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  1. Give them both a try and find out what the differences are. Then tell us
  2. Also, are you running the installer as Administrator?
  3. Having a spare USB to RS-485 adapter is one of the most important spare items to keep in stock. If that fails during show season, your entire show goes dark... And having a spare is very handy for testing as you mentioned. My three in service adapters are not overly handy to pull out for testing either - and besides are used year round for my landscaping show. Highly recommend that any adapter you buy is a high speed (red) adapter. Even if you don't need it now, as you expand, you eventually will.
  4. Greg, you seem to have a talent at finding some of the most odd errors... I can not duplicate your error. In fact about an hour ago I added four universes to my sequencing computer so I could test a new configuration for the lights on the roof and eves. Normally the regular network is non-enhanced, but AuxA and AuxB are enhanced. I even tried setting the Regular network to Enhanced and it made no difference.
  5. Thanks Mike! The bigger utility of the Export and Import is people who run multiple configurations. For example Christmas vs Halloween vs year round. Save it with a useful name. Repeat for each configuration. When it's time to change configuration, simply do an Import from the appropriate saved file. This also allows moving a config to another computer easily...
  6. Short answer is yes. There is a story however. I had not planned on re-attempting 5.4.0 until today because I did not have time to do so before the landscaping show was scheduled to start. I had rather quickly re-installed 5.3.14 remotely and it appeared to be running. An hour later the server did it's regularly scheduled weekly re-boot. When I got home, the yard was dark. Real quickly remoted into the server and found that it was trying to complete the install and could not find one of the files (I have seen that before). So, I just did a complete removal, Registry wipe, and reinstalled 5.4.0. This time it worked fine. Had to redo my network setting, but the show ran just fine last night.
  7. I will try that tomorrow. I don't have time to do this today before the show starts for the evening. BTW, I did not that the 5.4.0 installer was much faster (nice not having it try to install Direct-X every time. Also noted that the uninstaller worked better and did not leave leftovers in Program Files (x86).
  8. I should have screen captured that. No, nothing out of the ordinary until I said Show Player stopping. I am running this under an administrator level account.
  9. Just loaded LOR 5.4.0 on my server. The server runs the landscape lighting show from January until mid October. When I start the show player, I get this error: Any help? I'm rolling back to 5.3.14 now since the show starts in a couple hours...
  10. Yes, you should be able to bundle them. I am also currently using Boscoyo Pixel Strips for my pixel tree. I also thought about putting mine into a cardboard tube, but ended up not. I have my tree set up so I can remove the strips in a couple seconds. I don't bundle mine simply because of weight. I have 24 strings or 100 pixels and it would be hard to handle either bundled or together in a cardboard tube. With you having only 1/3 as many pixels, the weight should not be as much of an issue.
  11. For what it's worth, this issue is NOT unique to LOR Sequencer. I just experienced the same thing in FireFox. A web page brought up a login prompt popup, but another browser window was in front. Took a moment to realize that it was the same issue.
  12. Nope - [ALT ]Tab won't do it. Use the method I describe above. Works every time.
  13. My take on this is mainly: Who cares? There is NOTHING that requires that a preview look at all like reality. The only one that sees the preview is the guy sequencing. As long as it's fairly close, it does not matter. In fact my yard preview is not even close to reality. Mostly related to angles. I have a VERY odd shaped front yard so almost everything is at some funny angle. They are not at the funny angles in the Preview, but rather squared up so pretty much everything is either up and down or side to side. My S3 / S4 visualizations were the same way. If you really feel a need to get them to match reality that closely, scale that prop so it's REALLY big (like the entire screen). That way you can more accurately position pixels - and the blue dot is such a small item, that it's essentially a non-issue. When completed, scale the prop back to the desired size. If you are going to do that, you may be better off starting with a blank preview and only create the one prop. Once you have it the way you want, then export that one prop. Exit without saving the blank preview and import that one exactly laid out prop into your "real" preview.
  14. Same result. The first one opens the sequence and the second one results in the popup. Close it the way I said in my previous post. It is very likely a Windows issue and not a LOR controllable issue.
  15. I was finally able to duplicate your issue and have a resolution. Let me guess, you have minimized Sequencer prior to bringing up File Manager (as opposed to opening the file manager in front of Sequencer). I could duplicate your condition if I minimized Sequencer and then try to open the file a second time from the File Manager. Looking at the Windows task bar, I could see that there were now two instances of something related to Sequencer. The solution is to hover over the S5 in the task manager so it brings up a mini-preview of all windows. Then click the red X in the upper right corner of the preview for the popup and that will kill the pop-up. After doing so, Sequencer worked properly. OK, full disclosure, I did this initially on my laptop which has 5.2.4. However I remoted into the family room computer at home which is 5.3.14 and repeated the test. The results were exactly the same (except that the task bar says SE rather than S5).
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