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  1. I lived in San Diego for 35 years and know Valley Center very well. An associate of mine lived and practiced there. I now live in Titusville, FL near the Kennedy Space Center. I went to a Jump Start class last year in Orlando and got hooked. Now have 224 LOR channels and 12 CCR's. For the 2011 season, I purchased 4 CCR sequences from Brian and several other LOR sequences from various other sources and edited them for my use. Now I am learning how to program the LOR sequences and the CCR sequences. I completed Elvis' "Blue Christmas" for the CCR's and the LOR channels. I am now working on "O Holy Night" by Michael Crawford but am having problems trying to spell out "O Holy Night" on the ribbons with the letters in the vertical position in the center and travelling upward. Anyone know how to do it. To old to think this one out. Also, is your TSO sequence available for purchase? Truly amazing sequence. Even impressed Brian, the coolest guy around. Thanks for any help and info.
  2. I just discovered the source of the problem that I have. When I initially purchased my controllers, software, and license, I also purchased the USB485B adapter, the one with 8 pins on each output socket. Later, I purchased 4 more controllers and 12 CCR's. Brian Bruderer indicates that 2 more USB 485 adapters are required to have 6 CCR's on one network and the other 6 CCR's on another network. Mary at LOR said that they forgot to include the 2 additional adapters with the ribbon shipment but they would include them with my 4 additional controllers. They arrived and I put them aside until I got the CCR's ready for data. I plugged all the rest of my display into the original USB485B adapter and the 12 ribbons into the USB485 connectors and have been wrestling for days trying to get the ribbons to work like the rest of my stuff. I finally descovered that the 2 USB485 connectors have six pins in the output socket and the first USB485B has eight pins. The CAT 5 cables that I made all have eight pins as does all CAT5 cables. Will call LOR tomorrow to resolve the problem ASAP since we are having another pqrty this weekend and I want to be up and running.
  3. I have a similar problem and may have a failed comm port. How do you know if a comm port is bad. Any help would be graciously accepted. Thank You.
  4. I just purchased 12 CCR's but my star is three channels. Where did you get your star, it looks like a six channel that Brian uses. Thank you for the info.
  5. Where does one find iron tips. Thanks for the help.
  6. I tinned the tips and used them alternately within a five hour span.
  7. I recently purchased several DIY controllers and started soldering the first one together with a Radio Shack 15 Watt, a Weller 25 Watt, and a Radio Shack adjustable (20-50 Watt) soldering iron. All the tips have been disintegrating after a short period of use. I purchased new tips and the same thing happened. The tips seem to be eaten away by the solder. The solder was supplied with the kits from LOR. Has anyone else had the problem. LOR stated that it was the same solder that they always send with the kits. HELP
  8. Thanks for the advice. I already knew that but had a brain lapse. Does the music have to be in MP3 format, and if it does how do I convert it to MP3.
  9. Thank you for the info. Now I have another question, how do I get the music file from the CD to the sequence file.
  10. I just got started and do not know how to add a song to a sequence. I have several sequences that I downloaded and want to see how they fit into the TSO music (for example). Any advice out there. This is my first post on any forum anywhere so I hope it is comprehensible. TY
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