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  1. Hello Don, Are these trainings recorded and for sale for those who are dying for training and did not attend? Thanks for the time. -Matt
  2. To whom it may concern, My wife called me at work last night to tell me the lights outside are swelling on/off and blinking erratically. I had her unplug the controller for precaution. When I go home form work, to my horror, I had left the controller box open and it had been raining most of the day and the controller, powered. It had been raining right into the controller all day. Fatal error. i was so incredible upset with my that I had made that mistake and now my controller is toast. I havent had that feeling of disgust with my self, well ever. I unplugged all 16 channels and brought it to my living room and just stared and stared with the worst stomach pain. In a act of desperation, I took a paper towel to the puddles on the card itself and took a blow dryer to the rest. to my amazement an utter releif, I tested every channel- on/off,fade,twinkle, shimmer, any every channel is fine (know on wood as I havent plugged it back into the show yet). The purpose of this post into say a huge thank to Lightorama for building a product that can take the beating of an idiot like me. Thank you, -Matt
  3. Thanks Doug. Im looking forward to having more time witht he sequences in 2012. I started with these sequence at the end of October. So I didnt have much time at all. But, Im still sastified Happy New Year!
  4. Thanks Don, I really tryed do as much as I could with only 16. I appreciate you noticing
  5. Im a bit pissed that the video doesnt reflect some of the timing because of audio delay.
  6. Ok, here you are. My first year with sequencing. I tryed to be logical and, being a musician, I really tryed to focus on the musicality of the sequences. I really enjoyed doing this and so did the neiborhood Any constructive criticism is welcome. Oh, and thanks to the forum here. Really helped me out!
  7. MattRMayberry


    I am currently using my home theater system to power my outside speakers. Any suggestions about a cheap stereo amp I could use to power them instead of my surround sound lol
  8. I like the stuff on the ground, what is it called and what type of store or online outlet did you purchase this from?
  9. Good question. I am utilizing all incandescents.
  10. Hey guys, Have a brand new 16 channel pc controller. Upon testing, I noticed that channels 8-16 do not fade from 0% to 100% smoothly. If fact, they kinda "spit-n-spudder" on the way up. Any insight to this? I will be contacting Light-o-rama if I can find a solution. Thank in advanced!
  11. No problem, still great advise. I manually made twinle and it work fine. Thanks again!
  12. Ok, just tryed that and its turning my twinkles to just on? What gives?
  13. Hey Dave....AWESOME!!! Thats exacly what I needed! To "redo" 8 bars or 15 seconds of sequence would be really annoying and time consuming. You rock Dave!
  14. Is it possible to fade a sequence out, much like many songs fade at the end... Now, I know you can fade down and fade twinkle and shimmer. What I am taking about is fading down an already sequence ending down to 0%.
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