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  1. Controler crisis

    That gets you a couple legs up on the process. FYI, I've been running E1.31 since 2012, so I know a thing or two about it if you need some help. One thing to keep in mind is that your sequencing will need to be updated for different channel assignments. Depending on how you sequence (SuperStar vs Pixel Editor vs Sequence Editor), will dictate what is involved in that update. A second network would be easier, but I'm not sure how fast LOR can get one to you vs when you are planning on opening you show (mine opens in 75 minutes as I type this). BTW, running a second network would also require some reconfiguration of channel setup. I've done multiple networks for years as well so I can help with that too.
  2. Controler crisis

    Yes, you could run the Pixcon via E1.31 (which requires an Advanced or Pro level license).
  3. Controler crisis

    This page will tell you what devices run on what speed and types of networks. You will need a second network. http://www1.lightorama.com/network-speeds/ An additional USB to RS-485 adapter (make it a high speed - red one). Also note that to run multiple data networks, you need a Advanced or Pro level LOR license, and to run an Enhanced network requires a Pro level license. http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-suite-software/
  4. Pretty much true. Manually sequencing will result in something better. Love SuperStar, but not for the Instant Sequencer.
  5. Intensity file not working

    Great! Glad it was easy. Back to baking cookies for my opening in 5 1/2 hours...
  6. Duplicate sequencing squares

    Strange. Send me the Visualization file and I'll take a look at it. E-Mail is: jim at k6ccc dot org (you format that into "normal" configuration).
  7. CCB (Original) Replacement O-Rings?

    I noticed one missing on my CCPs too. Any decent hardware store should be able to come up with the right size. I'm not worried about mine since they are weather / sprinkler protected.
  8. Intensity file not working

    Do you have the LOR network configured for Enhanced mode? And do you have a Pro class license?
  9. Pixel Tree is Missing Some Lights

    Glad I was able to help.
  10. Preview Problems

    Note that if can do so, SuperStar will allow quite a bit more than 64 in one dimension. If your grid is laid out vertically, the 64 limit applies to width, if the grid is horizontal, the limit is vertical. The screen capture below is mine from 2016. It is arranged horizontally and is 64 high by 100 wide. For 2017, it's 117 wide and I have tested it up to 255 pixels. There is a total limit of a little over 16,000 squares in the grid. BTW, the 12 x 50 section at the bottom left is my pixel tree. It is horizontal on the grid, but shows correctly on the SuperStar Visualization. This requires using two separate Visualizations, but nothing magic.
  11. Yes it did. visualizer came with S3.
  12. BGR to RGB Issue??

    That's bizarre. I've never had to use null pixels anywhere, but several years ago I had a pixel right in the middle of a string on my pixel tree fail. The failure caused the rest of that string to go full white all the time, so I could not just ignore it. I had no spares for those 5V WS2811 square node pixels. If I just cut that one pixel out and bypassed it, the rest of the string would be off by one pixel which would look strange on some effects. My solution was to replace the bad square node with a single pixel from a WS2811 strip. You guessed it, the color order was wrong, so I just covered it with black tape so the one pixel would appear to be dark and the rest of the string would be in the right place. That worked perfectly until a member of the forum sent me some correct pixels (faster and cheaper than a small order from Ray Wu). So, based on my experience, it should not cause a problem...
  13. Glad you finally got it working.
  14. Issue with loading a sequence

    Capt., I just sent you my E-Mail address in a PM. If you want, send me the file and I will attempt to un-mangle the XML. I'm pretty good with those.
  15. I'm having to put my S3 brain back in gear. If I recall back then, the Comm Listener was only needed if running E1.31. If you are just running normal LOR networks, the Comm Listener does not come into play. Confirm that you are not trying to run the show at the same time that the Hardware Utility is active? Agreed that it's something about the laptop. At least you CAN use the old PC until the laptop issue is resolved.