the street so it is not a bright light that is always on. In this photo (taken during dusk) you can see the light fixture is illuminating the porch, but is not a bright spot towards the camera.
  3. I only have the singing faces as S5 Prop files. I did not have the singing faces while I was still using S4 - therefore I never had S4 singing face Visualizer files. I just sent you my S5 files.
  4. Simple solution. Upgrade to S5 - it's already there. Honestly, I would not expect to see many improvements in S4. This is S5.4.2 (but it's been around for quite a while - maybe the beginning of S5).
  5. k6ccc

    Computer broke

    One of my standard statements about computers is this. Unless you NEED a portable computer, go with a desktop. For the money, you get far more computer capability, they are easier to repair or add capability, and spare parts are FAR more common. Most of the computers I have bought in the past two decades are refurbs. Most of those are lease returns. I generally get mine from Tiger Direct - http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/campaigns/deals.asp?campaignid=3331
  6. The lights on the roof and eves are still up because I was using them for some controller testing. And of course the year round landscape lighting is up (but not quite 100% operational at this time). The Christmas songs generally would not look good with just those lights, and I can't really put the pixel tree back up because it's in the middle of some changes for 2020. No HOA to deal with for me. In theory, I could modify some sequences or just create an animation sequence that uses the lights that are there. Not sure I have that much motivation
  7. Carefully re-read my description in my previous post about haw Prop and Fixture add up.
  8. As for Props and Fixtures, the Prop is first and Fixture is in relation to Props. In other words, if you specify a Prop as location 12, 14, and a Fixture within that Prop as location 3, 5, the result would be that that fixture would be at location 15, 19 (12 + 3 and 14 + 5). The other thing is that for the most part, if you specify location for one prop, you really need to specify the locations for EVERY Prop in that Visualization. And I guarantee that you will tweek things a bit until you are happy with the locations - I certainly did. Push comes to shove, I could re-load S4 on one computer and take a look at your Visualization.
  9. If you specify in Visualizer where each prop is located, allows you to exactly place each line on the sequencing grid in SuperStar. For example, this is my grid from the last year I used S4: It's been several years since I used S4, but I think I can help you with it.
  10. The Falcon F16 is just another E1.31 controller. Nothing special to make it work with LOR. Since you are going from Pixie controllers (LOR network) to any E1.31 controller (Ethernet network), that will be a learning curve for you. The fact that it is a Falcon controller vs a SanDevices controller vs a Holiday Coro controller vs a LOR Pixcon does not make ANY difference as far as S5 is concerned. I have been running E1.31 since 2012 so I should be able to help with the networking concepts for that. Off hand, I can't point you to any videos, but I would be more than happy to get on the phone and a TeamViewer session and I can demonstrate both E1.31 config in S5 and also a Falcon F16v3 controller setup (I have a couple hooked up). I'm sending you a PM with contact info.
  11. ELLs are LOR network only, so I would agree, no ELL on a DMX output.
  12. Cool for those that have lots of Pixie controllers!
  13. Yes there is, but I never used PE when I was running S4 - so I don't remember how.
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