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  1. Thank you for the suggestion. Lorvis is capable of 16 channels so I had hoped someone had already attempted what I would like to do. Don't know if I will have time to play with dmx stuff now but it is certainly worth a shot.
  2. Forgot to post computer specs: Win XP running on core 2 duo 2.3Ghz with 2GB RAM. Sound card is an onboard Realtek HD controller.
  3. Hello all! I'm putting the finishing touches on my Halloween extravaganza but have run into a bit of a snafu. I didn't have time to make any sequences for this year, so I decided to use the LORVis plug-in for Media Player this time around. It works very well with music already on my hard drive, but what I am trying to do is use my computer's line-in port as the music source. I found a plug-in made by Chronotron that allows you to do this, but it doesn't work very well. It seems to hang and eventually the visualization locks up. I'm wondering if there is another way to achieve what I am trying to do. Any help would be awesome.
  4. Surfing4Dough wrote: I'm curious what your order date was, if you know. And is it the QC one? Have fun! Can't wait for mine! Ordered 7/14, did not use try for free. Yes, it is the -QC. Playing with some LED spots right now. Halloween is going to be awesome this year! Cheers to LOR for getting it to me in time :dude:
  5. Got mine yesterday. Showtime!
  6. sparky741

    8 Foot VU Meter

    mcascio wrote: Ah, yes. You must be talking about LorVis. I think I still have it somewhere on my computer here. I played with it a few times and was able to make a makeshift EQ display and it worked OK for the most part, but like you say, it may be somewhat difficult to integrate into a display.
  7. JBullard wrote: I would have gladly given Dan the business, but I didn't realize LOR carried them until it was too late, as it says these will ship in 5-7 business days and I need it by Friday
  8. Was just looking around some more and found this at radio shack: http://rsk.imageg.net/graphics/uc/rsk/Support/ProductManuals/2800009_PM_EN.pdf A little more expensive than the one you suggested Steven, but looks simple enough. Looks like the input trigger would get connected across the transistor. The 10V provided on the director card could take the place of the 9V battery or just bypass it all together and use the 5V right on the detector. Only reason I am looking at this one is I could pick it up at Radio Slack to save on 2nd day shipping cost. Typical last-minute me. LOL
  9. Thank you for the suggestions fellas. Steven, I'm looking at the picture you linked to. Of the guts lying on the table there, is that what is left after you removed the chime/alarm portion of the device? Also, could you clarify the connections you have drawn on the bottom sheet of paper? Is 5V the right-most connection? Common is apparent, but where did you hook up the input trigger? Thanks again for your help.
  10. Greetings all, Finishing up the last steps in my Halloween feature and looking for some suggestions. I'm making use of my mp3 director card for the interactive inputs and decided that a motion sensor will get the display to do what I want it to. My question is what kind have any of you all used and how well do they work? I'd like to order them today if possible to get them here in time. Thanks for any help
  11. *shudders* ahhhh, don't get me started on squirrels. What it amounts to is that repellents don't work and relocation only allows that squirrel's competitors to move in and make more squirrels. Best way to get rid of them is to eliminate them. I know, I'm horrible! LOL Seriously though, no one has the time to sit around and shoot them all, so I suggest putting a few of these: http://www.lowguys.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=ratzapper&Category_Code=Pest_Control_Indoor&Store_Code=lowguys in your yard. Quick and not messy. Use it during the day when they are most active. Use peanut butter for bait. Empty out the carcass quickly to catch the next one. Keep lots of batteries on hand too. I think it said one set of batteries is good for 10 kills.
  12. Steven wrote: Bingo. You would by pass the whole inverter issue all together and you're vehicle's charging system should have no problem handling an all LED load.
  13. This topic reminds me almost exactly of a project I just did at work. We had a motion controller sending commands (via RS-485 nonetheless!) to two drives setup with the same address to move two different motors in the same fashion. I would agree with the previous posts that as long as those 3 controllers with the same ID are not using any triggers, it should work. I think there was a similar post in the DMX area a while back about almost the same thing. I believe the answer was pretty much the same; multiple units set to the same address will all respond identically in a sequence. I have my controllers out right now. If this horrible weather (BIG thunderstorms) ever passes, I'll give this a shot.
  14. #1 - ColoRama CR150D #2 - PixelFlex 150 Pick me! Pick me!! LOL
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