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    muscle cars,rc boats,my kids..dont think I need any more intrests besides L.O.R.!
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    Watching a tv program about Christmas lights gone wild.Was already doing a static display,but after seeing this show I new I had to do this for next year! It was funny I must of replayed and paused the part of the show where they were showing the L.O.R. boxes just to see the names of them!Then went over to the old computer and googled the name. BINGO!! The first year had 3 boxes, the next year bought 5 more,then 2more,then 2more and 2 Cmb-24's.I think I will be done for a little bit with the boxes.Well that's what I keep telling the wife! LOL!
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  1. Could I have a copy of Christmas Eve/Sarajevo sequence by TSO? chaosx6@att.net Thanks, Bill
  2. me too... Chaosx6@att.net thanks, Bill
  3. could I get a copy of deck the halls? Thanks Bill chaosx6@att.net
  4. Sarge, could you send me a copy too? Thanks Bill chaosx6@att.net
  5. Hi All, I installed light o rama today. it asked for my registration key put it in and it said everything was fine, but when I go to the control panel its said it was in demo mode. How do I get this out of this mode?
  6. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone out there had any type of problems with dumb ribbons? A few of mine are not working in certain places.... like the are spots that are burnt out. I never even cut them, also I have full ribbons that the red are a little bit pinkish. anyone experience this before? Its all LOR products.... This is driving me nuts!!!
  7. Baby its cold outside by Bing Crosby and Doris Day. Thanks,Bill Chaosx6@att.net
  8. If your still sending them I would love a copy! Thanks,Bill chaosx6@att.net
  9. I also had a problem with the light o rama dumb ribbons. Some of them were wired wrong from the factory! Just re-do the wiring.
  10. Thank you!! I cant wait to try this out this year! My kids will be so excited! Thanks again, Bill
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