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  1. Hello all, I've been using LOR 3.8 and wanted to know if I upgrade to LOR 3.10 if it requires firmware upgrades and if so is there a list of which units have to be updated and are there any units that will no longer work with the software update?
  2. The board is seen by the network. I'm wondering if it's not communicating out because of something in putting the board back in. Could a crossed wire do something along these lines? or a fuse? or something in the board itself?
  3. I sent two boards out for repair and got them back Wed. I put them together this morning and set them up. One of the units I connected directly to it and it told me that it didn't know what the unit was. The red light was solid. So I figured I'd update the firmware to see if that would help as this is my oldest controller. After the firmware update the pc saw the controller but wouldn't turn on any lights in test mode. I Did a test on inputs and it saw 2 of the 16. I'm not sure why its being seen and not turning lights on. Any suggestions??
  4. Ok I'm confused. Which product is in the pictures and video? And how is one product different than the other?
  5. No idea. I'd prefer to go with the LOR product as it looks like it has a ton of promise but I can't pass up a good price without knowing. Thanks Dan for the update.
  6. I'd also like to know the name. The Firefly is on sale right now. I want to see video of this unit before the sale begins in a few days so I can determine which unit is best for my needs. Right now all I have to go on is nothing. Any chance of getting the name and video soon?
  7. Borealis - For the Northern lights and Santa is at the North Pole OR Glimmer - flash, sparkle as LOR products make our displays sparkle and this is one product I can't wait to see in action.
  8. Will there be a special sale in Feb. like last year? I missed it and wanted to make sure not to miss it again as I'd like to try my hand at sodering a board and maybe pick-up some items before June.
  9. Thanks for the servos link. I just paid $30 for a metal gear, high speed, high torque servo for my project. If you want to see something cool check out these links: and here's the kits: http://www.graveyardmadness.com/store/index.php?productID=124
  10. I'm working on putting some servos into my display for this year. When will the DIO32 board specs be available to check out? Any more information on this product would be great.
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