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  1. mjbadb

    Our 2017 Halloween Show!

    very nice!
  2. mjbadb

    Free Sequences for download

    Thank you!!
  3. mjbadb

    Pixel Tree sequences

    yes, it will end up being a 16x25 or 400 pixel
  4. mjbadb

    Pixel Tree sequences

    Hello everyone, I have had LOR for a few years now. Just picked up a 8x50 pixel tree setup during the last sale. If anyone has sequences they would like to share it would be appreciated. I am looking for Christmas and Halloween. My email is mjbadb@yahoo.com Some members use to share sequences by drop box. Anyone still do that? Thank you in advance Mike
  5. mjbadb

    Star Wars

    Hello, Please share regular sequence Thanks mjbadb@yahoo.com
  6. mjbadb

    Frozen- Let it go sequence

    would also like a copy James, Thanks! mjbadb@yahoo.com
  7. mjbadb

    halloween dubstep mix 2013

    please send mjbadb@yahoo.com thank you!
  8. 16 channels 8 - white LEDs 100ct C-6 8 - red LEDs 100ct C-6 looks good for my first attempt. next year will be bigger!!
  9. mjbadb

    My Sprial Tree Videos

    like my house! LOL
  10. mjbadb

    Tips with Arches

    I used a 10' section of gray PVC (bends easier) and used 8 sections of 100ct LED white lights (15" spacing) I made my own cords with SPT1 wire and vampire connectors. Used 24" steel stakes from Lowes to anchor them. They came out great. Very economical
  11. mjbadb

    Halloween Start up?

    and chickens!