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  1. I have 3 modules that are stuck on ID '02', and need to change them to '01', '07'. My hardware utility program cannot see my boards, so I'm hoping that it's something either in my cabling, or the particular PC that I'm using. I'm looking for someone in the greater Chicago area to help.. I can bring my modules to you, for just a very quick 'test' and/or 'fix'. (You need to have LOR installed, and minor cabling.). If available, please let me know! Thank you!
  2. My current 'box' to drive my network is using 2.9.4 software. I also have two different network interfaces that gives me a bit more leeway: An original rs-232/RJ-45 (Rs485) dongle, (yellow) and a/an usb/rs-485/rj-45 dongle. (Black). Both of these interfaces from my puker allow me to run sequence editor and control the modules perfectly. I"ve just done a de-install of the driver software for the usb-rs485 dongle, and re-installed the LOR cd driver disc. (on my 3.0.x machine, which is not registered, but should allow me to hardware configure my modules) I'll update shortly. (Damn, I have 5 more boards that I need to address... and not having any luck so far..)
  3. Update: I've finished controller number 7 today, a fresh build, never been powered up, clean board, fresh. Mounted, connected, 8 strings of lights connected. Sequence editor finds this board as '02', and all 8 circuits perform perfectly. ??Out of the box unit number 02?? Now I have 3 modules stuck on unit '02'. THe latest creation works fine with sequence editor, but alas, again, hardware utility does not scan the board, nor does it allow me to change address. Same situation, 3 different modules stuck on '02'.
  4. As for software version(s), I originally started with v 1.5.x, (my first attempt at changing ID's was with this version, which worked when I deployed the boards for the first time, but didn't work this year.). I've since updated to v2.9.4, same situation. Just this morning, I downloaded v3.0.x on a different machine, clean install. Same situation. I DO hit the refresh button, scanning for 10 boards: "None Found". I do only have 1 controller in the network when trying to change address. Reminder: Sequence editor controls all the boards perfectly.. Additionally, I found that If I manually add '4' to the 'select unit to configure', I can control this board with hardware utility (steady red light). (Yet hardware utility does not find this board when I hit 'refresh'). No other boards (2,3,5,6) can be controlled nor found. I think I may have an issue with 2-way com necessary for hardware utility? I'll go back and see if I can communicate with each board individually, rather than daisy-chaned.. fingers crossed.
  5. Manually setting com port, yes. I am currently using com10, and sequence editor runs all the boards just fine. (I'm using just one network, all LOR). status lights are all glowing solid red with sequence editor. When I set max unit ID scanned to very 'high', and scan for boards, it returns 'none found'.
  6. I have [an] USB to RS485 'dongle', (COM10), and a RS232-RS485 dongle (COM4), both work with Sequence editor, lights flash, etc. Hardware utility doesn't see 'boards' with either interface.... (both devices were supplied from LOR, no home-brewed devices).
  7. Sorry, early versions of 8 channel boards have hardware utility to set ID only. No jumpers, no address selectors. As for 'solid lights', I only get that when running Sequence editor (and playing sequences). When I exit sequence editor, I get 'blinky-blinky', when I start Hardware Editor, I still have 'blinky-blinky'.
  8. Sorry, early versions of 8 channel boards have hardware utility to set ID only. No jumpers, no address selectors. As for 'solid lights', I only get that when running Sequence editor (and playing sequences). When I exit sequence editor, I get 'blinky-blinky', when I start Hardware Editor, I still have 'blinky-blinky'.
  9. I have 12 controllers, 8 channels each (early models). When first set-up, I used hardware utility to set address of each of the first 6 boards. (All genuine LOR boards, and I did this years ago.). I need to change the hardware address of a few of my current boards, yet currently, the hardware utility cannot see ANY boards.. I've tried using Hardware Utility with 'ignore errors', yet I cannot get my boards to change [their] addresses. When I run Sequence Editor, I can control all boards perfectly. Currently, I have 2 boards stuck on address '02'. I would really like to find out how to get hardware utility to change one board to '04', plus a few other 'address' changes on the 7-12 boards. (The 8 channel boards do not have hardware address select switches). Ideas?
  10. WMP plays it fine. Tapper WIzard plays it fine. I think that my sequencing program v1.5.0 doesn't like Vista/Win7. I'm going for the s/w update to see if it fixes. (The demo version of 2.x works fine..)
  11. Update: I'm thinking that my Software version of LOR Sequence editor does not support the USB-RS485 dongle. (Version 1.5.0). I bet that 2.x does! (And V1.5.0 does not seem to like Vista/Win7 either).
  12. Update: The RS-232 dongle is being used with : USB to RS_232 (DB9) cable. I have had good luck with a Win 7 machine and my sequences. (as of now, 100% uptime). The two downsides I am having: I have the USB/RS-485 Dongle from LOR, using LOR included drivers. From the 4 machines that I've used this on (Win 2000, two Windows 7, and a Vista), none have worked with the USB-RS485 dongle. NOW issue number 2: The RS232 dongle works with my sequences. It does not work with my 'Hardware Utility'. (I can not change board ID's with my hardware utility). I'm using 8 known working LOR boards.
  13. And just to add to the confusion, i get the same result using a straight 'Vista' machine. I tried going thru the various directories, and adding 'full control' permissions to the directorys, I'll keep working that for a bit...
  14. Yepper.. The audio file opens, I can do my 'tapper' thing, (many times if I choose, audio works), yet after I get done tapping, I save the sequence, and try to play... "Audio File Cannot Be Played". This is now common between two different 'Windows 7' machines. (Worked fine on my Win 2000 machine before it died).
  15. I've been working on a new sequence on a recently installed PC, and the editor loads the song (either an MP3 or a WAV file).. .I can hear the song during the 'tap wizard', but when I go to play the song with 'Start this sequence', I get the error message: "Cannot play Audio File" (and then it lists the directory and file name, which is correct). I can restart the tap wizard, and hear the audio just fine. Where did I go wrong?
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