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  1. k6ccc

    Ports reversed

    It likely changed in Windows Device Manager (pain in the backside what Windows does with USB sometimes). You can use Device Manager to swap it back if desired.
  2. k6ccc

    Success with One Drive?

    I backup to the cloud (Google Drive in my case - one of several), but would NOT run my show from the internet on a bet. Too dependent on perfect internet connection.
  3. Agree with Dennis. Power up the actual lights and play with levels to get the color you like. And yes, Orange is a hard to get right.
  4. k6ccc

    Thread “Quote” problem

    Always. Completed loading 150 .38 Special and 200 .357 Magnum... Now to go out in the middle of nowhere and discharge a bunch of it....
  5. k6ccc

    Thread “Quote” problem

    As I said above, it's not hard to do when doing some manual quoting... Usually happens from an inadvertent copy and paste (as opposed to the non-quote above that was intentional to make the point that it's easy. Now, back to reloading pistol ammo...
  6. k6ccc

    Thread “Quote” problem

    Actually you did, but when you said it, it was a quote of what Rondaxmas said. When GriswoldStyle quoted you, he pulled the text from the quote of Rondaxmas, rather than either the original test that Rondaxmas said or what you replied. It's not that hard to do that if someone is manually quoting.
  7. k6ccc

    Want Just a mega tree!

    Actually you did, but when you said it, it was a quote of what Rondaxmas said. When GriswoldStyle quoted you, he pulled the text from the quote of Rondaxmas, rather than either the original test that Rondaxmas said or what you replied.
  8. k6ccc

    Creating LOR MP3 Show Question

    To expand a little on what GriswoldStyle said, the forum software has a total upload limit for each user that is quite small - last figure I heard was 500k bytes. Although the forum will allow you to upload graphic files, it does not take much to exceed the 500k limit. What most of us do is upload the graphic files to a website and post the link. The website can be a photo or file sharing site, a personal website (your ISP most likely provides web space for you for free with your internet account), or any other website that you can upload files to. In my case, I run my own web server, so that’s where I put files. Then just type or copy and paste the link into your forum post. BTW, you do not need to use the “insert other media” option - just paste the complete link. The forum software will pull up the graphic file and give you an option to show the file or make it a link (default is to show the file). If you are using a file sharing site, make sure that the file is shared, or else you will see it, but no one else will.
  9. k6ccc

    Transfer LOR from one PC to another?

    In order to register the LOR software (required in order to control lights or save files in non-protected mode) you either have to be internet connected or follow the off-line registration process.
  10. Don't use the Default Preview. If you have created a Preview in S5 with your configuration, use that Preview. If you have not created an S5 Preview, then if you have a S4 Visualization, use that option. If that is not an option, select the "Auto-generate a new Preview..." option. Note that an auto-generated preview will not look right as it has no way of knowing what the physical layout of your props. You can however use the Preview Editor to correct the physical layout to match reality.
  11. I have found a situation where entering a Windows command on one sequence causes that same change to take place on multiple sequences. Let me explain in more detail. For my year round landscape lighting, the evening startup sequence includes a Windows command that executes a batch file. The batch file in turn writes two log entries, and sends me an E-Mail that tells me that the show has started and which computer is running the show (my server runs the lights from January through mid October and a dedicated show computer runs is for Halloween and Christmas). As far as LOR is concerned, it's just executing a batch file. A couple weeks ago I created new landscaping sequences and shows for Fallen Firefighters memorial week. For each sequence, I took the existing landscape sequence and edited it to become largely red lights and saved them with new file names. I also created new batch files, and set the new sequences that have Windows commands to point to the appropriate batch file. That worked perfectly. However when Fallen Firefighters memorial week ended and I went back to the "normal" landscape lighting show and sequences, I noticed that the startup log files and E-Mails were still showing that the Fire memorial shows were starting. So last night I finally had time to investigate and found that If I edited the Windows command for the Fire memorial startup sequence, it also affected the Year round landscape startup sequence and vise versa. Same thing with the two transition sequences from the evening show to the overnight shows that also have Windows commands. I assume it is somehow related to the fact that I edited the started sequence and saved it with a new name as opposed to creating new sequences from scratch. I assume that I could clear the problem by simply deleting the cmdmap.lcm file and starting over, but I would rather not do that if I don't have to as there are dozens of entries in that file. Any ideas?
  12. k6ccc

    CCR Tree Down

    Sorry to hear about your tree. Mine does not use a center pole, but rather an A frame made out of Unistrut (also known as "SuperStrut" at Home Depot). The frame is about 10 feet wide at the bottom and 15 feet tall. Near the top is another 10 foot piece of Unistrut that is attached to the tree near the top that is bolted to a roof beam that keeps the whole thing vertical. There are a bunch of photos on the web page below. Scroll down a ways to see the Unistrut. Note that the photo that shows the attachment of the top Unistrut to the tree changed in 2015, but I don't have a picture of it. BTW, there is shallow and deep versions of Unistrut. I am using the shallow version. http://www.newburghlights.org/pixel_tree.html
  13. k6ccc

    CF50D not playing in SE

    Correct - Only the Pixcon16 and Pixie controllers will run at 1000k speed. At least at this time...
  14. k6ccc

    Color changing Led light suggestion

    Cut the three wires off the existing controller. Solder on a few feet of additional wire. Attach to plugs that connect to controller.