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  1. By chance did you at some point download a standalone sequence into the flood? Maybe for testing or a minor holiday? As soon as a controller with a standalone sequence is powered up, it will start spitting out data - which will mix with what your show is playing. Results are bad!
  2. See, it told you what the problem is... Very useful thing! Since you are using S4, open the sequence in SE and make sure that the audio file is correct. My educated guess is that you sequenced it on one computer and are playing on another. When copied the files, you missed the audio file for those songs. Use Windows Explorer to verify that the audio files are there, and copy them to the show computer. You can make that change while the show is playing. If you fixed it, the sequence will play correctly next time it comes around.
  3. No. Left click on the LOR light bulb in the system tray and it brings up the status display (this screen capture happened to be during a Show on Demand):
  4. If you are playing this on a computer, what does the status panel show? It generally will tell you why it's not working.
  5. For starters, please update your forum profile to reflect what version and license level you have. Both of those directly affect the answer to your questions. Since you are asking about Motion Effects in S5, I assume you are not using 4.3.26 as you have listed in your forum profile. If you have a Advanced level license, you can't use Motion Effects, nor can you use an Enhanced LOR network (required for Motion Effects - unless you are using that on E1.31 - however see part one of this sentence)). What controller are you using for your pixel tree?
  6. I have been doing some research on this. The way COPPA is written is really pretty stupid. The way it is currently written, if you mark is as not for kids, but the FTC decides that a kid might like it (which would likely be the case for almost any Christmas light show video), the FTC can go after you for a $42,000 fine per video. But if you mark is for kids, most features are taken away - such as someone can't put it in a playlist or make comments. It's mostly about targeted ads - but even that is sort of backwards. The professional You-tubers are really up in arms about it. Now, to answer the question, since I don't really care about comments or someone else being able to put my videos in a playlist, and I'm not making money from it (the biggest hit to the pros), I am marking mine for kids.
  7. If you look at the controllers that are not working, is the status LED solid on or flashing?
  8. Part 1. I did a series of screen captures a couple weeks ago for someone testing a DMX device, so I can only go part way and because my show is running right now I can't add the additional screen captures. For starters, I assume you are opening the Pixel Console in the Hardware Utility as shown below (the red arrow): When it starts, the defaults are shown below (the orange arrows). For your purposes, you will select the CCR/CCP/Pixie button on the lower left, and select the Unit ID. The slider to the right of the Unit IDs allows changing the channel range. As for part two, that depends. Here are a few screen captures that I did a while ago. I scanned my network that has three CCP controllers (each with two strings). One of them shows as Unit ID 23 (the green arrow). I selected Config (the red arrow): Then select Cosmic Color / Pixie Config (the purple arrow): On the Cosmic Color Config, the part in the upper left corner in the green oval sets the mode. When set to Normal, the controller operates with one ID. The first string uses channels 1 - 150 for the LEDs and 151 - 157 for the macros. The second string uses channels 161 - 310 for the LEDs and 311 - 317 for the macros. In the legacy mode (DON'T USE THIS MODE), the controller uses 10 IDs for each string. The mode I use is Dual Normal in which each string uses one Unit ID. In this mode each string has a separate ID and uses channels 1 - 150 for the LEDs and 151 - 157 for the macros. In my case, for this controller, string 1 is Unit ID 23 and string 2 is Unit ID 24.
  9. Please update your profile to reflect your LOR software version. I have never used SSB or Hub so can't help you with those.
  10. My first thought is: What have you changed? If it worked for three days and all the channels still work on a Show on Demand, but not on your normal show (if I understand your description), something got changed. You gave very little detail. Please fill in some details so we can help. How many pixels, what configuration (i.e. 12 strings of 50 pixels), what controller(s), how connected, how are you controlling them, etc?
  11. I doubt it's the hyphens - ALL of my sequences and most of my previews have hyphens in the name.
  12. Yep, that was cool, but I only saw about a second of it before it shut down - it was directly behind me.
  13. Are the pixel strings connectorized from the same source or did you wire them together?
  14. That almost guarantees it's a software config issue and not a hardware failure. Not sure what it is...
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