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  1. reloaded on new computer

    Look in your program files/LOR directory for a program called LORPost.Exe and run it
  2. Glad to be able to help. I'm bored out of my skull right now (all day) with nothing but my phone. Expect another 14-16 more hours of this, so happy to have something to type for a few minutes. Now if dinner would hurry up and show up...
  3. Flood Mounts

    I like that. Much nicer than the quickie stake that I mounted mine on last year. I'll retrofit mine soon.
  4. Glad Mike was able to get the last step to making it work.
  5. I'm doing this from memory as I'm not near a computer. In SuperStar, press and hold the "Ctrl" and click on the move left eight seconds button to get to the beginning. Same thing with the move right eight seconds button to go to the end. In Sequence Editor, Home and End get to the two ends of the sequence.
  6. scheduling a show

    Are you using the "Show Editor" or the "Simple Show Builder"? Also, will you be playing your show from a computer or from a show director? Lastly, if from a show director, which one? The answers to these affects what you can and can not do.
  7. Yes, the controller will survive just fine in the weather. As for the FM transmitter, try it well in advance. if it works, great. If not, you can improve it. But test it well before you go live (like, now). It's a Cat-5 cable and certainly long term running through the dryer vent would not be a good idea. With that said, it would likely work fine for a season. There are tricks to eliminate the issue with running a cable through a window. The easiest way is to cut a piece of wood to a size that it fits in the bottom of the window so that when you pull the window down it sits on the top of the wood. Then drill through the wood to run your cable. You can add some rubber insulation if desired. Do a Google search for running a coax cable through a window and you'll see lots of things that hams have done to get coax cables outside. That should show examples of what I'm talking about. Others will give you ideas on your concept - many people do that. In my case, I have two 75 watt per channel audio amplifies on a shelf in my bedroom closet. Then there is conduit out to where I have four speakers permanently installed in my yard. The speakers are designed to be installed outdoors. Yes you could. Note that you have to have a Basic Plus level LOR license to control a controller with unit ID #3. You could also modify the sequence so that the controller for the arches are unit ID #2. If you elect to do that, it's easy to do, but you may tear your hair out first, so ask how to do it. Should not be a problem - especially in your temperatures. Do a search for vampire cords. Build your own cables to length. Far less expensive than buying extension cords.
  8. My CCPs are set in Dual Normal mode so each controller has two Unit IDs - one for each string.
  9. How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    If I were you, I would just drop the 17 minutes of static. That way there is always something playing. I wanted to try MIIP last year but found it would not run on either Windows XP (my show computer) nor Windows Server 2012 r2 (the file server). Yesterday I ordered a new show computer so the old XP computer will get retired. Getting away from XP will solve two problems for me. I had The Demented Elf do a MIIP specific voice file for me.
  10. Vis Probs Anyone

    Do you mean when you expand the RGB into the three individual colors? If it's an RGB channel, why would you want to change the individual element colors? Or am I confused?
  11. Vis Probs Anyone

    Never used animator, so that reference did not make any sense. Not following. Are you talking in Vis. or SE?
  12. Vis Probs Anyone

    We must have his "Submit Reply" at almost the same time. I always use Advanced Rendering.
  13. Vis Probs Anyone

    JR, I just tried Vis in4.3.24 and it worked fine. I don't however understand what you mean by "integral green start button".
  14. General DMX Dummy Question

    Assuming they are connected to one output, you don't want to set it as different universes. Your description a couple posts ago does not indicate making them separate universes. There is no way to tell the E1.31 controller that the first 22 pixels of one output are in one universe and the next 22 pixels are in another - with one exception. Some E1.31 controllers can a single string change universes, but it depends on running to the end of the first universe. For example if an output starts with pixel 161 (channel 481-483), then the 10th pixel would be pixel 170 (channels 508-510), and the 11th pixel would be pixel 1 of the next universe.
  15. Is this wiring safe for Pixcon16?

    That would work, but it would make repairs far more difficult. Better yet, cut the female end of your extension cord off and install a quad box with four outlets. Then plug four short cables from the power supplies to the quad box. that would make it far easier to repair in the middle of your show when a power supply fails. Yoe your drawing does show the grounds together. However, confusion on use of the word "ground". I'm pretty sure he is talking about bonding the negative of each power supply together. Although on MOST pixel controllers that have dual inputs, both negatives are tied together on the PC board, it's not a bad idea to tie them together at the power supply end.