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  1. DMX

    The DMX will appear as a second network in your network preferences. Note that native DMX requires a advanced or higher LOR license.
  2. DMX

    Correct. They both use RS-485, but use different languages.
  3. Depends on what you want to change. Particularly if you are only using the three primary, and three secondary colors, you can generally do some selective copy and pastes or deletes on the individual colors. For example, if you have a device that fades from black to red and you want it to fade from black to yellow, simply copy that portion of the red line and paste to the green line. Now you have yellow.
  4. Old School CTB08-D

    I have one of those (although it was replaced with a Gen-3 version in the spring sale of 2016 so I could use it on an enhanced LOR network). I don't remember any issues with that, but it's been years since I had to set it up. I'll dig it out this evening and play with it to refresh my memory and see what I can learn to be able to help you.
  5. DMX

    I'm going to clarify what Mr. P said a little. Both LOR network and DMX network use the RS-485 electrical standard. However, the data format that is used is different between the two. An analogy would be two people talking over the same telephone, but one is speaking in German, and the other is speaking Russian. The easiest way to do this in LOR software is to add a second RS-485 network that is using DMX protocol instead of LOR protocol. You CAN use a standard LOR USB-RS485 adapter, but there have been reports years ago of the channels being off by one (never tried that so I don't know). There are a number of other USB to DMX specifically RS-485 adapters available. Some are fairly dumb and there are some smart ones too. As I don't use DMX (at least not over RS-485), I really don't have the specifics there.
  6. Yep, Phil got it right - see, your memory is not totally shot! You will use Visualizer to watch the simulation of your show, but if you're sequencing in Sequence Editor, you have to create the configuration in S.E. That is one advantage of SuperStar (how I do all my sequencing), is that SuperStar can read a Visualizer .lee file to set the configuration.
  7. Time Warp - Pixel Tree

    Thank you, but it was obviously not the Time Warp I was thinking of, although I'm pretty sure I have the song you were using on a Dr. Demento album.
  8. I've been using a beta version of this for the past week. If you using floating windows - particularly with multiple monitors, this is great! No more having to set the position of the windows every time you open a sequence. Thanks again Brian!
  9. Hookup of different computer

    And here is a link to a troubleshooting writeup. Note that this is also very old, but the concepts are the same. http://www.lightorama.com/Documents/RS485_Adapter_Troubleshooting.pdf
  10. Hookup of different computer

    In the event that for some reason the driver does not load, here is a link to it on the LOR website. I copied this from a six year old post in the forum, but the link appears to still be active. Save the file and run it. www.lightorama.com/downloads/CDM_Setup.exe
  11. Time Warp - Pixel Tree

    Hey James, although it's not necessarily something I would use (except maybe my opening sequence), can you send it to me too. jim@k6ccc.org Thanks
  12. Short answer - it worked. Now the detailed answer and further detail on a bug I reported yesterday. I did just like yesterday - I remoted into my server to test this. Upgraded to 4.3.24, verified in SE that I had the update and registration was good. then started HU and did a refresh about a half dozen times on both LOR networks. The Regular network with only an InputPup was seen and correctly reported one input triggered because the sun is up. My AuxA network correctly detected all five controllers every time. Again because I was doing this remotely and it's daylight, I could only see that the indicator light for the relay that is controlled by controller 15, channel 8 was operating when viewed on my one of my security cameras. However I cycled that one channel repeatedly and I could see that it was operating properly. The server is a Dell R710 running Windows Server 2012 r2. The one thing I did see that I had mentioned yesterday was that when the test mode was selected to test inputs, I could not select a different Comm Port for further testing. This time I did a couple screen captures. In this first one, I am in Input test mode (Red arrow). The dropdown for Manual Select (green arrow) is greyed out and can not be selected. Yes, input 3 being active (purple arrow) is correct because the sun is up. In this second screen capture, the test mode is set to Outputs (red arrow), and the Manual Select dropdown (green arrow) is active. I do not consider this to be a big deal, but wanted to document it since I noticed it.
  13. Sale?

    Actually I'm not sure I will plan on getting anything in the sale, but it would be nice to have the option... I'm sure my wife would be upset if adding to the show took priority over replacing the barely working clothes dryer. You know the old saying: Happy Wife, Happy Life!
  14. Sale?

    No, No, No. Needs to wait a couple weeks. I'm in process of a ReFi on my house, and once it closes, I'll have some extra money available
  15. Newbie Questions/outdoor speaker

    Here is my audio distribution from the show computer to the yard speaker amplifiers and FM transmitter. The sound mixer is a Mackie 802-VLZ3